Lush Magic Wand Soap Review 2023: Should You Try It?

Think about taking a bath with your favorite soap that has the heavenly aroma, but you have everything for making that true, except you, have not found that soap yet.

So, you are consciously trying out different soaps and not fully happy about those yet. In this write up you will get the long-awaited Lush Magic Wand soap review.

Is this soap worth a try? Well, let’s figure this out!

About Lush Magic Wand Soap

Lush Magic Wand soap

Lush Magic Wand soap is from the United Kingdom. In no way, you can compare it with other commercial soaps.

The look is really impressive and that look is enough to grab the attention of the potential users.

The look is aesthetic and having the main ingredients of lavender, you will feel great after getting the different aroma of this soap.

If you do not like all the conventional soaps in the market, I think you should try this out at least once. I think this soap is worth this try to conclude whether to pick it for regular use.

Different Features Of The Lush Magic Wand Soap

All the soaps come with some different features. All these unique features that a soap brings can differentiate it from the rest of the soaps of the market.

Offering the same things to the customers will never be able to impress the new customers. That is perfectly utilized by the maker of Lush Magic Wand soap.

So, what are those features that this soap brings in?

  • Presence Of Natural Ingredients

Who wouldn’t like a natural ingredients soap?

So many users prefer to have soap of this sort. You will be pleased to know that Lush Magic Wand is also a soap that mostly has natural ingredients. With the use of this soap, you will get to know this fact on your own.

It comes with ingredients like Glycerine, Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Orange oil, Pomegranate Molasses, Charcoal, and so on.

  • Not For Sensitive Skin
Lush Magic Wand soap bar

This is another feature of this soap and it is also mentioned in the packaging. This soap may not be suitable for people having sensitive skin.

They might end up having irritation and allergy for using this soap.

There is the presence of different sorts of ingredients that make the soap different from the soaps for sensitive skin.

Especially the presence of the charcoal creates discomfort and some acidic ingredients might not be what the sensitive-skinned people are looking for.

So, it is recommended to read the packaging before the purchase of the soap or any other product that gets in the direct touch of the skin.

  • Presence Of Charcoal

This soap comes with a thick layer of Charcoal. As we all know, charcoal is the perfect ingredient for cleaning. It can bring out the deeply rooted dirt on the skin in a perfect manner.

So, the charcoal in the skin makes sure that the dirt on the skin does not remain for too long once you start using this soap regularly. 

  • Very Affordable

When you are thinking about picking a soap for regular use, then the price is another significant thing to consider. Lush Magic Wand soap is also very affordable in this regard. 

You do not have to worry about the price if you want to keep this soap for regular use. 

  • Fruity Smell

Most of the users who have used this Lush Magic Wand soap at least once were mesmerized by the smell of this soap. The smell is so good and so unique from the rest of the soaps.

Some users were found saying the soap smells like a fresh fruit salad. It is because there are so many natural fruit oils were added during the manufacturing process of the soap.

This sounds interesting, right? You should also give it a try and experience the smell of this soap for yourself. I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

  • Different Design

You already know the look of the soap never fails to grab the attention of the users. The design is so different from the rest of the soaps; it makes the soap an unconventional one in the market. 

Before you even experience the smell, you will be impressed by the look of the soap for sure. That is why the demand for this product is most during a festival time like Halloween.

People like gifting this soap to their loved ones during this time.

  • A Perfect Soap To Do Exfoliation

Every day tons of dead cells remain stuck with our bodies. Lush Magic Wand soap is a great soap to exfoliate those dead cells.

There are very few soaps that can serve the users in this aspect.

So, these are some mention-worthy features of Lush Magic Wand soap that you will find once you bring it into your home to use.

What Could Have Been Better For Lush Magic Wand?

bubbles from Lush Magic Wand soap

There is hardly any product on the market that brings only the good thing to the user’s life.

Likewise, Lush Magic Wand soap also has a negative aspect. This soap is not for people having sensitive skin.

The soap is a bit harsh for their skin, as it is intended to work to do the exfoliation of the skin to remove the dead cells.

So, it would harm the people with sensitive skin rather than good. For serving such people, the manufacturer can bring another soap gentler towards the skin of the users.

It will surely make the sensitive-skinned people feel not left out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Magic Wand soap scent?

Lush Magic Wand soap contains a good helping of tangerine oil, the scent of this soap is very fresh, fruity yet sweet.

What are the qualities of Lush Magic Wand soap?

The outer dark shell of the soap contains pomegranate molasses and charcoal, and it gives the soap absorbing qualities and a slight buffing effect when the outer side is used.

What do you like about the Lush Magic Wand soap?

The Lush Magic Wand does not get dissolved quickly. So, durability is long along with the affordable pricing.

Wrapping Things Up

After going through the Lush Magic Wand soap review you must be wondering, whether you should give it a try or not.

If you want to know my opinion, I would say when you are blessed with regular skin, then you should give it a try without overthinking it.

The price of the soap is affordable, so you will not lose much if you try this soap.

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