TerraLift Review: Is It The Best Septic System?

Every house creates waste in the form of sewage. This sewage needs a proper disposal method; otherwise, it can clog up and cause various household issues.

A common form of sewage disposal is the use of a septic tank system. A TerraLift is done on a septic system when problems such as soil compaction and improper drainage occur and cause various household issues.

When To Choose TerraLift?

TerraLifting Septic Repair

Septic systems are best when installed in an area with soft or otherwise absorbent soil that has the capability to take in the effluent.

When the soil is unable to absorb the liquid, it is pushed back to the surface.

When this happens, you will notice watery yards and soil as well as an awful stench.

You may also notice toilets taking longer to drain or taking several flushes; washing machines struggling to empty, etc.

All of these are indications of a problematic drain field. In this situation, you have one of two options.

You can either replace the entire drain field, which would cost an exorbitant amount of money – likely in the high thousands or go for the second option.

This is where TerraLift comes in.

The TerraLift Procedure

TerraLift is a patented procedure that has made it very easy to fix septic system issues without completely ruining the house’s lawn or yard.

The main job of a TerraLift is to use a probe to create holes in the soil to allow easier liquid absorption and stop it from being pushed back to the surface.

The following is the entire TerraLift procedure in detail.

  • Accessing The Drainfield

First of all, the professionals who will be doing the procedure will first need to access the drain field. The drain field will usually be buried 2 to 5 feet deep in the earth.

They will need to dig and drill their way into the drain field before being able to start the procedure.

  • Clean The Drainfield System

Once they have been able to access the drain field, chances are there will likely be a lot of sewage waste that has surfaced above the drain field, just below the soil.

All the liquid and other waste will have to be cleaned and drained out of the system before the procedure can start.

  • The Procedure Begins

At this stage, the TerraLift procedure can officially begin. The people in charge of the procedure will use the TerraLift machine and go around in different places around the drain field.

The machine uses a long, narrow probe and a pneumatic hammer to penetrate the soil up to 6 feet deep. After that is done, the air is forced into the soil at a controlled rate.

This causes a number of fissures and cracks to open up in the earth. These fissures and cracks will loosen up the soil and allow easier drainage of liquids into the soil from the drain field.

After creating the network of fissures and cracks, the probe also sends small polystyrene beads into the fissures. This causes them to stay open permanently.

  • Clean and Repair The Drainfield

After the procedure is finished, there may be some residual sewage waste on the drain field.

In this case, they will clean it up once more and then cover up the exposed part of the drain field.

Why You Should Choose to TerraLift?

septic not taking water

A bad septic system and drain field can be a nightmare scenario for people.

From the watery yards to bad water drainage and the foul stench.

Some people may find it appealing to just start over and replace the entire system.

However, that is just not feasible for most people.

Other than the exorbitant price, there are plenty of other steps for a full system replacement that would be too much of a hassle.

As such, a TerraLift stands to be the far superior option. Below are all of its advantages as opposed to a full replacement.

  • The Price Difference

The main advantage to opting for a TerraLift. A full drain field replacement on a flat, easy-to-access area will cost you upwards of 8,000 dollars.

On the other hand,    a TerraLift procedure will only set you back 1,200-1,500 dollars, depending on the length and number of drain lines.

  • Minimal Damage to Your Lawn and Landscaping

A full drain field replacement can be very damaging to your lawn and landscaping. The entire yard will likely have to be turned over and any landscaping will have to be removed.

Whereas in a TerraLift procedure, only a small hole will have to be dug to access the drain field. After that, a machine uses long, narrow probes deep into the soil to complete the procedure.

There will barely be any visible damage once the procedure is complete.

  • Long Term Effectiveness

While a full drain field replacement will provide brand-new performance, it is just not worth the cost and hassle.

A TerraLift procedure has a 95% success rate, and the effect lasts a long time.

  • Short Process

For a full replacement, you will need to spend multiple days just getting the proper authorization for the procedure. Afterward, the procedure itself will take a few more days.

A TerraLift procedure, on the other hand, takes less than a day to implement and complete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions about septic systems and the TerraLift procedure and their answers.

What does a TerraLift do?

A TerraLift procedure uses long, narrow probes to penetrate deep into the soil. These probes then create fissures and cracks in the soil and insert small beads that hold them in place.

How much does a TerraLift cost?

A professionally done TerraLift procedure will set you back 1,200-1,500 dollars, depending on the area and number of drain lines.

What is the best septic system?

A precast concrete septic tank system is generally considered to be the best and many towns and cities use this system.

Can tree roots damage a septic system?

Yes, tree roots can cause extensive damage to the pipes and drain lines of a septic system. When planting a tree, the general rule is to plant it as far away from the system as the tree is likely to grow.

Final Thoughts

A TerraLift is arguably the best method for fixing a damaged septic system. While a full replacement sounds better on paper, the steps can just be too much for the average person. So, I would say a TerraLift is the far superior option.

We hope you have found this TerraLift review to be helpful and can use the information to make better decisions about your household.

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