Vitreous China Sink Pros Cons: Is It Worth It?

When it comes to choosing bathroom sinks, you may feel like diving into a confusing world since so many options are there. Vitreous china sinks are a popular one that earned a lot of popularity.

But why do people like it? Will it fulfill your requirements just like many users?

It will depend on what you are expecting from a particular product. However, knowing vitreous china sink pros cons can help you to determine whether you should go for this option or not.

Let’s dive deeper to learn everything about this bathroom sink.

Quick Ups & Downs of Vitreous China Sink

Distinctive gloss and shine surfaceHeavy
Sanitary propertiesMay stain and chip from heavy objects
High gloss enamel glazed ceramicWill stain over time if not properly maintained
Resistant to regular stains, spills, and scratchesFinish may degrade over time without proper care
Anti-corrosive propertiesMildly expensive
Resistant to highly high or lower temperatures 

Advantages of Vitreous China Sink

Though this sink has some flaws, let’s learn why people like it more than other material-based sinks.

  • Distinctive Gloss And Shine Surface
Vitreous China Sink

Vitreous china sink has a distinctive gloss and shines surface due to its enamel coating.

This makes it tougher, smoother, and denser. Its smooth, hard surface won’t react when it comes to contact with any chemical-based compounds.

Apart from that, moisture can’t harm this enamel coating since they quickly dry when exposed to air.

You have no reason to stress about mold and mildew development. The surface will stay dry.

  • Sanitary Properties

Vitreous china sinks have sanitary properties. It means they are made with a temperature of more than 1200°C. Hence, you can use this type of bathroom sink for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Instead of absorbing water, they evaporate it quickly. Their Water absorption is approximately less than 0.5%. Since these sinks are made with a higher heating process, they have an extremely glossy surface.

Cleaning will be as simple as just a wipe.

  • High Gloss Enamel Glazed Ceramic

All vitreous china sinks have a high gloss enamel glazed ceramic surface. Since they have rigid construction, they are not easily prone to peeling or chipping issues.

This type of bathroom sink has high color stability and high hardness.

  • Resistant To Regular Stains, Spill, And Scratches

Household owners are primarily concerned about stains, spills, and scratches issues for any sink. Vitreous china sinks have a thicker and elevated coating that can handle stains, spills, and scratches easily from regular use.

This type of sink prevents water from spilling excessively, unlike many other material-based sinks. Hence, you can keep your room from an unwanted water overflow around the sink.

  • Anti-Corrosive Properties

Vitreous china sinks have anti-corrosive properties to protect the sink surface from atmospheric corrosion. Therefore, the bathroom accessory will remain in good condition for a long time.

They won’t develop any tiny holes or cracks due to these protective properties.

However, the effectiveness of this corrosion inhibitor will degrade over time. After all, nothing lasts forever. Your water pressure and the quantity of water flow will affect its effectiveness gradually.

  • Resistant To Extreme High Or Lower Temperature

Atmospheric exposure means higher or lower temperatures. These vitreous china sinks are highly resistant to extremely high or lower temperatures.

As a result, you can easily use too hot or too cold water. This won’t affect the surface. However, regular heavy usage may affect the coating over time slowly.

  • Non Porosity

Vitreous china sinks generally have a non-porous surface. Air and moisture can’t get inside the internal area of the sink. Hence, the original physical properties of this type of sink won’t be affected due to the surrounding environment.

Apart from that, these china sinks have a naturally non-stick surface. Thus, dirt and grimes won’t sit on the surface. They will go away from normal water pressure.

Also, cleaning them will be hassle-free through a simple wipe.

  • Durable

Since Vitreous china sinks have a denser and rugged construction, they can easily last for decades from normal usage. Their rigid construction ensures no regular use cracking, chipping, fading, or discoloration.

Disadvantages of Vitreous China Sink

Okay, you may have already developed a higher expectation from this sink after reading a bunch of advantages. But, wait! Nothing is out of flaws. Here are some common drawbacks of a vitreous china sink.

  • Heavy

Since vitreous china sinks have dense and sturdy construction, they are heavier than other materials-based sinks. Installing them will be a little bit complicated since you need a helping hand.

Be cautious while moving them from one spot to another.

  • May Stain And Chip From Heavy Objects
cons of Vitreous China Sink

Though regular usage won’t harm the coating of the vitreous china sink, you should not place any heavy object on its surface.

This may cause staining or chipping issues.

Additionally, avoid using any hard objects to clean the surface because they may leave marks on the sink.

This will ruin the overall appearance. Plus, it will be challenging to remove such marks.

  • Will Stain Over Time If Not Properly Maintained

Though vitreous china sinks have a hard surface, you should not keep them unmaintained. Otherwise, constant heavy usage will lead to many tough stains development on the surface.

This will be hard to remove too. In some cases, they may become permanent if you don’t get off them on time. 

  • Finish May Degrade Over Time Without Proper Care

A bathroom sink finish plays a crucial role in keeping it in tip-top condition. But if you don’t take care of it properly, the appearance of the finish won’t look as good as it used to be.

Based on the usage and surrounding environment, you need to clean it once or several times per week.

  • Mildly Expensive

Vitreous china sinks are not the most premium options in the marketplace. But many inexpensive materials for sinks are available in the market than Vitreous.

You may need to spend around $450 up to $1,000 to buy a quality bathroom vitreous china sink depending upon the brand, size, style, design, shape, and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Vitreous China A Good Sink?

Vitreous china sinks are a highly well-admired choice due to their extreme durability and appealing finish. Common stains, spills, and scratches won’t cause any issues to them.

Is Vitreous China Better Than Ceramic?

Vitreous china has better durability than ceramic and porcelain because of its tough coating. They have a glossy appearance that makes them more appealing than ceramic.

Does Vitreous China Sink Stain?

Vitreous china sinks are not prone to get affected by regular stains, scratches, and abrasive. But regular maintenance is vital to prevent any stains from hardening and sitting on the surface.

How Do You Clean A Vitreous China Sink?

Cleaning a vitreous china sink requires you to use a fresh cloth and wipe the surface gently from one side to another. You can use a mild ammonia-free liquid soap for better cleaning. Make sure to rinse it with warm water at the end.

Final Thoughts

So, what is your insight after going through the advantages and disadvantages of Vitreous china sink?

It is common to have both advantages and disadvantages regardless of the materials you choose for the bathroom sink. Choosing a particular option requires you to overlook its drawbacks.

However, vitreous china sinks have many impressive features that can give you the convenience of using this type of sink. You just need to clean it regularly and make sure to avoid keeping contact with heavy objects on the surface.

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