Worst Quartz Brands To Avoid In 2024 (Explaining Reasons Too!)

Quartz countertops in the kitchen and bathroom have become popular among homeowners. It leads to many manufacturers making and selling quartz countertops, some of which are excellent in quality.

But there are some quartz brands you must ignore for your own good.

Installing Quartz countertops is an expensive project. So, you would want it to last long without any issues. While some products from reputed brands will deliver that results, many fail to do so.

Here I will talk about some of the worst quartz brands you should never go near. So, let’s get right in.

Worst Quartz Brands I Would Avoid

Quartz Brands

Here is a list of them:

  • Silestone
  • Cambria
  • Aria Quartz
  • Quartz Master
  • Any Chines Quartz Brands
  • Santa Margherita Quartz
  • Vicostone
  • Radianz Quartz
  • QuartzStone
  • Quarella
  • Pental
  • MSI Q Quartz
  • Marble.com
  • LG Hausys

Let’s talk about them in more detail and try to understand why should you avoid them too like me!

  • Silestone

Silestone is produced by the Spanish company Cosentino and is one of the biggest names in quartz surfaces. However, many consumers have reported significant issues with this brand that make it one to potentially avoid.

One of the most common complaints about Silestone is that it stains easily, which defeats one of the main advantages of choosing quartz. While no quartz is fully stain-proof, many reviewers say Silestone seems to show marks from spills and daily use more than other brands. This makes the countertops appear dirty very quickly.

Silestone Natural Quartz

Another problem area is uneven or irregular color patterns.

Natural quartz has variation, but some Silestone slabs have unappealing blotches or visible seams between colors.

This inconsistency makes it hard to find a uniform look.

Finally, some customers have had problems getting satisfactory customer service from Silestone when installation or quality issues arise.

Response times are slow and the company may not offer replacements or refunds, leaving the consumer stuck with the faulty product.

Given these drawbacks, Silestone may not be worth the premium price tag compared to other quartz brands on the market. Homeowners have had better experiences with more consistent quality from other manufacturers.

  • Cambria

Based in Minnesota, Cambria is another big player in the quartz industry. But beware – this brand has developed a poor reputation when it comes to durability and scratch resistance.

Negative reviews of Cambria often mention that it scratches and etches easily, even when homeowners are extremely careful. Cutting directly on a Cambria counter will leave marks, which is not the case with quality quartz. Day to day use shows wear and tear relatively quickly.

The biggest problem areas seem to be the lighter colors and polished finishes. Matte or textured surfaces may be more durable, but light quartz from Cambria gets knicks and dings rapidly according to many users.

Cambria Quartz

Another complaint is that flaws in the quartz material sometimes go unnoticed during fabrication and installation.

Hairline cracks or chipped corners may be an issue.

Like Silestone, Cambria’s customer service also receives low ratings when there are problems with orders.

The company may refuse to acknowledge quality complaints or offer replacements.

Based on numerous negative reviews, Cambria does not seem to deliver the level of durability promised by a high-end engineered quartz brand. There are more reliable options available.

  • Aria Quartz

Manufactured by Aria USA, this brand has only been around for a few years. But in that short time, it has managed to earn a poor reputation, making it a quartz line you may want to avoid.

The biggest problem with Aria quartz is inconsistency in quality. Slabs within the same color family can vary widely when it comes to pattern, veining, and overall look. This makes it nearly impossible to get a uniform appearance when installing countertops.

The quality control issues lead to other problems as well. Parts of the slabs may be prone to cracking or chipping during fabrication and installation. Seam lines are often very visible. The color and finish may not match from one piece to the next.

Reviews of Aria quartz are full of complaints about these inconsistencies and the resulting disappointing outcomes for what should be high-end countertops.

Aria’s customer service is also severely lacking when problems come up. Response times are slow and the company rarely provides replacements or refunds, even with proof of defects.

Given how new Aria Quartz is, it seems the manufacturing process still has some kinks to work out. This brand is one to avoid, at least for the time being.

  • Quartz Master

Quartz Master may sound like a premier brand, but it falls short of living up to that name. As a relatively affordable quartz, it cuts some corners in quality.

One of the biggest complaints about Quartz Master is visible seams after installation. This can be seen as distinct lines, uneven surfaces, or noticeable color differences where slabs meet. Seams should be barely detectable with a high quality quartz, so visible gaps are a sign of subpar manufacturing and cutting.

Durability is another area where Quartz Master disappoints for users. Reviews mention scratches and chips showing up rapidly under daily use. Some have noticed their countertops literally falling apart in as little as a few years.

Finally, the low prices of Quartz Master seem to come at the expense of customer service. According to reviews, the company can be very difficult to deal with should any problems emerge. Between quality flaws and poor warranty support, this is definitely a brand to be leery of.

Given these defects, and the fact that cracking can compromise the sanitation and durability of quartz counters, MSI comes with more risk than other brands. Homeowners may want to steer clear of the headaches and opt for a more reliable quartz manufacturer.

  • Caesarstone

Caesarstone is an established brand that was one of the first on the quartz market. But after years as an industry leader, some product flaws have emerged that prospective buyers should be aware of.

The biggest complaint about Caesarstone in recent years is a mysterious staining issue being dubbed “Caesarstone Burn.” Some slabs have developed unexplainable burnt orange marks across the surface. These stains etch into the material and cannot be removed or repaired.

The cause is unclear but Caesarstone has been unhelpful when customers complain about this defect ruining previously pristine countertops. They offer no explanations and provide no solutions.

Another issue is pitting, which is small indents or voids that develop in the surface. Though subtle, they make countertops look worn down or damages much earlier than they should.

While Caesarstone remains popular, the rise of these stubborn quality issues means it may not be the worry-free option it once was. Homeowners may decide to go with other brands that get better reviews for performance and durability in recent years.

  • Avonite Surfaces

Manufactured by Aristech, Avonite offers affordable quartz primarily through home improvement stores. But despite the lower prices, performance falls short of higher end brands.

The biggest complaints about Avonite are visible seams, glossiness inconsistencies, and color variations between slabs. The manufacturing process seems to lack the quality control needed to achieve a seamless look.

Durability is also a concern, with some reviewers mentioning stains, scratches and chips appearing much sooner than expected. Issues like cracks around sinks can also develop, compromising performance.

Finally, Avonite’s customer service garners very poor ratings. The company seems to go out of its way to avoid fixing problems or offering replacements, according to customers.

Given these downsides, homeowners may be better off spending a bit more for a quartz brand with more consistent quality control and customer support. Avonite fails to deliver on durability promises of high performing engineered quartz.

  • Any Chines Quartz Brands

A lot of Chinese quartz brands are available here in the US. But you should not go near any of the Chinese quartz brands. The first reason is that Chinese quartz countertops are made from inferior materials compared to other countries. As a result, they are prone to crack and chip with time.

Many Chinese quartz countertops are manufactured by hand. So, consistency is a big issue with these products.

Again, you should be concerned about the safety of your health and environment, as most Chinese quartz countertops are made from harmful chemicals.

As a result, they often fail to qualify for the safety standards of the US government. You will not even get any warranty from these quartz products.

So, there are no after-sales services available for them. The pigments used in these products are also lower in quality.

So, the colors and patterns will fade away soon. And they are also thinner than their competitors from other countries, making them at risk of damage.

Plus, they are expensive as well because of the tax structure.

  • Santa Margherita Quartz
Santa Margherita Quartz

Santa Margherita Quartz is an Italian-made quartz for countertops.

There are several complaints against this brand.

Firstly, they start showing small chips all over the countertops shortly after installation.

The pigments of the quartz are not solid. So, they become white after chipping.

The after-sales service of the brand is also very disappointing. Many users have said that they have yet to show up for months after lodging complaints about damages, even after having a warranty. The epoxy used on this product is also of poor quality.

Most importantly, they are insanely expensive compared to their quality. So, I suggest you avoid Santa Margherita Quartz.

  • Vicostone

Vicostone is another brand you should cut off from your list while shopping for quartz countertops.

The main reason for that is the difficulty of cutting and installing this quartz.

You will find Vicostone quartz very hard to cut while installing.

So, you will need to hire experts for that; even after that, it might seem challenging.

On top of that, their heat-resistant capability is not up to the mark. There’s always a chance of damage because of the heat-retention issues.

The price of the Vicostone quartz doesn’t match the quality either. They are pretty expensive compared to their quality.

  • Radianz Quartz

Lotte Chemical, a South Korea-based manufacturer, now manufactures Radianz Quartz. But the quality of the products of this brand could be more satisfactory.

Radianz quartz is harder than natural stone and quartz of other brands. So you will find them difficult to cut.

Since they are made from entirely manmade stones, they differ from their natural stone-made counterparts. They do not even look as unique as natural stone quartz countertops.

They are also tricky to install. On top of that, Radianz Quartz is one of the most expensive quartz options available in the market.

  • QuartzStone

QuartzStone has many downsides.

One of the biggest problems with this quartz brand is its products are not heat-resistant.

It performs very poorly in heat retention, forcing you to use cutting boards all the time on top of these quartz countertops.

Additionally, acidic foods and cleaning agents will easily damage QuartzStone quartz. So, cooking food and cleaning your countertop will become a difficult task for you.

Besides, QuartzStone quartz for countertops is generally more expensive than other quartz, marble, and granite. That’s why it’s a less desirable option.

  • Quarella

Quarella is another brand you should avoid while shopping for quartz countertops. This quartz brand is not quite well that you should consider for your home. Partly because of the price of its products as they are pretty expensive. But the most disheartening thing about the quartz is its poor heat-resistant capability.

So, you must be extremely careful while using hot pots and pans on these countertops. Even you might have to use cutting boards on top of it, which is inconvenient, as you can imagine. That’s why I would never suggest you go with this brand.

  • Pental

Pental is a well-known quartz brand in the USA, but it has many drawbacks. The biggest of them is their missing scratch-resistant capability.

Yes, you read it right. Pental quartz is not scratch-resistant. If you install this product, you will always have to be under the fear of getting scratched.

After knowing this, I don’t think you will ever consider buying Pental quartz. But the issue with this brand doesn’t stop here. Products of this brand also have chipping problems. They start chipping shortly after installation.

Plus, you will have to spend more than $60 per square foot for this brand, which is pretty expensive.

  • MSI Quartz
MSI Q Quartz

As an affordable quartz option, MSI Quartz has its pros and cons.

But repeated issues with cracking may make this brand one to avoid for countertops.

Hairline cracks through the surface of MSI quartz slabs are a common complaint in negative reviews.

These seem to appear unexpectedly, sometimes before a customer has even had their counters installed.

The cracks are most likely due to problems at the manufacturing level. The slabs may cure unevenly or have undetected flaws that lead to fissures forming over time. Cracking can even occur during regular fabrication and installation.

Whatever the cause, MSI does not seem to have this problem fully under control. Having a countertop crack unexpectedly is a huge inconvenience and expense for homeowners. MSI’s warranty also comes up short when it comes to repairing or replacing cracked counters.

Given these defects, and the fact that cracking can compromise the sanitation and durability of quartz counters, MSI comes with more risk than other brands. Homeowners may want to steer clear of the headaches and opt for a more reliable quartz manufacturer.

  • Marble.com

The quartz of Marble.com is quite good, but the problem with this brand lies with its services. It does not offer any installation services.

As a result, you will have to hire a professional or contractor for the task, which will make the cost even higher.

On top of that, there’s no showroom for this brand. They only sell online. So, there’s no option for a trial.

You will have to purchase samples from its website before you make your decision. It doesn’t seem convenient to most people. That’s why I would tell you to scrap this name from your list if you have one.

  • LG Hausys

The last name on our list is LG Hausys. It’s a new player in the quartz industry. So, it has many things to learn in the first place.

However, there are some specific issues with this brand. The quartz of this brand is very susceptible to stains. If something spills on these countertops, there’s a chance of getting permanent stains.

For LG Hausys, you will have to clean immediately if you accidentally spill something on your countertop. So, it’s not ideal for household use.

Plus, they are costly despite being new in the market. You should avoid this brand for all these reasons.

Factors Making Quartz Superior

On the other hand, quality quartz exhibits:

  • Thick slabs from 1.25” up to 2”
  • Even distribution of fine quartz particles without large fragments
  • Smooth, consistent, non-porous surfaces
  • High quartz to resin ratio – over 90% quartz content
  • Excellent adhesion and seamlessness between pieces
  • Sturdy edges and corners that resist chipping
  • Stain, scratch, and heat resistance
  • Little to no sealing required
  • Established reputable brand name and warranty

Quartz made with finely ground quartz, quality resins, and excellent manufacturing yields a durable, resilient countertop able to withstand years of use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brand of quartz is best?

Quartz is the alternative material to marble and granite for countertops. Several brands manufacture and sell this engineered natural stone that is high quality and durable. Some top names are Caesarstone, Cambria Quartz, Silestone, Polarstone, Cambria Quartz, Compac, etc.

Is there poor-quality quartz?

Yes, many poor-quality quartz brands are selling inferior products. Most Chinese quartz brands make and sell inferior quartz with poor-quality materials.
Apart from the Chinese brands, many other brands are also not satisfactory. These quartz countertops will stain, scratch pretty quickly, and has less heat retention.

Does brand matter with quartz?

Brand name hugely matters, even for quartz. That’s because the quartz quality of all the brands is quite different. It depends on the quality of materials, pigments, thickness, style, colors, and many other factors. That’s why you should go with a reputed brand.

What is the best grade of quartz?

There are several grades of quartz. The best among them is the ‘premium grade.’ Quartz of this grade has a very smooth finish, looks precisely like marbles, and comes with vibrant color with rich pigments. You will also find them with very few veins and are scratch & heat-resistant.

What is the trend in quartz in 2024?

In 2024, high quality quartz with 90%+ quartz content is still the gold standard. Consumers are learning to avoid low cost quartz lines that seem like a deal but degrade quickly.

Who is the best manufacturer of quartz?

Top rated quartz brands include Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, MSI Q Ultra, LG Viatera, and DuPont Zodiaq. These companies rejected for excellent quality, range of colors/patterns, and durability.

Wrapping Things Up

As you can see, most brands on this list have a few common problems. They are irrationally expensive compared to their price, do not have scratch & heat resistance capability, and are difficult to install.

You would want these quartz brands to avoid. So, I don’t have any doubt that this write-up will come in handy while choosing quartz brands, as now you know which ones to avoid.

All the best with your countertops.

Clyde Mitchell

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