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ReliefInBath.com is an informative and review article where you can get some really handy information on your daily needs. I am Clyde Mitchell and I actually write and run the site. I have some friends who run hardware stores and I take help from them regarding any home improvement, especially bathroom stuff that is doing really great.

I also read parents reviews on particular bathroom product as much as I can and summarize them in a blog post to publish here. So, as you can see all the information here are based on truth and facts. But do I get paid to do so?

Yes, I do. I have to spend some money to run the site and collect information. But I mainly get paid by way of commission. But that does not mean you are paying any extra. You see, no matter you use my site to buy products, you gonna pay the same price.

I welcome anyone with any suggestions so that I can make this site a great place for my users.

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