FlexStone Vs. Swanstone For Shower: Differences and Key Features

A bath surround is an area around your bathtub or the shower in your bathroom. This provides an aristocratic look inside your bathroom.

If you are in a fix about FlexStone vs. Swanstone, the most renowned bath surface brand for your bathroom, then this write-up is for you.

FlexStone and Swanstone both are really popular serving almost the same purpose to their customers for quite a long time.

However, both of these brands come with a few similarities and dissimilarities, from this article you will get to know the main points about this. 

Son let’s dive in.

A Quick Comparison Table

If you are in a hurry and want to know about these bath surrounds brands in brief, then this section is for you.

From this section of this write-up, you will get to know about different main differences in some aspects that significantly differ. 

SeatingThere is no seat coming with it, you may have to go for a customized seating arrangement.Swanstone comes with seats offered by this brand. You may be able to get it just at a cost of some additional money.
Wall Panels FlexStone products come with full-wall panels and no grout lines.Unlike FlexStone, Swanstone comes with separate wall panels.  
MaterialsFlexStone is made of a unique composite of plastic materials.Swanstone is very renowned for having acrylic in the materials.
WeightIt is noticeably lightweight.It is not a heavyweight product, still, it is not as lightweight as FlexStone.
DurabilityThese FlexStone products are considerably durable.Swanstone requires quality adhesive and sealant to acquire better durability.
Cleaning ProcessThe cleaning process is much simpler.The cleaning process would require some extra effort.
Pricing It has competitive pricing fixed by the manufacturer.The pricing is higher compared to the competitors. 

Key Differences Between FlexStone and Swanstone

Swanstone For Shower

Now, that you know about the differences between both bath surrounds, wouldn’t it be great to find know these differences in detail.

Well, then this part of this article will serve this purpose for you. Let’s get to know the mentioned differences between the two bath surrounds, FlexStone and Swanstone.

  • Seating Of The Same Brand 

Some paper may require seating in the bathroom shower. It may be much needed for older people.

But here the main difference is that with the FlexStone the user may not find a seating of the same brand. On the contrary, while purchasing the Swanstone bath surround, one may find ready-made seating of the same brand.

But, this seating may cost a little extra money for the user.

  • Materials Used In The Products

FlexStone is made from a composition of plastic materials. This composition is truly unique that ultimately lets these brand products achieve a natural look.

Whereas, Swanstone contains acrylic along with some other materials. All these materials also make it significantly durable considering the usage time frame.

  • Wall Panels Of The Products
Swanstone installation

FlexStone has a full wall panel. Hence, the installation process is less complicated and with the proper guidance, anyone can install it without much of a hassle.

Swanstone has separate wall panels. Due to having these multiple wall panel systems, it requires strong adhesive and some other joining materials.

The installation process may sometimes turn into a complicated one and may require the involvement of expert people.

  • Weight Of The Bath Surrounds

Since FlexStone comes with a full wall panel the weight is significantly lighter. But, it is quite the opposite for Swanstone.

For having multiple wall panels the weight is ofter more compared to the FlexStone bath surrounds.

  • Durability Of The Products

For having a rare composite of materials during the making process, the FlexStone bath surround ensures significant durability.

In the contrast, Swanstone bath surrounds are not much durable without the application of quality adhesive and sealant during the installation process.

  • Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is comparatively easier for the FlexStone having a full panel wall. The scenario is a bit opposite for the Swanstone bath surrounds.

It may require more time and effort from the one cleaning it.

  • Pricing

Pricing may be another aspect that can be considered a difference.

The overall pricing of the FlexStone is cheaper compared to the Swanstone. Though the price of the Swanstone bath surrounds is higher, the manufacturer claims that such price is justifiable considering the value they offer to their customers.

Quick Summary Of Differences

These are the basic summary of the differences at a glance;

  • Seating of the same brand can be found only for Swanstone.
  • There is the presence of acrylic for Swanstone only.
  • FlexStone has a full wall panel and Swanstone has multiple wall panels.
  • FlexStone has less weight.
  • FlexStone seems more durable at a cheaper price.
  • The cleaning process is easy for FlexStone.
  • Swanstone bath surround comes with more pricing.

Key Similarities Between FlexStone And Swanstone

FlexStone Shower Base

Now, moving on to the similarities between the two products.

  • Easy Installation

The installation process of both products is not much complicated.

Swanstone bath surround may have some different mechanisms for installation for having multiple wall panels. But by adding some extra materials the installation process may not require much effort.

  • Proper Direction Of Instructions

Both the products come with a detailed manual that provides the users with the needed information of the ways of the proper installation process.

  • Natural Look

Both of the products are built in a way that could give your bathroom the needed natural look. Once someone had a look at it, they might mistake it as a natural stone.

  • Easy Customization

Both of these, whether it is FlexStone or Swanstone bath surround, can be customized according to the requirement of the users.

Quick Summary Of Similarities

Now, let’s have a quick look at the similarities,

  • Both can be easily installed.
  • Both come with manuals.
  • Natural look for both baths surrounds.
  • Easy customization of the products according to the demand.

Which One Will Be The Best Fit For Your Shower?

As far as I am concerned, I would pick FlexStone bath surround for the bathroom of my house. But I would not recommend it to everyone, as when it comes to a very personal place like the bathroom, everyone has their preferences.

I would like to say, it is better to rely on your judgment while picking on these products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Swanstone shower walls good?

Swanstone has a very good reputation among its users. It comes with a great natural look and lasts for a long time after proper installation.
The materials that make the shower wall of this brand are really strong, so there will be less possibility of having a crack in the future. The surface is heat resistant as well.

Where is Swanstone made?

The manufacturing facility of this brand is in Centralia, Illinois according to the manufacturer.

Is FlexStone a good product?

FlexStone comes with multiple lines of products. For all these product lines like wainscoting, window sills, wall-cladding along with bath surround, this brand proves to be an amazing choice according to the users.
It has gone through all the commercial testing and passed with flying colors. So, it is a perfect choice for using it for all commercial purposes.

Wrapping Up

Still, thinking about FlexStone and Swanstone and which one to pick for your bathroom? Well, it’s your call.

But after reading this write-up you must have got the idea of which brand adds more value to your table in the long run. I am sure you can choose the one that perfectly fits your purpose.

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