Shower Glass Protective Coatings Reviews And Recommended Brands

Glassdoor showers can be a wonderful addition to your shower room aesthetics. But keeping it pristine condition can be a challenging task.

To ease this hardship, companies have come up with protective shower glass coatings. These shower glass coatings keep the surface squeaky clean, and shiny. 

So, without further ado, read on to know more about the shower glass protective coating reviews.

The Basics of Shower Glass Protective Coatings

Shower Glass Protective Coatings

Shower glass protective coatings are a smarter approach to keeping the glass surface clean from the hard water stains and scum. 

These hydrophobic coatings provide a smooth surface that repels hard water chemicals and soap.

And this results in lesser build-up over time, which in turn requires lesser cleaning. Cleaning glasses with protective coatings require fewer harsh chemicals. 

All you need is a common cleaner and a cloth to wipe it clean. For areas with extremely hard water, you may need to resort to a solution of vinegar and water.

Depending on the type of coating you use, it will last you from 3 years to around 10+ years. So, these shower glass protective coatings not only keep your shower glass looking pristine but also lessen your overall cleaning lifecycle. 

Think of all the time you would be saving from not spending too much time on cleaning them!

The Different Options for Protective Coatings

Now that you know the basics, let us get to know some of the different options you have for shower glass protective coatings. 

These are, of course, some of the leading options in the market.


EnduroShield shower glass coating

EnduroShield provides a glass coating spray-on product that permanently adheres to the glass surface. 

With their smart protection technology, EnduroShield has one of the industry-leading glass treatments.

It has been certified by TÜV Rheinland Germany for standing strong on the durability test as well as the cleaning functionality claims. 

They do not sell after-care products as they claim that their cleaning treatment provides the maximum warranty.

EnduroSheild provides two product options:

  1. Professional Application: Professional strength glass coating that comes with a 10-year performance warranty.
  2. Home DIY Kits: Easy to apply for people looking for a budget-friendly do-it-yourself project. It will last around 3+ years.

Another leading option is ShowerGuard. Let’s talk about it now.


As the proprietary product of Guardian Industries Corporation, the company claims that ShowerGuard glasses are the first glasses to provide permanent protection against corrosion with their patented ion beam technology.

Their technology makes the glass resistant to corrosion, etching, and heat. ShowerGuard glasses also come with a 10-year limited warranty.

I have already compared ShowerGuard With EnduroShield in detail. However, ShowerGuard comes in three different finishes to match the aesthetics of different shower styles:

  1. ShowerGuard Clear: Suitable for any shower style. Provides a clear look and is easy to maintain. 
  2. ShowerGuard Low Iron: To reduce the green tint seen in regular glass surfaces, this option uses lower levels of iron. Suitable for higher-end installations with frameless options due to its color-neutral edges. 
  3. ShowerGuard SatinDeco: ShowerGuard came up with this line that offers a permanent coating with a satin etched outer surface to provide privacy in bathroom installations.

Another renowned one is InvisibleShield. Check it out!


InvisibleShield by Unelko Corporation provides a protective coating for both residential and commercial use. The INVISIBLE SHIELD®PRO 15 has been using UV initiator technology. 

The company claims it to be UV, Chemical, and Weather resistant.

Their glass coating is a solvent-based product safe for all types of glass. This product also has an unlimited shelf life. It comes in 5 sizes:

  • 960ml
  • 1 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
  • 55 Gallon
  • 200 Liter Drums

Diamon Fusion

Diamon Fusion is also one of the notable options for protective glass coatings. Diamond Fusion uses its patented technology to transform any silica-based surface water repellant. 

This not only comes with low maintenance upkeep but also reduces cleaning time.

Diamon Fusion International has two protective coating options for shower glass:


Diamon-Fusion uses the patented protective coating technology to create a permanent seal that transforms the glass surface to a UV-resistant water-repellant surface. It can be applied onsite or through factory applications.

This product is also eco-friendly as reviewed by the USGBC LEED rating system. So, if you are looking for an environment-friendly product, that is an added benefit.


As the name suggests, Diamon Fusion International used its patented technology to come up with a product that provides a one-step application process to bond the glass with its protective coating. 

This product requires no curing time and so you can see the effects almost immediately after application.

With their exceptionally long-term protection against water damage and scum, Clear Fusion Pro reduces the use of harsh cleaners. 

And it comes with a 10-year professional warranty.


Cardinal10 is a premium glass protecting coating that is both hydrophobic and oleophobic. 

So, it repels hard water chemicals and repels any buildup of oily scum. It is also UV resistant.

Choosing The Right Protective Coating

How do you choose the right protective coating from so many options? Well, the right approach would be to ask the important questions and follow the path the answers lead you to. 

Now, these important questions are the factors you should consider making your choice.

  • Efficiency and Durability

The first factor to consider is the longevity and performance of the coating. While some protective coatings can last you for 3-5 years, some will last you for 10 years. 

So do you want a long-lasting protective coating or settle for one that lasts a few years- that is something to think about. And this will eventually influence your budget. 

  • Budget

Protective coatings that last for 10-15 years do come with a more expensive price tag, but they do provide you the value for money. 

Cheaper protective coatings won’t last long and cost you more in the long run. 

Also factor in how much it would cost you overall to coat the entire glass surface. 

  • Warranty

Check for all terms and conditions for warranty claims. If the warranty conditions are met, companies like ShowerGuard extend their warranty to the replaced glass. 

So, it is best to check with the company’s warranty registration and policy before you make a decision.

  • Cleaning Guidelines

While protective coatings do come as a smarter approach to cleaning, they do have some specific cleaning guidelines, such as prohibiting the use of harsh chemicals. 

Most companies have the guidelines and approved cleaning products list on their website. So, you may want to check that.

  • Finding the Right Dealer

Most dealers offer coating options during the purchase of the shower glass door

But if you are looking for coating options for your existing shower glass, then you should consider the options nearby dealers are offering. 

You will also have to factor in the labor and equipment costs.

Once you consider these factors and find the answers, you will find yourself headed in the right direction of making a final decision.

Final Words

We hope you have gained some important insights from reading this guide to shower glass protective coatings reviews. 

With these insights, you can now embark on your journey to getting a visually appealing shower effortlessly. Good luck!

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