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Why Are Kohler Sinks So Expensive And Is It Worth It?

Why Are Kohler Sinks So Expensive And Is It Worth It?

If you’re involved in home renovation or interior designing, you already know Kohler sinks and their high prices.

Sure, good things cost more but why are these sinks so expensive? Quality raw material, gauge consistency, and design traits are the main reasons why Kohler’s sinks are so expensive.

Kohler sinks are some of the best ones you’ll come across, but they unfortunately come with a pretty hefty price tag. What makes them so expensive? Are these sinks worth the money? Let’s take a look and find out.

Reasons Why Kohler Sinks Are So Expensive

Kohler Sinks

Not all Kohler sinks are expensive. They have mid and a few low-range sinks available. The expensive sinks are mostly high-end models.

So if budget is your issue, you can definitely find something more affordable from Kohler.

If you’re picking a Kohler sink and want to know how legitimate the price tags are, this is for you. Kohler has solid reasons for their high price tags.

High-quality raw material, gauge consistency, and design choices are the main reason why Kohler sinks are expensive. Let’s see how these reasons affect the price tag.

  • High-Quality Raw Material

Kohler sinks are known for being durable and long-lasting. This is possible thanks to the high-quality raw materials they use.

Since Kohler uses better raw materials, their production cost is higher. And because of the higher production cost the market price is much higher too.

Kohler sinks became so popular because of how durable and reliable they are. These sinks last a long time and you’ll barely feel the dent of time on them.

Slowing down wear like this requires very high-quality raw materials and that’s what Kohler picks.

The pricier Kohler sinks are made from top-grade material with extra care. Whether it is stainless steel, cast iron, or composite; Kohler always goes for the highest quality material they can get.

This means, unlike other brands with lower quality raw materials, their raw materials cost more.

Plus there is the finishing too. If you’ve ever seen a Kohler sink, you know how amazing their finishing is. High-end finishing like this needs very high-end outer coating material. This also drives up the production cost.

On top of this, the sound-dampening pads on Kohler sinks are on a whole different level. If you drop a spoon you won’t hear a ringing sound that will wake up the neighbors and give you a week-long headache.

All of these top-class material sourcing costs are much higher compared to other brands. Because of the sourcing cost, the production cost also shoots up and that drives up the retail cost too.

  • Gauge Consistency

Quality things cost more- this is very true for Kohler’s stainless steel sinks. These sinks are similar thickness all over the bowl so there is no spray issue.

This consistency needs more metal material compared to inconsistent sinks. More material means higher production cost so the overall price shoots up.

Kohler Bathroom Sink

The biggest weak point for stainless steel sinks is their thickness or gauge.

If your sink doesn’t have the same thickness overall it turns out to be much less durable.

You’ll start noticing issues pretty soon down the line.

The same is true if your sink has less gauge. You won’t get very long service from them.

Most manufacturers in the market do a little trick to reduce the production cost. They keep the gauge thicker on top and hammer out the metal to make it thinner towards the lower part.

Manufacturing tales less metal for each sink because the material is hammered thin.

Kohler doesn’t do that. What you read is what you get- their sinks have the same gauge all over the sink. So they’re much more durable and need more metal compared to thinner sinks.

Plus molding heavy material also needs skilled people who know how to work around this.

More material means the production cost is higher for each sink and there’s also the labor cost of the involved experts. These together increase the production cost overall so the retail price also gets high.

  • Design Choices

The Kohler sinks are designed differently. They have tight radius corners which take more work to mold.

It also needs highly skilled people. So the production cost rises up and so does the retail price.

Kohler sinks don’t have zero radius corners or standard-shaped ones. Pretty much all sink models have zero radius corners. This takes a lot more work because molding them is hard.

Not just that, this is something only expert people can do. So there are only highly skilled and experienced people involved in the making process of Kohler sinks.

Skilled and experienced personnel has higher labor cost. This shoots the production cost up. And since the base production cost is high, the retail price for end-level consumers is also high.

Are Kohler Sinks Worth The Price Tag?

Well, now you know why the Kohler sinks are priced so high. But are the sinks worth it in the long haul?

Kohler sinks are popular for a reason. These sinks are made of the highest quality raw material and are crafted by the most skilled people in the business.

The sinks are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. They have perfect gauge consistency and maintain the quality standards of the USA.

And Kohler also has affordable options. If you’re tight on budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, you can easily go for one of their low or mid-range models.

So, are the Kohler sinks worth it? Yes, they definitely are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are some sinks so expensive?

There can be multiple reasons for this. High-quality material, gauge consistency, USA-based manufacturing, and special design choices are the common reason why some sinks are so expensive.

Which brand is best for sinks?

That depends on your preference. But Kohler, Kraus, Blanco- these are the top contenders for best sink brands.

Where is Kohler sink made?

Kohler sinks are made in Wisconsin, USA. But some parts of their low-range sinks are made in China.

Are Kohler stainless steel sinks good quality?

Yes, Kohler stainless steel sinks are top-notch quality.

Final Verdict

Better quality means higher price, this is a universal truth. It is applicable to Kohler sinks too.

So if you’re wondering why are Kohler sinks so expensive, this is the short answer. Of course, there are other reasons, but everything ties up to the quality of their sinks.

If you’re thinking about giving them a shot, feel free to.

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