Edge Shave Gel Vs. Barbasol Shaving Cream: Differences And Features

The market has a staggering number of products for hair removal, and Barbasol and Edge Shave Gel are two names that pop up frequently among regular users. Thus, it’s only logical to discuss Edge Shave Gel vs. Barbasol to decide which is the best.

A shaving gel or cream creates a barrier between the skin and a razor blade, reducing the chances of bumps and redness. It is an investment-worthy product you can integrate into your hygiene routine.

It is essential to make the right choice

A Quick Comparison Table

Let’s take a quick glance at the differences between Barbasol and Edge Shave Gel before delving into the specifics:

SpecificationEdge Shave GelBarbasol
FormulaShaving gel without lather. Transparent formulaShaving cream that lathers. Creamy and rich formula
PerformanceGoes on super smooth and razor glides on nicelyCreates thick lather that has to sit for a few seconds
Skin FeelSmooth and moisturizing during and after shaveNot as moisturizing but still smooth
Ease of UseComplicated to put the cap back on after useMay accidentally dispense too much due to design
IngredientsLengthy ingredient list; base ingredients: soap and water. Botanical oil: Oat flour. Contains many known irritants.Simple ingredient list; base ingredients: soap and water. Contains SLS.
Economy$0.03 per shave$0.02 per shave
ScentMild and clean, if any at allSpicy barbershop

In-Depth Differences Between Edge Shave Gel And Barbasol

  • Formula
Edge Shave Gel
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Edge Shave Gel is a shaving gel whereas Barbasol is shaving foam. Shaving creams have a light and airy texture to provide instant lather.

It is easy to rinse off and provides decent hydration. In terms of lubrication, the Barbasol does the bare minimum.

In contrast, a shaving gel like Edge gel has a thicker consistency and forms a thick barrier between the razor and your skin, better lubrication, and simply better protection during shaves.

Edge Shave Gel does not lather a lot but forms a creamy texture when applied.

Many shaving creams and gels have a tendency to take a “cotton candy” texture after a few seconds but that is not the case with Edge gel.

  • Performance

Users will often rave about “glide” and “cushion,” but neither of these features is descriptive.

Both Barbasol and Edge Shave Gel use a combination of lubricating fats to keep the razor from scraping or scratching your skin while the stubble goes off.

The Edge Shave Gel has more hydrating and lubricating ingredients to moisturize the skin, but you can generally identify an array of additives (plus scents) in Barbasol as well as similar gel and foam cans.

When it comes to lather, the Edge Shave Gel leaves behind a thick, creamy, and soothing lather. It makes shaving significantly easier as you do not have to redo one spot multiple times.

The Barbasol, too, generates a rich and thick shaving cream that can lubricate the toughest of facial hairs.

However, customers have mentioned that you have to let it sit for a few seconds to let it open up the pores and make the glides easier. Squirt a golf ball-sized amount onto the palm of your hands and it will do the trick!

  • Skin Feel
Barbasol Men Shaving Cream
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The Edge Shave Gel is really smooth when applied. You will get a moisturizing feel during application and the product does not dry out the skin.

If you have cut from a previous shaving session, the Edge Shave Gel will not irritate it further.

A key ingredient in the Edge gel is Aloe Vera, which is known to moisturize skin, building a layer of hydration after most of the natural oils of the skin have been scraped off and washed away during a shave.

Aloe Vera is an excellent antiseptic as well. The conditioners in the formula leave the skin smooth and refreshed after use.

Barbasol, on the other hand, does not contain any of the notable moisturizing ingredients but it does not overly dry out the skin.

Granted, you will not experience the richness you would with the Edge Shave Gel, but the Barbasol is by no means, a bad product.

You may notice fine white streaks across the crevices of your skin after using Barbasol. Simply dab on some aftershave after shaving and the lines should go away.

  • Ease of Use

The rust-proof aluminum bottle of Barbasol is easy to dispense and use. Be careful with how much pressure you apply on the top of the can because you can squeeze out too much.

Edge gel is easy to dispense as well. However, some customers have reported having difficulties with closing the can afterward.

  • Ingredients

When choosing a shaving product for sensitive skin, it’s important to pay attention to the ingredient list, especially the “base” ingredient(s). Soaps, fragrances, and botanical oils can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

For both the products, the base ingredients are soap and water. While Barbasol contains no botanical oils, Edge gel contains oat flour. Oat flour is known to soothe irritation and moisturize the skin.

Barbasol has one of the simplest ingredient lists out of all shaving creams: water, propellant, detergent, soap, and fragrance.

In contrast, Edge gel contains a few stronger ingredients such as triethanolamine, isopentane, and isobutene. All three of these ingredients are known irritants.

One thing to note is that Barbasol contains SLS, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This ingredient is known to dry out the skin and trigger allergic reactions.

While users typically do not note feeling any sort of discomfort, we recommend you consider that if you have sensitive skin.

That being said, most users do not report feeling irritation upon the use of either Edge Shave Gel or Barbasol. People who are highly sensitive to such ingredients avoid canned gels entirely.

Note: Neither of these formulas is vegan.

  • Economy
Barbasol Men Shaving Cream

While both the Barbasol and Edge Shave Gel are great value products, there are a few factors to consider.

For the Edge Shave Gel, each shave will cost around $0.03 while the Barbasol costs around $0.02 per shave.

As with most products, a pricier up-front product may give better value in the long run.

Both Barbasol and Edge Shave Gel will last you 60 to 70 shaves minimum, given you use the right amount.

The Barbasol may last you longer, however. The actual use of the products might vary.

A problem area with canned shaving cream/gel is the dispensability. It is easy to release far more product than what you need for a single shave. This problem is more prominent in the case of Barbasol.

  • Scent

Many people do not prefer fragrances in their skin care and personal hygiene products. Edge Shave Gel, for the most part, has no fragrance.

If you have a highly receptive olfactory gland you may be able to whiff a clean/fresh scent.

Barbasol’s scent reminds of the masculine classics appealing with barbershop fougere notes. There are soft notes of anise, sandalwood, and lavender – nothing too strong.

The scent is generic but you will not find it overused. You get hints of moss and geranium which give it the classic, old-school scent. 

What Will Be the Suitable Choice For You?

While Edge gel and Barbasol can both assist in achieving a softer, smoother shave, the difference in consistency between the two will dictate which is better for you.

Edge gel’s lightweight and clear texture barely lathers. In comparison, Barbasol’s formula is better.

Shaving gels are perhaps the most popular shaving creams, gels, and foams in today’s market. Edge gel’s thick and heavy texture is great for people whose skin reacts easily to razor touch. The gel-like consistency delivers a smooth, soft shave.

Barbasol lathers up faster than Edge gel and is a brilliant choice for people who shave every day.

There are two kinds of people when it comes to using canned shaving products: Ones who cannot use these products due to irritation, and one who can but choose traditional creams/soaps for the elevated shaving experience.

At the end of the day, selecting between these two will boil down to personal preference.

Shaving gels like Edge gel are better for newbies because they are easier to work with. As the transparent formula does not lather, you have a better visual of what you are shaving for an accurate finish.

If you enjoy the good ol’ lathering classic, you cannot go wrong with Barbasol. As it is thicker, Barbasol is good for use on sensitive areas such as the bikini line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do I let shaving cream sit?

Allow shaving cream to sit for two to three minutes to soften up the hair follicles for easy shaving.

Is shaving cream the same as shaving foam?

A big issue with shaving foam is its design – it’s made for pure convenience, often skipping out on key ingredients. As shaving creams are thicker and usually have better ingredients, they can perforate the hair follicles.

Should I wet my face before using shaving cream?

Wetting your skin first will prepare the facial hairs for a smooth shave. You can apply your shaving gel/cream after your skin is wet.

Is it okay to dry shave your face?

If you skip washing, cleansing or exfoliating prior to shaving, all you are doing is mowing off a layer of dead skin cells, not your facial hairs. Avoid dry shaving at all costs.

Does shaving cream make a difference?

A shaving gel or cream creates a thin protective layer between your skin and the razor, ensuring reduced frictions and minimizing the chances of cuts and redness.

Bottom Line

Between Edge Shave Gel vs. Barbasol, it is hard to choose a “better” product. Due to the difference in their formulas, making a fair comparison is difficult.

However, both these products get the job done perfectly and have been used and loved by many.

Consider your skin type before making the call. Ingredients play a vital role in maintaining product integrity, not to mention delivering a smooth post-shave feel.

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