Sickly Sweet Smell From Bathroom: The Reasons And The Solutions To It

Imagine after having a hectic day at work you arrive at your home then decide to take a refreshing bath to cheer you up a bit. Thinking so, you find out there is a sickly sweet smell from the bathroominstantly it will make your day even worse. 

There will be no way to make your mood better at that time.

So how does this smell get created inside your bathroom in the first place? What is the reason behind the creation of this sickly smell?

Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

Reasons For Having Sickly Sweet Smell From Your Bathroom

You are not the only one dealing with this problem. So many people have already dealt with this problem and so far, so many issues have been identified which are causing this bad odor problem.

Some of those reasons are going to be discussed in this particular part of this write-up.

  • Sewerage Gas Coming Out Of A Bathroom Unused For Years
shower drain smells like sewer

Your bathroom has a p trap and it comes with a water-tight barrier. The primary work of it is to hinder the smell of the sewage from rising to your bathroom. 

When a bathroom remains unused for a long time then the water on the p trap will evaporate.

As there is no presence of moisture in the p trap the gas will eventually start coming to the bathroom making that sickly sweet odor. 

Yes, surprisingly, this sweet-smelling sewer gas can also be sweet.

  • Clogged Drain Problem In The Bathroom

The drain may get clogged when hair, shampoo, conditioner, etc. get stuck in there. 

If it is not maintained properly, then all these things will start decomposing, and all of these result in creating a sickening smell in the bathroom.

It is one of the very common reasons for having that bad odor.

  • Use Of Drugs In The Bathroom

For many reasons or regular usage, you may keep some drugs in your bathroom. It could be due to your convenience as well. Certain drugs have methamphetamine and crack cocaine that may create a smell.

But since this is not a proper place to keep these drugs, then accidentally it may fall and spill on the surface of the bathroom. In such a situation, you can find a sweet odor from those drugs.

  • Presence Of Mold In The Bathroom

It is very natural for every bathroom for having those. Once you identify it, then you should take it seriously as it can cause a hazard to your family’s health.

Some strains of the mold create a sweet-smelling odor. Other strains will create a musty smell, but these are less harmful ones.

  • Smell Due To The Urine Of A User

If you have a member of the family, who has diabetes and uses the bathroom regularly and fails to clean the bathroom properly afterward, may cause this problem. 

Because this person is losing protein with his urine. So, there can be a sweet smell after that person leaves that bathroom.

  • Latest Floor Installation Or Painting Works

There needs to be a certain day’s gap to use a bathroom after any remodeling work like the floor installation or the painting works. 

If you damage the bathroom using it just after the remodeling work then there may be a sweet smell afterward for days to come.

There are paintings with certain chemicals that create the smell as well.

  • Old Products Like Bubble Baths Or Syrup Hidden In The Cabinet

If you keep old shower products for a long time hidden in the cabinet of your bathroom for a long time in your bathroom then eventually it can also create a smell that may make you feel uncomfortable.

The chemicals mixed with this product may eventually decay and create a sickly sweet smell in the house. 

  • The Smell Of Adhesive Or Glue

In so many bathroom installation works, adhesive and glues are a very integral part. 

When it doesn’t get dry and gets in the contact with the water before then it may cause a sweet smell in the toilet.

  • Hidden Food Waste

Food waste and debris that gets buried behind or under bathroom fixtures can also create distressing odors over time. For example, small bits of food, grease, or liquids that fall behind pipes or the toilet can decompose and smell sickly sweet.

Carefully pull out removable fixtures and pipes to check for trapped, rotting waste. Clean away any gunk and disinfect thoroughly before replacing. Use a small mirror to check unreachable spots. Avoid using caustic cleaners, and call a plumber for help if needed.

  • Trash Can Contamination

Even your bathroom trash might be a source of unpleasant odors. Leftover food, dirty tissues, and other gross waste can create powerful smells when left to fester in a warm bathroom.

Be diligent about taking out the trash regularly before it has a chance to really start reeking. Use liners and change them frequently. Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the can to help absorb odors between changes. Close the lid tightly.

How Can You Solve This Bad Odor Problem In Your Bathroom?

sweet smell from bathroom

There are many ways of solving this bad odor problem of your bathroom once you have identified the reasons.

  • Using The Bathroom Of Your House 

The odor is created when the toilet remains unused for a long time. 

That is why make sure when you have an unused bathroom in your house you tap on the water supply at least once a month otherwise, the trap will get dry and will be dysfunctional in no time.

If you are leaving the house for a long holiday then you can give this responsibility to someone you can trust. Unused bathrooms create odors that may not make you feel very comfortable.

  • Unclog The Clogged Drains Of Your Bathroom

You need to clean the drains of the bathroom by pouring commercial liquid products. Then you can brush the drain to unclog whatever caused the clogging in the first place.

  • Getting Rid Of The Mold Of The Bathroom

Once you have identified the presence of mold in the bathroom then you can use some natural ingredients like vinegar and lime juice to get rid of it. 

By mixing bleach with warm water, you can do the job as well.

  • Throwing Away All The Old Stuff

You can throw away all the unnecessary old stuff in your bathroom so that it can not create any odor.

  • Proper Cleaning Of The Bathroom After Use

Make sure all the users of the bathroom properly clean the bathroom before leaving it after use.

  • Giving Time After The Floor Installation Of Painting Work

Give enough time to set the remodeling job like painting or floor installation so that there is not any uncomfortable odor later. 

  • Improving Bathroom Ventilation

Finally, improving ventilation can help reduce musty smells that seem to randomly arise in your bathroom.

Run the exhaust fan during and after showering or bathing. Open windows periodically if possible. Keep towels and surfaces dry. Consider installing a higher capacity exhaust fan if needed.

With some detective work and targeted troubleshooting, you can banish unpleasant sickly sweet odors from your bathroom for good. Don’t tolerate unhygienic smells – take action to create a fresh, comfortable space.

My Tips To Get Rid Of The Sickly Sweet Smell Problems

I had to face the same issue in my bathroom a few years back, so there will be a few tips from my personal experience as well.

  1. You can use aromatic soap.
  2. Use covered bins.
  3. Ensure proper ventilation of the bathroom.
  4. Regularly clean the bathroom.
  5. Always use natural freshener.
  6. Plan your bathroom in a place where you would find natural light.

Following all these will keep your bathroom away from all the disgusting odors that you can think of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a sickly sweet smell mean?

It is a smell that is to some extent smells like sweet but makes you feel sick at the same time.

What kind of mold smells sweet?

Stachybotrys chartarum is the scientific name of those molds. It is deadlier than the molds that create a rusty odor.

Does sewer gas smell sweet?

Sometimes sewer gas can smell sweet. Especially when this gas is at a high concentration level. The smell would make you feel that you are smelling something sweet, yet you would end up having a sickening feeling at the same time.

Do cockroaches have a sweet smell?

If you are having a sweet smell inside your bathroom, there is no chance it is due to the cockroaches for sure. They mostly create a very rusty and unpleasant odor.

What causes a sickly sweet smell?

A few common causes of sickly sweet odors in bathrooms include mold growth, sewer gas leaks, rotten food waste trapped out of sight, and general lack of ventilation.

Can mold smell sickly sweet?

Yes, some species of mold release spores and gases that give off a sweet, almost sickening smell as they actively grow. Stachybotrys chartarum or “black mold” is one type known for its sweet, strong odor.

Wrapping Things Up

Still worried regarding having that sickly sweet smell from the bathroom? 

Then at first, you will have to figure out the reason for having that odor. Once you have figured that out, now it is time to get rid of the problem right away. 

In reality, the job becomes a lot easier when you have succeeded in identifying the problem. I am sure by having a read of this write-up you can solve this particular problem of your house pretty easily.

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