FlexStone Complaints You Should Be Aware Of!

Bathtub or wall surrounds are supposed to make your bathroom interior look more attractive. A good quality wall surround is durable and will last longer.

But not all of the products are as good as they claim. Flextone complaints have become a common issue since a lot of users keep doing it recently.

Here I’ve listed down many of the complaints that users claimed. After reading this article, you will understand where this product has gone wrong.

I’ve written this article with genuine customer reviews. So, you’ll get authentic information from here. Let’s dive deeper and get more details.

Major Complaints Against Flexstone

Attractive designs and bright color doesn’t mean that product is good in quality and will offer the durability you expect. Flexstone is guilty of having a lot of complaints.

Here I will bring them to light so that you get a complete picture before buying this wall surround.

So, let’s see some of the key complaints of Flexstone:

  • Looks Nothing Like Pictures

One of the major complaints against Flexstone is that they do not come as they look in the picture.

Many users have claimed that they ordered a design only to find different color combinations.

For example, one customer has ordered a gray and white combination.

But when they received it, the tiles were dark chocolate veins with very light gray. Plus, they don’t look nearly as good as shown in the pictures.

So, they had to spend some more money to add some wood tones to their vanity to make them look okay.

To avoid this kind of situation, you should order a sample first. If that is not possible, call their sales team and ask about the product in detail. Clear out all your confusion before finally placing an order.

  • Hassle to Attach the Panels

A few users have suggested that the Flexstone panels are a bit of a hassle to attach to the wall. It’s because of the adhesive that comes with Flexstone panels. It is very hard to disperse.

Thus, you can’t use it for installing panels readily. You’ll have to prepare them in the correct viscosity to make them usable.

But it can be really tough, and being a non-pro, you might not even get there. So, you’ll have to use other methods to keep the panels staying.

One customer has suggested using a good amount of caulking. To cover up the space between the panel trim and wall. It will make your Flexstone panels stay firmly on your wall.

  • Designs Make Many Areas to Leak

A lot of people have particularly said that this is the cheapest made shower wall they have ever seen. With a poor design and structure, it is very much prone to leakage.

The Flexstone walls are made from a foam-like substance with one coating of thin waterproofing. So, it’s not a rigid material at all.

Besides, the best way to prevent water from getting into your floor is to keep a channel to catch water. But there are no channels available to catch run-down water from the wall.

It is chalked where the corner and wall meet. So, when the chalk is gone, the water will go directly through the wall.

  • A Flimsy Product
FlexStone Shower Base

Paying a thousand dollar bill would feel right if the product is as good as they claimed. But unfortunately, the Flexstone wall surrounds are flimsy and not sturdy at all.

They are made from lightweight foam-like materials and are laminated with a thin waterproof coating.

So, you would be disappointed if you expected a solid surface material. It is a far inferior product according to many users.

You will find a lot of other cheaper yet better options available for a similar product. If you have the option go for them.

  • Fairly Overpriced

The Flexstone shower wall surround is a premium quality product in terms of price. Depending on the application area, you can expect to pay $15 to $30 per square foot for this product. It is actually a lot of money.

But the thing is, this product is not as good as the price it charges. Besides, its accessories are also expensive.

You will get only one shelf with a Flexstone wall surround. You will have to spend $42 for an extra shelf, which is drop-dead expensive.

  • Not Properly Shipped

A lot of customers have said they received damaged products out of the box. It’s because the packaging is not good enough.

The manufacturer and authorized sellers do not provide sturdy packaging, which damages the products.

On top of that, the product itself is fragile. So, a little push on the way can make them break. For example, one customer has claimed to have bent products on the corners straight out of the shipping box.

  • Poor Installing Documentation

Installing documents is an essential factor for any product. It’s even more critical for a wall surround.

A lot of people, especially DIY enthusiasts, install those all by themselves. A clear install manual is a must for them.

But unfortunately, Flexstone products do not come with a clear installation manual. The instruction in their manual is not clear enough for most people.

Many users have complaints against it that they could not understand the process from the manual. They had to seek outside help.

Some users had to hire professionals to install the wall surrounds because they could not depict the instruction properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is FlexStone good for showers?

FlexStone is a wall surround for wet-wall applications. You can install them around your bathtub or your shower stall, but they are not very good in terms of quality. It consists of a foam-like element with a laminated waterproof coating. As a result, it is lightweight and not very durable.

Are flex stones durable?

Flex stone is not very sturdy because of the lightweight, cheaper materials and won’t last long. All flex stone wall surrounds are made from cheaper PVC material and have a very thin coating of waterproofing. Thus they are not a solid surface material and aren’t durable.

Can FlexStone panels be cut?

FlexStone is a PVC-made wall surround to use in your bathroom wall. They are a cheaper option than tiles and offer many colors. Since they are made from lightweight PVC materials, you can cut them into pieces to size according to your need. You have to use a sharp utility knife for that.

Is FlexStone a solid surface?

FlexStone is not at all a solid surface. A solid surface product does not have coatings in it. But FlexStone is made from a foam-like PVC material and has a thin waterproofing coating, so they do not have a strong and solid surface. Instead, they are lightweight materials, not robust, and won’t last very long.

Final Thoughts

A shower wall surround is an expensive product to install, and you will have to spend a lot of time, labor, and money on it. But it would be disastrous if you end up with a cheaper quality product. 

After reading all the FlexStone complaints, it’s clear that it’s a substandard product with inferior built quality. So, if I were you, I would never go anywhere near this product. It’s a complete waste of money and effort.

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