Norelco 6600 Vs. 7100: Which Electric Shaver Should You Buy?

Philips Norelco is one of the leading brands when it comes to electric shavers. The 6600 and 7100 are two of their popular mid-range model lines. But which one should you choose?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the Norelco 6600 and 7100 across various factors like shaving performance, features, value for money, and more.

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to decide which Philips shaver is the better pick for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturePhilips Norelco 6600Philips Norelco 7100
BladesRegular steel bladesSelf-sharpening chrome blades
Heads and FoilsRegular foil coversSkinGlide rings with micro-grooves
Wet/DryYesYes, 100% waterproof
TrimmerBasic pop-up trimmerWider trimmer for precision
DisplayBattery indicatorSmartDisplay with battery, settings, reminders
CleaningCharging stand onlyAutomated cleaning station
Warranty2 years2 years
Travel LockYesEnhanced one-touch lock
Accessories IncludedSoft pouchCleaning cartridges, hard case, facial brush

Key Differences Between Norelco 6600 And 7100 Electric Shaver

Shaving Performance

Norelco 6600 Shaver

The most important factor to consider when choosing an electric shaver is its shaving performance.

After all, you want a shaver that can cut through stubble easily and give you a close, comfortable shave.

Here’s how the Norelco 6600 and 7100 compare:

  • Blade System

Both shavers use Philips’ patented MultiPrecision Blade System.

The blades are designed to cut long and short hairs equally well in fewer strokes.

The 6600 has regular steel blades while the 7100 has self-sharpening blades made of finely ground chrome steel. The sharper 7100 blades give it a slight edge.

  • Heads and Foils

Each shaver has 3 rotary shaving heads that contour to the shape of your face. They can catch every hair, even in hard-to-reach areas.

The 6600 has regular foil covers while the 7100 has SkinGlide rings with micro-grooves and slots. These help guide hairs into the path of the blades for a more comfortable shave.

  • Shaving Performance

When it comes to actual shaving performance, both shavers deliver an efficient and comfortable shave. The 7100 may have a bit of an advantage thanks to its sharper blades and SkinGlide technology. But the 6600 still provides a very close shave.

Most users say both shavers leave their skin smooth with minimal irritation. For thick and coarse beards, the 7100 is the better choice as its blades can cut through easily.


The Norelco 6600 and 7100 come equipped with some useful features that enhance the shaving experience. Here’s how they compare:

  • Display
Norelco 7100 Shavers
Norelco 7100 Shavers

The 6600 has a single level battery indicator on the handle that shows when battery is low.

The 7100 has a more advanced SmartDisplay that shows battery level, shave settings, head replacement reminders and more.

  • Wet & Dry

Both shavers can be used wet with shaving cream or dry for convenience.

The 7100 has an AquaTec seal that makes it 100% waterproof for use in the shower.

  • Trimmer

Each shaver has a pop-up trimmer on the back. The 6600’s trimmer is basic while the 7100 has a wider trimmer for more precision styling of sideburns and mustaches.

  • Travel Lock

Both models have a travel lock that prevents the shaver from turning on accidentally during travel. The 7100 travel lock is easier to activate with just a button press.

  • Charging and Cleaning

The 6600 comes with a charging stand only. The 7100 includes an automated cleaning station that lubricates, cleans, dries and charges the shaver with the press of a button.

  • Accessories

The 7100 includes more accessories like a cleaning cartridge, hard travel case, and facial brush head. The 6600 has a soft pouch.

Value for Money

Now let’s compare the price and value you get from the Norelco 6600 vs 7100:

  • Price

The 6600 is the more affordable model with a retail price of $179.99.

The 7100 costs around $229.99, about $50 more expensive.

  • Warranty

Both shavers come with a 2 year worldwide warranty.

  • Cost of Ownership
Norelco 6600 Electric Shaver
Norelco 6600 Electric Shaver

The 7100 is more expensive upfront but its self-sharpening blades and cleaning station add convenience and reduce long term costs.

Replacement shaver heads cost around $30 while cleaning cartridges cost $10 for a pack of 3.

The 6600 offers decent value but you’ll have to replace the blades more often.

It requires more cleaning maintenance without the cleaning station.


The Norelco 7100 costs more but delivers better features, accessories, and a small bump in shaving performance.

The cheaper 6600 still gives a comfortable shave but you miss out on the conveniences.

For the premium features and maintenance savings, the 7100 offers better long term value.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Philips Norelco shavers:

What is the difference between Philips 7000 and 6000?

The main differences between the Philips 7000 and 6000 shavers are:
1. The 7000 models use self-sharpening blades made of finely ground chrome steel while the 6000 models use standard steel blades. This gives the 7000 shavers a slight edge in shaving performance.
2. The 7000 line has upgraded foil covers and SkinGlide technology for more comfort and a closer shave.
3. 7000 shavers have more advanced features like SmartDisplay screens and waterproofing.
4. 7000 models include automated cleaning stations for added convenience while 6000 models just have basic charging stands.
5. The 7000 series costs around $50 more than equivalent 6000 models. The upgrades justify the higher price for most buyers.

What is the difference between Philips 9000 and 7000 series?

The Philips 9000 shavers are the premium line while 7000 models are mid-range. Key differences include:
1. 9000 shavers use contour detect technology to scan and map your face relieving pressure for maximum comfort.
2. They have V-Track Precision PRO blades and V-Track system guides hairs better. This leads to the closest shave from Philips.
3. 9000 models are fully waterproof and can be used wet or dry.
4. You get premium accessories like a UV sanitizer and premium travel case.
5. The SmartDisplay has a 5-level battery indicator and travel lock.
6. 9000 shavers cost around $100 more than 7000. They offer the best shaving experience but have a high price.

Which one is best Philips Norelco?

The Philips 9000 series is the best line of Norelco shavers overall. It delivers the most advanced shaving system and a very close, gentle shave. Models like the 9700 and 9300 offer exceptional comfort.
However, the 7000 series like the 7300 and 7700 also offer excellent performance for mid-range pricing. The lower 6000 line like 6300 and 6600 provide decent value for budget buyers.
So the “best” Philips shaver depends on your budget and needs. But the 9000 line is the most premium.

Which Philips shaver series is best?

In summary:
Philips Series 9000 – Best overall, closest shave. Most expensive.
Philips Series 7000 – Great mid-range choice. Close shave with premium features.
Philips Series 6000 – Budget-friendly. Decent shave and value.
Philips Series 3000 – Basic entry-level shavers. Affordable price.
The higher the model series, the more advanced features and performance you get. But pricing also goes up. Assess your budget and needs. Series 7000 and 9000 offer the best shavers overall for a close shave and great features.

Final Thoughts

So which is the better shaver out of the Norelco 6600 and 7100?

The 7100 is the winner if budget is not a constraint. It costs around $50 more but outperforms the 6600 across all factors.

You get a more comfortable shave along with useful features like the SmartDisplay, waterproofing, wider trimmer, and automated cleaning station. These justify the higher price tag and make the 7100 the better value long term.

The 6600 is still a capable mid-range shaver. But for the price difference, the upgrades the 7100 brings are well worth it.

So if you don’t mind spending a bit more, go with the Norelco 7100 for maximum convenience and a closer shave. Otherwise the 6600 can still meet basic needs.

Hopefully this comparison has helped you decide which Philips Norelco model is right for you. Check out both shavers to see them in action before choosing the best one to suit your needs and budget.

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