Feather DX Vs. SS Razor: In-depth Differences And Features

So, do you want to know which handle razor is better, Feather DX or Feather SS razor? Ready my review and find out. Here I’ll give you a comprehensive comparison between these two razors. 

Feather DX is designed to conform to the needs of professional barbers, whereas Feather SS gives a more comfortable and smooth shave. SS has a rounded handle than that of DX. 

Knowing your razor does half the job, whether you are a professional barber or want to do your shaving. You will need detailed information to understand them better. 

So, let’s get started. 

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between Feather DX and SS Razor: 

AspectsFeather DX RazorFeather SS Razor
Razor TypeFor Ultimate ShavingFor Smooth Shaving
Body MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Handle MaterialSuper Engineering ResinSuper Engineering Resin
Special FeatureMore Blade ExposureHas Rounded Tip And Handle
BenefitsOffers Many BenefitsOffers Many Benefits
Weights55 Grams43 Grams

In-Depth Comparison Between Feather DX And SS Razor

You have drawn some basic ideas from the above comparison table. But for picking up the best razor, you need a more in-depth comparison. 

So, here are some comprehensive key differences between Feather DX and Feather SS Razors: 

  • Razor Type 
Feather DX Razor
Feather DX Razor

Both Feather DX and Feather SS are handle razors designed for professional barbers.

But they have subtle differences that you must know before going with a particular razor. 

Feather Professional Artist Club DX is one of the most advanced barbers and beauty razors globally.

It is designed to fulfill the needs and tastes of professional barbers and men who love shaving all by themselves. 

On the contrary, Feather SS also belongs to the Artist Club razors. It offers a more comfortable and smooth shaving experience with moderate blade exposure. 

Besides, its rounded tip shape and handle make it a unique experience to handle. 

  • Body Materials 

Being a part of the Artist Club, DX and SS razors represent the best quality and advanced technology. The materials used in both razors are very high in quality. 

Feather DX razor body is made of Japanese stainless steel, providing friction-free smooth shaving. Because of the highest quality, the body is highly durable, clean, and hygienic. 

Moreover, you can resist heat and other impurities and be safe from autoclaves and disinfectants. 

On the other hand, the Feather SS razor is made from stainless steel, which provides superior flexibility and corrosion resistance. It also keeps you protected from heat and other unwanted issues. 

  • Handle Material 

The Feather Artist Club DX razor handle is made of super engineering resin. As a result, it offers exceptional heat and chemical resistance. 

Besides, an anti-slipping design that connects the body and the handle with a screw makes the razor very firm. 

Similarly, the Feather SS Razor handle is also made of super engineering resin and has an anti-slipping design that connects your razor’s body and handles. 

  • Features 
feather SS Razor
feather SS Razor

Feather Artist Club DX razor is chemical and heat resistant and won’t rust because of the stainless steel body.

You will get an outstanding shaving experience with more blade exposure. 

Besides, the razor offers simple blade replacement, which is safe and fast. 

On top of that, you will get an excellent grip and control with its superior handle. 

Feather SS is famous for a smooth and comfortable shave with moderate blade exposure. Besides, its round tip balances the pressure on the blade and keeps your skin from harm’s way. 

Moreover, the rounded tip, round handle, and moderate blade exposure make it unique to provide an excellent shaving experience. 

  • Benefits 

Feather DX is sharp and s best for professional barbers. You can easily dismantle your razor for cleaning or replacing the blade with the one-touch mechanism. You will get a sensible close-to-skin shave with a DX razor. 

Plus, the razor can resist a hundred and thirty-five degrees Celsius temperature. 

In contrast to DX, Feather SS razor’s blade feels very smooth and soft on the skin. Because of the high-grade materials, this blade has very high durability. 

With a well-balanced shape and weight and rounded handle, barbers with small hands can easily use this razor. On top of that, it offers an overall smooth and easy shaving experience for both barbers and their customers. 

  • Weight 

Weight is an essential factor for razors. With a balanced weight, you can easily maneuver your razor while shaving. The weight of the Feather DX folding razor is 55 grams.

On the other hand, A Feather SS folding razor weighs 43 grams. So, SS is more lightweight than DX. 

Which Folding Razor is Best For You?

Feather DX Razor

I think it’s clear that both razors are made of high-quality materials, have advanced features, and provide an outstanding shaving experience. 

Feather Professional Artist Club DX offers sharper shaving with more blade exposure to your skin.

So, if you are a barber or confident that you can handle this razor, it will be an excellent choice for you. 

But if you want a smoother and soft shave, you must use Feather SS razor. However, being a barber, you can keep both razors in your base. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Feather the best razor?

Feather razors are considered one of the sharpest razors in the world. With high-quality materials and superior features, razors will give you excellent shaving. 

Are Feather blades the sharpest?

Feather makes the sharpest razor blades from higher-grade stainless steel. People love feather blades from all around the world for their sharpness. 

Are all Feather blades the same?

Not all feather blades are the same. They have differences in sharpness, edges, and pack sizes. Again, different blades are compatible with other razors. 

Who makes the sharpest straight razor?

Feather Artist Club DX is the sharpest straight razor. It has a considerable blade exposure on the skin and provides the highest sharpness. 


Choosing between these two mighty razors might seem difficult before. But after reading my Feather DX vs. SS Razor review, I’m sure it has become easy and fast. 

Now you know which handle razor you should use under which circumstances. So, go ahead and buy one that fulfills your needs. Always remember, using the wrong razor can damage your skin. 

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