American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Problems: Identify And Solve 

The Champion 4 toilet by American Standard is a modern toilet that you will find in many homes these days. These toilets are very popular given their efficiency in water use, as well as their size.

However, it is not as if they are devoid of issues.

In fact, American Standard Champion 4 toilet problems are quite common among some of its users.

So, if you are currently facing issues with your one, you are in luck because, in this article, we will be talking about their problems and how to fix them.

What Problems You Might Face With Champion 4?

American Standard Champion 4 flush valve problems

Even though American Standard Champion toilets are very popular, there are some issues that an owner has to face. These issues usually come about once you have used the toilet for a few years.

A good estimation of the years would be five to six. But these problems coming around is not the end of your journey with the Champion 4 toilet. Sometimes, the issues arise due to interior faults.

Whatever it is, the first thing you have to do is identify the reason for the issue. One thing you should keep in mind is that most toilets will flush by using about thirty percent of your home’s water per day.

If there are problematic parts, the usage of water will be much higher.

We are here to identify and notify you of the ways you can solve these particular issues. Even though there are some overlapping steps to fix the different problems, the fixing process altogether is relatively different for each.

By the end of this article, you will be very well-versed about the issues and their solutions.

Let’s dive into the troubleshooting now!

Problem: Water Leaking Due To Damage/Cracked Bolts

toilet tank inside of Champion 4 Toilet

Sign: Water leakage


Water Leakage is a phenomenon that you will face due to a variety of different reasons. One of the reasons water might be leaking is that the bolts or washers could be cracked open. This might happen due to prolonged use or if a high amount of pressure has been exerted on the materials.

How To Fix:

Firstly, you have to identify if the leakage is occurring due to the bolts being damaged. Then, if the bolts or washers are indeed damaged, you have to replace them with new ones.

First, you have to open the lid of the tank. After that, detach the tank by removing the fill valve and the other parts associated with it. When you detach the tank, you will find the bolts.

Now replace the damaged bolts with new ones. Make sure to have them tightly attached again.

Next up, it is time to find the washers. The washers can be found in between the bowl and the tank. If you find that the washers are damaged as well, replace them with new ones.

Put everything back into place to see if the fix has worked. Then, turn on the water supply, and check for possible leaks.

Problem: Ghost Flushing


  1. Sounds of water running constantly.
  2. Toilet flushing on its own in the middle of the night
  3. Noise of continuous water leaking


You might get scared if you find out that your toilet is flushing on its own at night! No, don’t worry. It’s not a ghost!

The American Standard Champion 4 flush valve problems cause this issue, and it might also lead to leaking under your toilet. Instead of spending a hundred bucks to buy another toilet, you can fix it yourself!

How To Fix: 

In order to fix this problem, you will require a few extra materials. These materials will be available in the American Standard Toilet Flush Valve Seal Kit.

The kit will cost you an additional $10. You will also need rubber gloves and hand soap.

Now follow these steps:

  • Start by turning off the water supply. You will find the shut-off on the lower left side of the toilet.
  • Next, hold down the flush lever to drain from the toilet’s tank as much as possible.
  • Then, remove the tank lid. If you see brown stains, it indicates that there is mineral build up in the water.
  • Next, unclip the cotter pin, clevis pin, and chain holder. These are very small parts, and they might get lost. Store them in a zip lock bag so that you have them once you need them again.
  • Lift the chain up so that you can comfortably place your hand under the piston assembly.
  • Next, remove the thumbscrew cap and piston top cover. You have to be very gentle while lowering your bottom piston cover.
  • Check for damages in the gasket. Gaskets are made of rubber. If your water contains a lot of different minerals, the gasket will degrade faster. You can identify it by checking if it has the original color of the gasket from the side that was not under water.
  • Now it is time to install the replacement gasket. You can also reinstall the top cover of the piston. You will have to align the tabs to ensure that both the top and bottom piston covers have coincided properly.
  • Next, reinstall the thumbscrew cap by turning the cap in a clockwise motion. You will have to keep on until you hear two consecutive ticking noises.
  • Reassemble everything – the chain, clevis pin assembly.
  • Finally, turn the water back on and observe. You should not hear any dripping sounds.

This video will help to troubleshoot the problem.

Problem: Champion 4 toilet Running Constantly

Sign: The speed of the flush will either be higher or lower than the usual speed

Description: Sometimes, water might be running even if you are not using the toilet. You will hear sounds of water running.

Besides that, you will notice that the water flow speed will either be higher or lower than the usual speed. This is a sign that there is an issue with running water.

How To Fix:

Firstly, turn off the shut-off valve. This is quite a common fix to all the problems as it stops the flow of water. If water kept flowing, you would not be able to fix the issue.

Next, open the lid of the toilet tank. You will need pliers to take out the trip lever and clevis pin. After that, remove the rod that is inside the trip lever.

Also, don’t forget to take out the flapper from the tank.

Find the location of the flush valve, and detach it. Inspect the different parts now to detect any errors in any of the parts. 

Next, insert the replacement or new flush valve and old flapper back into their place. Make sure that you tighten the chain gently.

Attach the road, trip lever, as well as clevis pin. Next, close the cover of the toilet tank.

Finally, open the shut-off valve. You have to wait for fifteen minutes to see whether the water is still running or not.

If the water is, in fact, still running, you have to replace the flapper seal with a new one.

Champion 4 Toilets Worht It?

The innovation behind the construction of Champion toilets is what sets them apart from other brands in the market.

Their superior and highly efficient flushing performance, along with their mechanism to stay clog-free makes Champion toilets a prevalent choice. Besides, their highly efficient water management allows owners to save water and money.

Due to having such a highly efficient flushing system, they are able to prevent clogs or debris from accumulating in your toilet. The toilets are also available in exquisite designs.

They appear to co-ordinate really well with other bathroom products.

When we talk about design, we don’t just mean the visual aspect, but also how much comfort it gives to the people using it.

Because it’s an elongated toilet, American Standard Champion toilets are highly preferred by aging people. This is because they provide them with a lot of leg space for sitting down.

If you are at an age where the movement of muscles has become relatively hard, such spacious toilets will add significant comfort to your life.

Usually, you will get five to ten years of warranty assurance from American Standard when buying their toilets.

Even though the warranty might fluctuate between that range, toilets like the Champion 4 have been made in a way that they would even last for fifty years.

If you take proper care of it, you can be assured that these toilets will last even longer.

Final Words

The American Standard Champion 4 toilet problems are not unheard of for bathroom enthusiasts. If you feel like you cannot fix your toilet’s issues on your own, feel free to hire a plumber.

There is no shame in getting help from professionals, as their experience in dealing with such problems will come in very handy.

If things are too complex, you should not be reluctant to spend a little more money to get a permanent solution.

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7 thoughts on “American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Problems: Identify And Solve 

  1. Have you had anyone complain about water dripping from the flush handle. I have had my champion 4 for almost 2 years. It is heavily used. About 9 months ago it started to drip water off the handle about 10-15 drips a day enough to keep the floor wet the size of a half dollar. Water level is below the hole in the tank that holds the handle.

  2. One of your sentences starts, “Because it’s an elongated toilet…” My toilet has a round bowl and the Champion flush valve. It was installed new about 4 years ago. It is ghost flushing. I have replaced the flapper gasket twice in the last year. Bolts are shiny as new and the washers look new. Any ideas what else could be wrong and how to find it?

  3. I have an older Champion toilet 2 piece and need parts.I need to identify the model if it is a Champion 4. Can you tell me where to look for part numbers ?

  4. I’m unhappy with my champion toilet. (Only 2 years old) The water where I live doesn’t have much Minerals in it the tank is clean as new no residue anywhere.
    1st issue;
    3 times The flush handle has gotten loose from the inside (not the nut) causing the flapper to leak.
    2nd issue;
    Now the flapper seal has wrinkles
    Causing a slow leak for who knows how long.
    Water is expensive
    This is Supposed to be a high end toilet.
    It’s the least Reliable toilet I have ever seen.
    Is there a recall?

  5. I had a plumbing company purchase a elongated champion 4 toilet and install it may 3 2022.
    I have had the plumber return because the flush gradually became very slow and then stopped clearing entrirley.
    ‘He snaked the toilet and cleared the problem ok until today 12/29/2022 and I have recalled him for next week as the flushing has beco\me very slow as it did last time.
    This is on the main floor and the regular toilet in the bsmnt flushes good as usual so probably not the drain
    Any suggestions and I guess the warranty is with the plumbing firm as they purchased and installed it ? wayne

  6. I have two American standards toilet both are leaking change out seals did not stop leaking change out both Valve and still leaking .what do I need to do. Need your help

  7. My mom has a 1 year old champion and the rubber stopper is not seating well, you can see water seeping inside the bowl?

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