Rugs Or No Rugs in Bathroom: Should You Keep It Inside Your Bathroom?

A bathroom is a place where people want to create the most soothing environment for themselves, as this place should make them feel relaxed. While decorating, you must have wondered should you keep rugs or no rugs in the bathroom. 

Generally, it is advisable to not keep rugs in the bathroom for several reasons. The environment is simply just not suitable for keeping this.

In this write-up, we will know about this in detail. So, let’s jump into it.

Why Should Not Put A Rug In Your Bathroom?

outdated rug in shower

Something very prevalent in the past does not go out of trend drastically without having some significant disadvantages with it.

Keeping a rug in the bathroom is no different. People now have the realization that it has a significant number of disadvantages with it.

But what are those disadvantages? 

Let’s get to know about these disadvantages without any further delay.

  • Works Like A Magnet For Mold

A bathroom is a damp place. So, keeping a rug in the bathroom is not suitable for people. In an environment like this, it is extremely difficult to do the cleaning.

We all know there are so many germs that keep moving on the bathroom floor so, naturally, all these germs get stuck in the bathroom rug. It also works as a magnet for the molds. 

  • Challenges In Maintaining Hygiene

Again, maintaining hygiene becomes difficult as this product remains in the bathroom, washing it in the common machine may expose other clothes to get exposed to all the germs and the molds it has. 

  • Difficulties Regarding Cleaning

You know that bathroom rugs need cleaning. But do you know about the cleaning process of it?

The process needs to be continued regularly and there are some steps that you have to follow to do it without causing any damage to the rugs.

You have two ways of doing it, by hand or by machine. Before that, you need to lose the dirt of the rug. 

So, you will have to jiggle them a bit, or you can wave the rug for a while. Then before going for the wash, read the manual or care tag on the rug for cleaning instructions.

You can wash it with warm water and detergent with either a washing machine or by hand. Then comes the drying process, sometimes doing it naturally can be a challenge due to the weather. 

However, you can get it done by the machine.

  • An Expensive Product

If you are someone who always remains conscious regarding the budget, then you may find having a rug in your bath not worth the money that you pay for. 

As the price is comparatively higher, the product may decay rather sooner.

It makes the investment, not very much, rational as the product often fails to serve for a long time. Again, it is not an integral product of a bathroom. 

There are so many alternatives to having this product, for instance, having a mat outside the bathroom for keeping the feet dry. Hence, so many people think this purchase is not worth it considering its longevity of it.

  • The Rug Gets Decayed Eventually

Think about all the rugs that you saw in different households. 

Did you notice all the materials?

Most of those are natural, so with continuous exposure to water, it is very likely to start decaying eventually.

To stop this natural process of decaying there the bathroom rug needs to be maintained strictly but most of the users fail to do so as it is typically a significant hassle for them.

Just to give you some idea, the best way of maintaining a water rug is to wash your bath rug at least once every week. 

The days will also differ if you live or share the bathroom with 3 to 5 people then it is advisable to do the cleaning process of the rug every 3 to 5 days’ interval.

It is a lot of tasks to do regularly, and it requires a big commitment.

Are Bathroom Rugs Outdated?

bathroom rugs

Well, to some extent it is. Now, so many people consider not putting a rug inside their bathrooms for various reasons. 

First of all, no matter how big sized your bathroom is, there will be some damp vibe in it.

That is why some people may not feel good about keeping the rug or cotton mat in the bathroom. 

Also, by regular exposure to the water, the cotton rug may get decayed very soon.

So, keeping an expensive rug will be of no use, and it does not seem very necessary to keep a rug inside the bathroom. As it may remain wet often due to the frequent use of all the family members.

As you go through the recent blogs and other user-generated content on the internet, you will notice that most people are telling that having a rug in the bathroom is out of trend now.

Now, the question is, why such drastic change regarding having a rug in the bathroom?

My Recommendations Regarding Having Rugs In The Bathroom

Bathroom rugs are like a mat in the bathroom. Visually it looks perfect, but as time is passing by the acceptance of it as a bathroom decor is declining.

The most available materials for the bathroom rug or mat are cotton, bamboo, polyester, chenille, also nylon. Among all of these materials, cotton rugs are the most common ones and come with varieties of designs. 

Cotton rugs are very soft to touch, very easy to clean, and pretty easy to match with the color as well. That is why people prefer this over any other bathroom rug option.

But it is a significant question while observing all the households, are bathroom rugs out of style now?

Though you may find some households still having a rug in their bathroom, still with the declining number of this, so that is why the following common question will come to your mind.

I do not prefer keeping rugs in my bathrooms. I researched about this then decided though it looks good, I should not have this considering all the drawbacks it would bring.

In my opinion, if you still want to keep this then make sure if you can afford the regular maintenance of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the rug around a toilet called?

These are called bathroom rugs; these are also known as contour rugs or around-the-toilet rugs but these are mostly designed to fit around a particular area of a toilet.

Are toilet mats unhygienic?

Yes, a toilet mat can contain mold, mildew, urine, and other unhygienic stuff.

What material should the bathroom rug be?

Cotton is so far the best material for bathroom rugs. Cotton is soft, natural, durable, and washable. The soft feeling of it makes it preferable to so many people. It often dries more quickly than the other rugs.

Wrapping Things Up

I think now you know the recent trend of so many houses not keeping a rug in the bathroom so there should be no confusion in your mind regarding rugs or no rugs in the bathroom

It is undeniably true that these rugs look well inside the bathroom.

But when you are determined to bring this bathroom rug to your house, then you have to remain committed to the proper maintenance of it.

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