EnduroShield Vs. ShowerGuard (2024): Key Features And In-depth Comparison

Are you a homeowner interested in taking up a new approach to cleaning? Looking to replace those old ugly shower curtains?

Or do you simply want to make your bathroom’s glass doors look cleaner and newer? Then you are headed in the right direction.

Today we will be talking about two of the best glass coating options available in the market.

So, keep on reading to know more about the EnduroShield Vs ShowerGuard.

EnduroShield Vs. ShowerGuard: What Are They?

EnduroShield vs. ShowerGuard

If you have already searched for a glass coating or fabricating product, the names EnduroShield and ShowerGuard may have come up.

Most glass and mirror companies opt for these two as they are the best in the market.

So, let’s get to know these two before we talk about their differences 

  • About EnduroShield
EnduroShield Home Treatment For Shower
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EnduroShield is a glass coating product that provides a nanocoating protective layer. This coating provides resistance to corrosion, etching, and staining.

The easy-clean glass treatment makes cleaning the shower glass door very easy. All you need is a microfiber cloth to clean the glass without going over the troubles of scrubbing. 

It has been certified by TÜV Rheinland Germany for standing strong on the durability test as well as the cleaning functionality claims.

EnduroSheild is one of the leading companies in this business due to the proven reviews of their strong claims.

They do not sell after-care products as they claim that their cleaning treatment provides the maximum warranty.

How it Works

The active ingredient in EnduroShield forms a durable bond with the glass at a molecular level. This invisible coating prevents water and oils from sticking.

Instead, they roll right off the treated surface along with any dirt or grime.

Application Process

EnduroShield comes as a simple wipe-on formula. After cleaning the glass, you wipe on a thin layer using the included cloth.

A second coat is applied 12 hours later. Curing and bonding continue over several days. The process is quick and easy to do yourself.

  • About ShowerGuard

ShowerGuard is a proprietary product of Guardian Industries Corporation.

The company claims that ShowerGuard glasses are the first glasses to provide permanent protection against corrosion with their patented ion beam technology.

As ShowerGuard glasses come with permanent protection, they do not require spray or wipe on treatments from time to time.

Their technology makes the glass resistant to corrosion, etching, and heat. And it requires very little cleaning.

ShowerGuard glasses also come with a 10-year limited warranty. Although it requires very little maintenance, the protective coating of ShowerGuard glass stays on for a long time.

How it Works

The ShowerGuard process infuses the glass surface with a water repellent coating at over 700°F to permanently bond it to the glass. This causes water to bead and roll off, preventing staining or buildup.

Application Process

Because it’s part of the glass manufacturing, ShowerGuard can only be applied by licensed glass fabricators. It adds about 10% to the total cost of the glass shower enclosure or doors.

A Quick Comparison of EnduroShield And ShowerGuard

Let’s have a look at the table to learn a quick comparison between the two brands.

  • EnduroShield
EnduroShield Glass Treatment – Small 125ml KitTreats up to 8 sqm 2 average size showers
EnduroShield Glass Treatment – Large 500ml KitTreats up to 500sqm   Shower Glass, patio doors, windows, and small glass railings
Professional/Factory ApplicationFree Price Quotes Service Professional Cleaning And Application Service
  • ShowerGuard
APPLICATIONSShower and tub enclosures
MAXIMUM SIZE6mm(1/4”) – 13mm(1/2”)
GLASS TYPELow Maintenance

Differences Between EnduroShield and ShowerGuard

shower glass cleaning

These are some of the major differences between EnduroShield and ShowerGuard.

  • Material

EnduroShield provides one of the industry-leading glass treatments with its smart protection technology.

Unlike regular traditional treatments that just sit on the glass surface, the EnduroShield treatment bonds with the glass surface permanently. 

And that is why glasses with EnduroShield treatment do not require after-care products or maintenance other than regular cleaning.

The glasses treated with EnduroShield have a protective layer for which any dirt, scum, or water won’t be soaked in.

ShowerGuard Glass contains permanent layers of protection on the glass surface due to its ion beam technology. These layers provide a barrier against staining and corrosion.

As it is procured solely from inorganic chemicals, the protective layers are retained over time without any special care.

  • Scratch Protection

ShowerGuard provides superior scratch resistance because the coating is fused into the glass itself. EnduroShield forms a separate protective barrier that can better resist minor surface scratches but not deep gouges.

  • Heat Tolerance

With its 700°F infusion process, ShowerGuard enables impressive heat tolerance if plumbing issues ever cause hot water spikes. EnduroShield is applied at room temperature and can withstand high but not extreme heat levels.

  • UV Resistance

Both products offer excellent UV protection to prevent long-term sun damage and cloudiness.

  • Water Beading

When applied properly, both EnduroShield and ShowerGuard cause water to bead up and roll off surfaces.

This self-cleaning action makes shower maintenance much easier.

  • Options

EnduroShield provides you with options for both new and existing glass surfaces. With their smart technology, EnduroShield wants you to acquire a smarter approach to cleaning.

Their chemical-free options come with the added benefit of less usage of water. So, it not only saves you money but also supports the environment.

EnduroSheild provides two product options:

  • Professional Application

This option comes with a 10-year performance warranty as it is a professional strength glass coating.

This type of professional coating creates a permanent bond with the glass, and so it comes with such a warranty.

  • Home DIY Kits

For people looking for a budget-friendly do-it-yourself project, this option is very attractive. It is easy to apply and comes with a claim lasting for around 3+ years.

The DIY kit comes with a coating and a cleaner. Spray it on the glass shower door and wipe it to get a clean surface.

ShowerGuard comes in three different finishes to match the style and fit of varying bathroom styles:

  1. ShowerGuard Clear: Apt for any bathroom style, ShowerGuard Clear provides a clearer look with the protective coating and easier maintenance. You will notice there is no visible difference under different light levels due to its transparency. 
  2. ShowerGuard Low Iron: This product option uses lower levels of iron to reduce the green tint visible in regular glass surfaces. This is more apt for higher-end installations with frameless options due to its color-neutral edges. 
  3. ShowerGuard SatinDeco: For bathroom installations with more privacy, ShowerGuard came up with this line that offers the permanent coating with a satin etched outer surface.

Let’s watch a video explaining the many benefits of applying ShowerGuard.

  • Maintenance

EnduroShield treatment does not require any specific maintenance products. As it caters to glass, tile, grout, and stainless steel, it does have care guidelines for each of them.

Shower glasses require cleaning every week with a mild detergent and a damp microfiber cloth. But for outdoor glasses, water has to be used with mild detergent.

The outdoor glasses have to be dried properly after washing with a squeegee.

If you live in an area containing hard water, then you may need to spray a solution of white vinegar and water on the glass to dissolve mineral deposits that have collected on the surface.

Usually, 1 part vinegar is recommended to add to 4 parts water. But you can go for a stronger solution if needed.

ShowerGuard comes with its own set of clean and care guidelines for different water types. For soft water, the company suggests a common cleaner like Windex be effective enough.

Hard water areas require a more acidic cleaner, while high silica-containing areas require a mild abrasive cleaner like soft scrub All-Purpose Cleaner.

You will get a complete guideline of the cleaning frequency and recommended ways on their website and brochures.

  • Warranty Claims

EnduroShield warranty claims that it will remain water repellant on a clean glass for 10 years from the date of receipt provided by the dealer.

The warranty is only applicable for the EnduroShield treatment, not the surface it is applied to.

The ShowerGuard provides warranty coverage for 10 years in which they will provide a technician to check the glass for the issue.

If any issue is detected, the company will pay for the replacement, and the warranty will be extended to the replacement glass.

So, Which One Should You Go For?

All this talk comes down to one final question, ShowerGuard or EnduroShield, which one of the two shower glass protective coatings should you go for?

ShowerGuard is a more expensive option, but it does come with a limited lifetime warranty.

On the other hand, EnduroShield is a more budget-friendly option even if you opt for the factory application over the DIY kits.

Again, EnduroShield provides options for both new and existing surfaces. For ShowerGuard, you would have to change the glasses entirely.

As both require low maintenance, take your time to go over the price, warranty procedures, and the whole process of getting the product to make your decision.

Take your time to think about which will give you the value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ShowerGuard clear glass?

ShowerGuard clear glass comes with an advanced coating to its surface to permanently protect it from any negative effects of heat, humidity, hard water, soap scum, and so on.

Can you use vinegar on EnduroShield?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean EnduroShield. Being easy maintenance, you don’t need any harsh chemicals to clean it.

How long does EnduroShield last?

It comes with a genuine 10 years warranty but it lasts more than that!

How long does ShowerGuard last?

ShowerGuard comes with 10 years warranty.

Can you squeegee EnduroShield?

Yes, you can squeegee EnduroShield glass. Besides, you can use any microfiber cloth too.

Is ShowerGuard worth the money?

For new glass shower installations, ShowerGuard is likely worth the extra 10% cost to gain permanent protection that never needs reapplying. The one-time investment saves maintenance effort long-term.

Final Words

We hope this brief discussion on EnduroShield vs. ShowerGuard has given you all the necessary insights to steer you in the right direction.

Both of them are leading companies in the market with their smart technology, so whichever you go for, you are bound for a win!

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