TOTO SS124 Vs. SS114: The Great Toilet Seat Debate

If you’re in the market for a new toilet seat, you’ve probably come across the TOTO SS124 and SS114 models. Both are high-quality seats from the leading toilet manufacturer TOTO, known for their innovative features and durability.

But what’s the difference between these two seats, and which one is right for your bathroom?

As a long-time TOTO toilet seat user myself, I’ve done extensive research on the SS124 and SS114 to breakdown the pros, cons, and key differences between the two. Read on as I compare these seats in detail to help you decide which model fits your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureTOTO SS124TOTO SS114
Heated SeatYes (3 temperature settings)No
Automatic Opening/Closing LidYesNo
SoftClose SeatYesYes
Quick-Release for CleaningYesYes
Elongated ShapeYesYes
Antimicrobial SurfaceYesYes
Typical Price Range$240-$320$140-$200

Overview of the Key Features

Before diving into the nitty-gritty comparisons, let’s quickly overview the flagship features of the SS124 and SS114.


TOTO SS124 Toilet Seat
  • Heated seat with three temperature settings
  • Automatic open and close lid
  • SoftClose seat close system
  • Quick-release functionality for easy cleaning
  • Elongated shape
  • Antimicrobial protection


  • SoftClose seat close system
  • Quick-release functionality
  • Elongated shape
  • Antimicrobial protection

As you can see, the main difference is that the SS124 has a heated seat and automatic open/close lid, while the SS114 does not. But both seats share soft-close, quick-release, elongated shape, and antimicrobial features.

Key Differences Between TOTO SS124 And SS114 Toilet Seats

Now let’s look at each seat in more detail.

  • Ease of Installation

Installing a toilet seat may seem simple, but cheap flimsy models can quickly turn this into a headache. That’s why TOTO seats like the SS124 and SS114 use high-quality materials and well-designed installation mechanisms for a frustration-free experience.

The SS124 and SS114 both use TOTO’s universal height adjustment system which consists of easy-turn dials underneath the seat. This allows you to fine-tune the height and level of the seat for optimal comfort.

The seats use sturdy 18-8 stainless steel post and high-impact polypropylene hinges that can handle up to 320 lbs of force.

Overall, both seats have straightforward installation that takes about 10-15 minutes. The included manual has detailed steps and all necessary hardware is in the box. As long as you have a standard elongated toilet, swapping either of these TOTO seats in is a breeze.

Winner: Tie

  • Comfort Features

When it comes to comfort, the SS124 pulls ahead thanks to its heated seat and automatic opening/closing lid.

The SS124 has a heated seat with three temperature settings so you can customize the warmth to your preference. This is a nice luxury that helps warm up cold seats in the morning.

TOTO SS114 Toilet Seat

The automatic opening and closing lid is also convenient since you don’t have to touch the toilet.

Sensors automatically open the lid when you approach and close it when you leave. This helps prevent the spread of germs.

Meanwhile, the SS114 still has excellent comfort with its soft-close system.

This uses a special hinge that prevents the seat from loudly slamming down. The seat gently lowers shut.

Both seats share an ergonomic elongated shape that fits the body’s contours for extra comfort. The high-gloss polypropylene seat resists stains and odors.

Winner: SS124

  • Durability

Durability is where TOTO toilet seats shine, and the SS124 and SS114 are no exception. Both seats are built from sturdy materials that can withstand years of frequent use.

The aluminum base plates, stainless steel posts, and high-impact polypropylene hinges are durable and rust-resistant. TOTO claims these seats can handle up to 320 pounds of force when slammed down without cracking. The experienced TOTO sealed between the toilet and seat prevent leaks.

Users report these seats easily lasting 5+ years with no issues. The engineering and materials are high-quality.

The only minor difference is the SS124’s electronics for the heated seat and automatic lid add some complexity that could fail eventually. But overall, both seats should provide exceptional durability.

Winner: Tie

  • Ease of Cleaning

Few people enjoy scrubbing toilet seats, so an easy-clean design is essential. The SS124 and SS114 make cleaning simple with their quick-release functionality and antimicrobial protection.

Both seats can be removed in seconds without tools by depressing two buttons located near the hinge. This allows you to thoroughly clean the seat and toilet exterior.

Reinstalling the seat is just as fast – just align and push down gently until it clicks into place. No need to fuss with screws like standard toilet seats.

The antimicrobial protection also inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface. This helps prevent stains and odors between cleanings.

Overall, both TOTO models have easy-clean designs perfect for busy households.

Winner: Tie

  • Aesthetics

Let’s face it, a toilet seat can be an eyesore or an elegant finishing touch to your bathroom decor. With their sleek elongated shape and high-gloss finish, both the SS124 and SS114 add style to your throne.

The neutral white/bone color options blend with most toilet styles. The smooth plastic covers and chrome-plated metal posts gleam. And the skirted design hides the seat bolts for a streamlined look.

If I had to choose, I’d say the SS124 looks slightly more elegant with its automatic opening/closing lid. Seeing the lid mysteriously open and close itself definitely feels futuristic and high-end.

But style is subjective. Both seats have high-quality construction and minimalist designs fitting modern and classic bathrooms.

Winner: SS124

  • Price Comparison

As you’ve probably guessed, the extra features of the SS124 come at a price premium compared to the pared-down SS114.

Here are the typical retail prices:

TOTO SS124 – $240-$320

TOTO SS114 – $140-$200

The SS124 costs around $100 more on average. The main reason is the electronic heated seat and automatic lid which require extra components. The SS114 is still premium-priced but lacks those high-tech features.

Both seats offer excellent quality and longevity to justify their price tags. It just depends on your budget and feature preferences.

Winner: SS114

Matching Toilet Recommendations

Not sure which toilet to pair your new TOTO seat with? Here are my top recommendations:

  • TOTO Ultramax II – For the SS124. This elegant one-piece toilet with CeFiONtect glaze matches the high-end seat. Around $650.
  • TOTO Drake II – For the SS114. A sturdy two-piece model at half the price. The popular Drake II complements the seat. Around $350.

But keep in mind both seats fit most elongated toilets from TOTO, American Standard, Kohler, etc. Just ensure your toilet is listed as “elongated” not “round” shape.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, I believe most customers will be delighted with either the TOTO SS124 or TOTO SS114 toilet seat. They offer superb comfort, easy cleaning, durability, and style.

The SS124 is the ultimate luxury seat with its heated setting and automated lid. The extras make going to the bathroom a spa-like experience.

But if you don’t need those hi-tech features, the SS114 provides premium quality at a more affordable price point.

You really can’t go wrong with either seat. TOTO is the Toyota of toilet seats – a brand you can rely on for exceptional performance and longevity. If you invest in one of these seats, it should serve your household worry-free for years.

So consider how much you’d use the heating and automatic opening/closing. That should guide you to the right model. Your backside and bathroom will thank you!

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