How to Tell If Air Admittance Valve Is Working Or Not?

Air admittance valve is widely preferred by professional plumbers all around the US. The reason is when it comes to doing the work of installing plumbing fixtures, they find it very handy and flexible at the same time.

So, how to tell if the air admittance valve is working?

Well, just like every other household tool, this also gets worn off. But some signs would mean that the time has come to replace this tool. In this article, we will get to see two perspectives, in which it works perfectly well, and in another when it needs a replacement.

So, let’s dive in.

How Can You Understand That The Air Admittance Valve Is Working?

Air Admittance Valve

The air admittance valve is basically for the reason of proper venting to occur in your home while not focusing on the larger venting system as a whole.

But you need to be cautious about its functionality for it its entire lifetime.

So, how can you identify an air admittance valve that works perfectly well? 

  • Proper Venting Job

The intention of installing this air admittance valve is to avoid any vent-related complications in the first place. Also, getting the best result out of it at the same time.

When you see there is no issue regarding the venting system, then you can be sure that it is working well.

  • Smooth Air Entry In The Drainage System

The air admittance valve is not making any hindrance while the air is entering the drainage system. It is the most prominent job that must be done without any blockage.

Having no issue at this point can be taken as a sign of a well-functional air admittance valve.

  • Working Well With The Existing Venting System

If you have considered having an air admittance valve in your home due to avoid complex pipe routing, then you must have connected it with an existing venting system.

The main venting system usually covers most of your home’s venting needs.

So, you need to inspect if it is working well with the existing venting arrangement. If it is then you need to think about having it replaced anytime soon. 

These are pretty much everything that you need to be aware of to figure out if your home air admittance valve under your sink, home remodel part, remote bathroom, or any other additional part is working well.

When Should You Replace An Air Admittance Valve?

Air Admittance Valve In Action

So, how can you recognize when the air admittance valve is not working the way it is supposed to? Well, then there are a few signs that you should consider, and take enough measures to get rid of it. If it is not enough, then you need to get it replaced. 

So, what are those? These are some common signs that you will notice when your air admittance valve needs a replacement.

  • Having The Unusual And Unwanted Smell

After the installation of the valve remember that it is supposed to remain ok for a long period. When the time comes to an end, you may start seeing some unwanted issues like unusual smells. This will be due to installation issues. 

You can easily identify a faulty air admittance valve by the unpleasant odor it often creates. And as the days go the odor will only go stronger.

And if you are not lucky enough then it may go to an unbearable level. So, you should take this seriously.

In such a case, when you call a plumber to inspect it, most of the time you will be advised to get it replaced instead of getting it fixed. 

  • Getting Gurgling Sounds

When your perfectly functioning air admittance valve is creating some gurgling sound after remaining ok for years, then it may be the time for a replacement.

While having these valves around your house you must pay close attention to them, if the sound comes just after installation, then get it fixed by calling a plumber.

But when it happens after a long time, then be assured that it needs a replacement. But if it happens sometime after installation, then it might be due to the clogging issue that can be fixed by calling on a professional plumber.

The plumber will clean the vent and it may start working like before.

  • Wastewater Coming Out From The Pipe

Nothing remains for a long time, after having the air admittance valve for a long time you may get to see some leakage that will eventually result in wastewater coming out of the pipe off and on.

I know this is irritating to you and you may want to solve it as soon as you can. When such a thing comes before you, then in most cases any professional plumber will tell you to have it replaced.

By doing so, the correction process gets much straight forward according to their experience.

  • Often Getting Clogged

When the air admittance valve in your home requires a replacement then it may often get clogged. Solving this problem very often may be more troublesome than having it replaced entirely. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Air Admittance Valve (AAV)?

Air Admittance Valve (AAV) is a mechanical valve favored by professional plumbers because they’re very flexible in installing plumbing fixtures.

What are the potential problems with AAVs?

Unwanted smells, gurgling sounds, and wastewater coming up from the soil pipes into the sink are all potential problems of AAVs.

How do I clear the clogged valve or drainage system?

Firstly, remove the air admittance and wait until all the air is properly expelled.

What if I have holes in my AAV?

You can close the holes in the AAVs temporarily with duct tape.

Can an air admittance valve get stuck?

Yes, it can happen after getting clogged. To avoid this issue, you can remove it and let the air out without any further delay.

Wrapping Things Up

Since, if you are still wondering about how to tell if the air admittance valve is working?

Then the good news is your air admittance valve, suppose to remain for years to come. But there might be some issues that may not be fixed, and better thinking about getting it replaced entirely.

By having read this blog post, I am sure now you have got some idea about when you should consider replacing the air admittance valve in your home.

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