AKER Tubs Reviews In 2023 | What’s Different About AKER?

Whether an old bath or a new one in a newly constructed house, having bathtubs in the bathroom is necessary. However, it could be a little complicated to choose the best option when there are multiple options.

I recently purchased a bathtub from Aker, and my experience with this one is amazing. If you are looking for a bathtub, I would tell you how Aker can surprise you. So, don’t skip reading!

Features of AKER Tubs For Your Bathroom

One of my friends recommended the AKER Tubs, and when I bought one, the look was splendid once installed in the bathroom. The tub comes with several features to give you a smooth and comfortable bath in the morning or at night whenever you want.

Though it’s just a bathtub, comfort level, durability, sizes, shapes, and more factors are important before you decide on Any Aker Bathtub model.

  • Installation Type

The first feature to discuss these tubs from Aker is their unique installation types.

These tubs come in three shapes: the Alcove, Drop-in, And Corner.

I’ve got a corner shape in my bedroom attached bathroom and an alcove shape in the main bathroom of the house.

Both were easy to install and are working pretty well.

My wife was so happy because the unique form factor impressed her when she was taking a shower.

  • Materials Made With

These bathtubs are made with Fiberglass and Acrylic materials defining their quality and durability in the long run.

Aker also uses Resin8 material to construct these bathtubs to meet your needs.

You can go for off-the-shelf products or place your custom order with more friendly features the way you want.

  • Sizes In Width And Length

Meeting any family range and providing enough space for even a man or woman who is more weight and size, these tubs from Aker are the most compatible.

You can easily find tubs from Aker greater than 36 inches or up to 42 inches in width and up to 72 inches in length.

Besides, there are smaller models available that can be installed in most compact spaces.

These sizes are perfect for helping a vast man or women easily fit in a tub and take a bath with an extra level of comfort.

  • Draining Positions

Another important thing to consider about these tubs from Aker is their draining positions. These come with the right, left, center, and end, providing a unique way to drain water from and meet your draining system requirements.

So, no matter how you install these tubs, you will have the flexibility of water draining with no hassles.

  • Color Ranges

These tubs are available in unique colors to meet your bathroom walls, floor, or ceiling. You can find yours in Black, Grey, White, and Beige Colors, depending on what you want to install.

I have considered grey as it looked extraordinary and matched my pre-installed bathroom flooring and ceiling. Therefore, it depends on what specific color you’d like to choose.

  • Integrated Features

The main advantage you can have while having the Aker tubs is their multiple integrations.

These tubs come with integrated tilling flange, Armrests, and seat.

All these benefits help you enjoy and relax more when you are in the tub and having a shower.

When I take a bath in my Aker tub, I can quickly put my arms on the Armrest, sit on the seat and enjoy the bath in hot water.

Hence, all of these things inspire me to give you enough reasons so that you can consider something similar as well.

What Could Have Been Better With AKER Bathtubs?

However, my experience was quite satisfactory with Aker bathtubs, but I would like to share some downsides that I observed.

These might not be the downside, but I think these features need a little more attention from Aker and improvement on a priority basis. Please have a look!

  • Improvement In Acrylic Models

If you go with the Acrylic made bathtub models, you may not find them as durable as the Fiberglass ones.

I observed the same when I bought Fiberglass for one bathroom and Acrylic made for another.

Therefore, the Aker by Maxx needs to improve the standability of these Acrylic made bathtubs to make them a little better.

  • Low Customer Service

When Aker By Maxx is admitted to providing high-quality bathtubs and other products, they should meet the higher standards of highly expected customer needs.

However, Aker may not be that supportive when claiming the warranty of those defective products or bathtubs and may not reply as fast to your emails as you expect.

Therefore, they need to focus on that customer is everything. That’s because I also observed a slow customer response when configuring tub installation in my bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which bathtub brand is best?

Kohler, Badeloft, Mansfield, Jaquar, Kingston, and Aker are some high-quality bathtub brands. You can find your specific bathtub from any of these brands.

Are MAAX tubs acrylic or Fiberglass?

Often Maxx tubs are made from Cast Acrylic, which claims to be a durable, strong, and thick material. Besides, this material has a soft and luxurious feel in the tub.

Are acrylic tubs flimsy?

Usually, when bathtubs are made from low-quality Acrylic material, they might provide you with an overall flimsy feel to them. But the high-quality ones are more durable and reinforced to work for longer periods.

How long do Fiberglass tubs last?

Bathtubs made from Fiberglass can last for 10 to 15 years if you use them with perfect cleaning and care, saving them from other wear and wear.

Wrapping Up

Despite some unnoticed and unreasonable downsides of these tubs, all the Aker Tubs Reviews make them a worth consider piece. But I will never stop you if you have a better brand to consider.

The prices for these tubs start from the lowest, $500, and go up to $5k, depending on your needs.

So, choose the tub you think will serve you best and fit easily inside your bathroom space. Aker may not be highly admired, but my overall experience was wholesome.

Clyde Mitchell

I run a hardware store nearby Court Anaheim, CA. Over the last 7 years, I have been blogging about home improvement and yes, I own ReliefInBath.com From me and this website, you can expect some useful tips on great ideas for a modern bathroom.

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