Moen 12801 Vs. 1225 Replacement Cartridge

Moen 1225 replacement cartridge has replaced the old Moen 12801 faucet cartridge. So, if you are looking to replace Moen 12801 cartridge, you will have to go for the 1225 replacement cartridge.

But how is the new one? Does it work the same as the old cartridge?

That’s what we are going to see in this write-up. After knowing their features and differences, you can understand whether the new Moen 1225 replacement cartridge works well and fits with your old Moen faucets.

So, without contemplating, let’s get into it right away.

A Quick Comparison Between The Two Replacement Cartridges

Here is a quick comparison between Moen 12801 and 1225 replacement cartridges:

AspectMoen 12801 CartridgeMoen 1225 Cartridge
Cartridge TypeReplacement CartridgeReplacement Cartridge
FeatureSimilar FeaturesSimilar Features
BenefitsOffers Fewer BenefitsOffers More Benefits
Build MaterialBrassBrass & Plastic
InstallationEasy InstallationEasy Installation
WarrantyLimited Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty  
PriceVaries Based On Condition$20.34 for 1 Piece $35 for 2 Piece

In-Depth Comparison Between Moen 12801 And 1225 Replacement Cartridge

You have gathered some basic ideas about these two replacement faucet cartridges. But it’s time to know about their differences in detail.

So, here are some key differences between the old Moen 12801 and the new 1225 replacement cartridge:

  • Cartridge Type
Moen 12801 Replacement Cartridge
Moen 12801 Replacement Cartridge

Moen 12801 replacement cartridge is designed for Moen’s one-handle kitchen and bathroom faucet.

It is made of Brass and works with most Moen single-handle faucets. This replacement cartridge was compatible with Moen faucets that were manufactured before 2009.

On the other hand, Moen 1225 replacement cartridge is also designed for Moen’s one-handle kitchen and bathroom faucets.

It’s also made out of Brass. It came into the market after 2009 and is replacing the old Moen 12801 cartridge. Every Moen faucet that was manufactured after 2009 requires this replacement cartridge.

  • Features

Since Moen 12801 and 1225 replacement faucet cartridges are virtually the same and serve the same purposes, there are no differences between them.

For some reason, Moen has discontinued producing their single faucet replacement cartage under the 12801 code and started producing them with the 1225 code.

So, both of them have similar features. They are made of Brass for durability and long-lasting performance.

Both cartridges are designed for Moen’s one-handle kitchen and bathroom faucets. These replacement parts can fix faulty plumbing fixtures problems without replacing them.

Both of them are authentic replacement cartridges manufactured by Moen. They are easy to install and remove.

  • Benefits

Since both Moen 12801 and Moen 1225 replacement cartridges are the same, you will get similar benefits. Both replacement cartridges are compatible with any Moen single-handle bathroom or kitchen faucet.

So, one cartridge will work with them all.

They are designed to balance the water pressure. So you will get the perfect flow of water all the time. Moen combines the traditional design and sophisticated features to make these cartridges.

So, they look good and offer the best performance. Because of their Duralast feature, they will last longer than cartridges from other brands or off-brand ones.

However, there is only one difference between Moen 12801 and Moen 1225 replacement cartridges. Moen 12801 does not come with any plastic retaining nut.

But Moen 1225 comes with a plastic retaining twisting cap.

  • Build Material
Moen 1225 Replacement Cartridge
Moen 1225 Replacement Cartridge

Moen 12801 replacement cartridge is entirely built out of Brass. This sturdy material makes this replacement cartridge very long-lasting.

Besides, it has a traditional cartridge design.

On the contrary, Moen 1225 replacement cartridge is also made from Brass.

It also has a traditional look. But this replacement cartridge comes with a retaining or twisting cup made of plastic.

So, you can say Moen 1225 is made of Brass and Plastic.

  • Installation

The installation process is similar for both Moen cartridges. You can install Moen 1225 cartridge the same way you install Moen 12801.

They’re very easy to install. As a result, you won’t need any fancy installation tool. Besides, you can install them yourself.

So, this cost-effective home repair will save you money. On the other hand, both cartridges are easy to remove as well.

So, you won’t have to take any hassle when it’s time to replace them.

  • Warranty

A warranty is pretty essential for any product. Since it indirectly tells about the quality of a product, many customers check the warranty before purchasing anything.

And, of course, a product with better warranty coverage will always attract customers. Likewise, a warranty is also a crucial aspect of a replacement cartridge.

Moen used to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty for its 12801 single-handle faucet replacement cartridge. On the other hand, you will get a Limited Lifetime Warranty for Moen 1225 replacement cartridge and a one-year limited warranty for its plastic retaining cup.

So, the warranty is pretty much the same as well.

  • Price

You won’t find a new Moen 12801 replacement cartridge anymore because the new Moen 1225 cartridge replaces this product. However, you might find the old 12801 in some hardware stores that sell old products.

They might also be available in some online stores. Their price varies based on the condition.

In contrast to Moen 12801, one piece of Moen 1225 replacement cartridge comes at a price tag of $20.34. But you will have to spend around $35 on two-piece cartridges.

Which Replacement Cartridge Will Be Best For You?

Moen 12801 One Handle Cartridge

According to the previous discussion, it’s clear that both cartridges are basically the same.

They do the same work and look quite the same.

So, you will get a similar performance from them. However, Moen does not make 12810 cartridges anymore.

They only make 1225 now.

So, if you have any Moen single-handle cartridge that needs cartridge replacement, you have to go with Moen 1225 replacement cartridge. Since they work similarly, they will be compatible with any of your Moen single-handle faucets.

Plus, you will get better performance to some extent.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Moen 12801 the same as 1225?

Yes, they are virtually the same with similar looks and performance. Moen 1225 replacement cartridge is replacing the Moen 12801 cartridge. You will have to use the 1225 cartridge with your Moen single-handle faucets as a replacement instead of the Moen 12801 cartridge.

Is there a difference between Moen 1225 and 1225B?

Moen 1225 and Moen 1225B replacement cartridges are the same. They have no differences in build quality and performance. The only difference between them is that Moen 1225 is sold separately, and 1225B is sold in bulk quantities.

How do I know which Moen replacement cartridge I need?

Generally, you can use Moen 1225 replacement cartridges for any single-handle bathroom and kitchen faucets. However, you will have to check the serial number of your faucet and see which cartridge it is compatible with.

How do I identify my Moen valve?

To identify your Moen valve, you must check its model and serial numbers. This information is available on the box of the product or the instruction sheet that comes with it.

Final Thoughts

After reading the differences between Moen 12801 vs. 1225, it’s clear that they are basically the same product, and the former is getting replaced by the latter. So, there’s no other option but to use Moen 1225 replacement cartridge from now on.

However, it will work as well as Moen 12801 and, in some cases, even better. So, you have nothing to worry about.

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