Ogallala Bay Rum Cologne Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

Let’s get real here; who doesn’t want to smell good, right? Smelling good is never off the table whether you are going out casually or for an occasion.

Keeping up with that, I bring you the Ogallala Bay Rum cologne review.

Why this one?

Well, it has to be one of the best colognes out there simply in terms of smell. So, if you are looking for a cologne to match your posh dress up, then this is the thing you need to try out.

Key Features of The Ogallala Bay Rum Cologne Review

I know me just saying doesn’t convince you about the quality or worth of this cologne. That’s why I will get into the details of the cologne and show you why it’s so good.

The best way to do that is to portray the features of the cologne and what it has to offer. Let’s get through them all quickly –

  • Natural Smell
Ogallala Bay Rum Cologne

But the smell you get on this cologne is all-natural. It’s not synthetic like most colognes use out there.

Because of this, the natural smell doesn’t overwhelm you or anyone else around you with the smell.

That makes this a very subtle and elegant choice as a cologne.

Unless you are looking to get a dominating smell out of your cologne, you shouldn’t have any issue with the smell of this one.

  • It Makes Your Skin Feel Soft

Something that makes this cologne a very nice option is the essential oils this one has. With the use of all the essential oils, it can leave a very smooth and soothing feeling on your skin.

Because of that, you don’t even have to worry about any harm to your skin.

This is a unique quality of this cologne that you don’t usually see in other colognes in general. So, if you want to have that softening effect on your skin after using your cologne, you know which one to get.

  • The Smell Is Long-Lasting

When you use cologne for the scent, you surely want that to last as long as it can. It doesn’t matter what kind of smell it is or whether it’s overpowering or subtle; you want it to last.

No one wants to use cologne or even a scent that just wears off after a while.

This is something you will love out of the cologne. Since it will last for hours and may not even fade away after a whole day of the outing, it’s something that will satisfy you just with the longevity of the smell itself.

  • The Classic Glass Bottle Design
Ogallala Bay Rum cologne

Enough with the cologne; let’s start appreciating the bottle that you get along with the cologne.

It’s a classic bottle made of glass that just speaks out the word premium.

You can just look at the cologne bottle and see how amazing it looks.

Now, you may wonder how does it benefit you?

Well, it’s almost like having a showpiece along with the fact that you have your cologne for its primary purpose.

Also, you get to see how much cologne you have inside the container because of the glass structure.

And it’s not just the looks that make it so good; it’s also the storage capabilities. It doesn’t damage the cologne stored inside the glass bottle.

  • Reasonable Pricing

You would expect this bay rum to be quite expensive with all these great features. Whereas in reality, it’s not that expensive at all. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap or very affordable.

The best way to describe this is it has reasonable pricing. So, what this means is that you get what you pay for. For the kind of quality and results, you get from this.

  • Offers Some Variety

Don’t worry; you don’t have to stick to only the Bay rum scent. There are options like a combination of bay rum and sandalwood, peppercorns and limes, cedar and sage, and, lastly, the vanilla flavor.

So, if you don’t want to stick to a certain scent, you get the option to switch between the different options. That’s a great facility to have in your cologne option.

I mean, the only thing you should worry about cologne is the smell, the quantity, and the quality. This one satisfies you with all of the factors without any doubts at all.

On top of that, you also get to enjoy these other features and qualities from the cologne. Things just get even better when you consider the reasonable pricing that the cologne offers.

Looks like a perfect option, right? Well, I haven’t gone through every information yet. So, let’s check out some of the issues that you may have with the cologne.

What Could Have Been Better With The Cologne?

To be very honest, there is not much that you can improve on this cologne. Having said that, three crucial factors could have just made the cologne a perfect option.

Here’s are the things that could have been a bit better on this cologne:

  • You Have To Shake The Bottle Every Time

Whenever you use the cologne, you have to shake the bottle. While this may not be that big of a deal, it’s still something that you have to do every time.

As a result, it can get annoying. Now, if you don’t shake the bottle properly, you just end up with no scent coming from the cologne.

  • The Scent Is Subtle

I don’t think this is necessarily a problem or an issue with the cologne. Because it’s mostly preference on what you want, this may be an issue if you want a powerful scent or smell coming from your cologne.

Other than that, you wouldn’t mind having a faint scent as long as it’s good and it lasts long.

  • The Risk Of A Glass Bottle

Yes, a glass bottle looks good and premium, but it also has that risk factor. You can simply drop it and lose all your cologne on the floor. It won’t be the best thing at all.

So, you have to be extra careful with storing the bottle.

I think, there is nothing to worry about the issues with the cologne truly. You can just avoid them or fix them very quickly. It doesn’t hurt that much to shake the bottle before use, right?

As for the scent, as I said, it’s a personal preference. Lastly, I want you to watch this review.



If I had to get this Ogallala Bay Rum cologne review, I would say this offers good quality, long-lasting scent within a reasonable price. I don’t think you could ask for anything more considering the cologne price.

It’s one of the best cologne choices out there with great quality. Considering the price and everything, I think it’s worth trying for everyone.

Especially if you are looking to try out a new cologne to use aftershave, this can be the perfect one to try out.

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