Replaced Moen Cartridge 1225 Still Leaks: Reasons And How To Fix?

Is your shower faucet leaking water? Your shower may drip water for the leakage of the cartridge. The replaced Moen cartridge 1225 may still leak for various reasons. 

First, you need to find out the possible causes, then go for solutions.

What do you know about Moen cartridges? A cartridge is an essential part of a shower or kitchen. It is an interior component of a faucet. This cartridge is responsible for controlling the water flow.

Top Reasons for Moen 1225 Cartridge Leaking

Moen 1255 cartridge leaking

You replaced a new Moen 1225 cartridge some weeks ago. But this new cartridge leaked now. What are the reasons for this leaking? Let’s see below—

  • Defective Cartridge 

Suppose your new cartridge is defective. But you could not realize that. You inserted this faulty component in your shower. 

As a result, now you are facing this problem. So, before installing a new cartridge, you should check it properly.

  • Erosive Brassy Body

You know that water contains some elements like minerals, calcium, etc. These ingredients can make the body of the cartridge very erosive. 

Water can go through the flaw into the brass body. At a time, this water may enter into the faucet.

The brass cartridge can destroy the soft areas in the shower. These destroyed elements can create a formation. For this reason, the cartridge loses its control to prevent the water flow.

You can use a particular type of cleaner. Before inserting the cartridge, you should wash its body with this cleaner.

  • Faulty Seal

There is a seal in the faucet. This seal is used for inserting the brass and rubber into the faucet. To hold these materials tightly, the seal is very suitable. 

After using it for some years, it may be damaged. If the seal is faulty, the cartridge will be leaked, and water will drop from the tap.

  • Cracking O-ring

The cartridge may leak for the cracking o-ring. So, before replacing a new cartridge, you should check the o-ring.

Possible Solution and Replacement Process of Cartridge Leaking

guy fixing Moen shower cartridge

If you replace the Moen cartridge properly after checking all the components, hopefully, you will not face the leaking issue after some days. 

Did a replaced Moen shower cartridge still leak? 

No worries. Follow the step by step methods-

  • Turn off the Main Water Supply

Before replacing the new cartridge, you must turn the main water supply switch off. Then turn on the shower tap or faucet to bring out the extra water from the pipe.

  • Gather all Necessary Tools

Managing necessary tools is an essential part of the cartridge replacement. For a particular component, you may need a specific tool. It won’t be good if you do not get the exact mechanism during the replacement. 

  •  Take Essential Protection

You need to close the handle of the faucet slowly and carefully. If you try to close it quickly, the valve of the shower tap may be damaged.

You can use a cloth on the floor under the shower. For saving your floor from damage, it will be helpful. Or the small necessary thing may fall into the floor. This cloth will help you to find it easily. 

  • Open the Escutcheon Plate

First, you need to detach the cover of the rubber. To pull out this cover, you can use a screwdriver. It is important to match the screwdriver with the screws. 

Set the screwdriver and turn it until it is ready to release. Two screws are attaching the Escutcheon plate.

You have to pull out both screws. Then, remove this plate carefully. You may need Phillips or a flat-bladed screwdriver. So, keep these two close to your hand.

  • Detach the Clip of the Cartridge
troubleshooting a leaking Moen 1225 cartridge

Now, it is time to use pliers. The shape of the cartridge clip is like the English alphabet “U”. You have to remove this clip from the valve. 

Pull out the spacer washer. This washer is attached to the shaft.

Then, you have to pull out the stop tube. Slowly, pull out the tube from the cartridge and keep it aside.

  • Cartridge Removal

You should be ready now to remove the attached cartridge on the valve. Use the white-colored plastic tool and insert it on the cartridge stem for straddling. 

Now, you need to use pliers. Hold on the white tool with your pliers and squeeze it to loosen the cartridge.

After loosening the cartridge, you should remove the white plastic tools. If you grip the cartridge, it will pull out from the valve body.

  • Insert a New Cartridge

After removing the old cartridge, you will place a new one. Set it on the valve and press it into the valve’s body. Place the plastic tool and insert it into the cartridge. 

The ears of the cartridge should be attached to the valve body. Keep in mind the upper and lower edges must be set correctly.

Then, lock the U-shaped clip with the valve body. If you do not close this clip properly, the cartridge will not be set up with the valve body. Attach the retention clip with the plastic nut. 

Finally, adjust the faucet knob correctly.

  • Turn the Water Supply On

After completing your cartridge replacement, you should turn on the water supply. To check it, you can turn on the hot water. It may take some moments to heat the water. So, wait a moment.

The water may not heat. In this case, you should re-attach the cartridge with the plastic tools.

  • Final Touch

For a damage-free replacement, you should clean the valve body using sandpaper. You should be ensured that all screws and nuts are inserted tightly.

Lastly, I am pretty much sure you will find this troubleshooting video helpful for this particular problem.

Wrapping Up

Leaking a Moen cartridge is not a big issue if you know how to replace it. Hopefully, now it is clear to you why the replaced Moen cartridge 1225 still leaks.

Nowadays, people face this leaking issue in the Moen cartridge. If you do not have enough idea about replacing this cartridge, it will be better to hire a replacement agency. 

You can save the hiring cost by absorbing the replacement process and doing it yourself.

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