Why Are Console Sinks So Expensive And Is It Worth The Money?

Are you thinking about having a small yet stylish-looking bathroom for your house? Then you can surely pick the console sink to achieve that.

But there is a common concern among the users of it that why console sinks are so expensive. In this particular article, we will try to figure out the answer to this common question.

So, without any further delay, let’s try to find out why the price of the console sinks is higher than the other available options.

About Console Sink

Console sink

A console sink is well-fit inside a modern bathroom for sure. It is a perfect mixture of a wall-mounted sink and a pedestal sink. 

For this sink, the countertop, and the sink is mounted to the wall. It is usually supported by two or four legs.

The overall look of this console sink is meant to fit the design of all modern toilets. That is why some people always prefer to have the console sink keeping the other designs aside.

Why The Price Tag Of The Console Sink Is Too High?

As you know the console sink seems to be preferable to some users for several reasons. But is it worth the money that you need to pay for it?

In this part, you will know what makes the pricing of the console sink higher than the other alternatives. Is the price justifiable to the users?

Let’s find out the reasons for it.

  • Takes lesser space

When you have a constraint regarding the space inside your bathroom then you need to be more mindful regarding the picking of the other tools of the bathroom.

The bathroom must be able to accommodate all those tools.

While having a space constraint, you cannot pick the tools that may take more space. You will find the console sink a very friendly one in this regard.

It would take a lot lesser space in your bathroom once you decide to install it inside your bathroom.

  • Handicap accessible

There are a few bathroom accessories that are being designed keeping the convenience of the handicapped in mind.

Well, you will find the console sink very different in this regard. It is absolutely handicap accessible. Someone using a wheelchair can get access to the sink without any hardship.

This can be a good choice for the household having physically-challenged members.

So, for ensuring the convenience of all sorts of people this sink can be used in different public places like schools, offices, religious institutions, and so on.

  • Stylish appearance
expensive console sink

If you are someone who is longing to have a stylish and modern look for your washroom then you have to pay attention to the look of all the tools of the bathroom.

Console sinks come with a very stylish look to fit themselves in a very limited area. It comes with a very differentiating modern and fashionable look.

But the plumbing remains exposed to the eyes of the people, which some people may not prefer.

  • Enough counter space

There are few sinks with the needed counter space in the design. The console sink stands out among the rest in this regard. The design of the console sink comes with enough counter space.

So, the space can be utilized in different ways by keeping different needed stuff in it. So this is a very lucrative feature that a console sink brings into your bathroom.

  • Additional space below

Though it takes very little space while doing the installation job, the console sink brings in plenty of space to place the needed stuff. For instance, so many console sinks come with space below the sink.

The users undoubtedly find this feature helps to keep the products in that space. As they get to keep so many things in it. On top of that, console sinks do not take a lot of o space for installation.

  • It includes a drawer, towel bar, and shelf

For utilizing the space and for safe storage of the stuff the console sink is being designed in different ways.

For, instance it may come with a drawer, towel bar, a shelf that gives another edge to the design of the console sink.

  • Expensive materials

Console sinks are often being made using expensive materials like brass, chrome, gold, and other materials like wood and so on. They are mostly made by having a proper quality check.

The availability of these materials also makes the console sink expensive to the users.

All The Negative Aspects Of The Console Sink

Nothing comes with all the good aspects, when you are thinking about purchasing something then you need to know all the negative aspects as well.

  • More expensive

Console sinks are more expensive compared to the other sinks. Not all people can manage to have such a budget to install a console sink in their bathroom.

  • Uses more wall space

Due to the design of the console sink, this type of sink takes more space when you install it inside of your bathroom. Some people may consider it as a con, and feel that it does not look good.

  • Spacial installation arrangement is required

For completion of the installation work, it is a must to have a professional installer, to make sure the job is done without any difficulties. In no way you can do this job on your own.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do vanity sinks cost?

The price of the vanity sink would vary. But the replacing sink cost would be around $450 to $780 and of course, the range would also vary according to the materials and labor.

What is the labor cost to install bathroom sink plumbing?

The labor price of the plumbing will vary according to the amount of work and the area you are living in. But the average cost is around $230 to $520. This range might also vary subject to the other attributes.

Do plumbers install bathroom sinks?

Yes, the plumbers do the bathroom sink installation job quite often.

Wrapping Things Up

By now, you must have got the answer to why are console sinks so expensive, well, it is due to the amazing features that they bring to the table.

If there is no budget constraint issue for you, then you can surely go for this for your bathroom to get the vibe of that elegant look. When you are on a short budget, then you can surely look for the other best alternatives around the market.

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