Williamson Vs. Weil-McLain Boilers: Differences And Comparison

Boilers are something you’ll be using for the better part of your year. Among all the options for a good one, things pretty much boil down (pun intended) to Williamson and Weil McLain boilers.

Both are pretty good. But their materials, price, and configuration make them different.

No one wants to end up freezing on winter days. So yes, what boiler you get definitely matters. If you’re stuck between picking Williamson or Weil-McLain, here’s a comparison between them to make your decision easier.

A Quick Summary of Comparison

FeatureWilliamson BoilerWeil-McLain Boiler
MaterialCast iron, goodTwo-layer cast iron, better

Have time to dig in? Good, let’s get to the details then.

Key Differences Between Williamson And Weil-McLain Boilers

Both Williamson and Weil-McLain have a solid reputation going on for them. And as they say for business, if someone has a good reputation then at least some of that has to be good. The same goes for these two brands.

Williamson and Weil-McLain both have high-quality and durable products. With them being so close head-to-head, differentiating can get a little tough.

Material, price, and configuration are some of the major differences you’ll see between them.

Let’s take a better look.

  • Material
Williamson Boiler
Williamson Boiler

Sure, both boilers are cast iron but that’s not where the difference is.

The difference between them is in their strength of it.

Williamson still has a long way to go before it reaches Weil-McLain’s material strength.

When it comes to material, Williamson and Weil-McLain are very close.

They’re so close that people believe in theories like Weil-McLain being the manufacturers of both brands.

That might not be true but you can guess how close they are in quality from this.

Williamson has your basic cast iron material going on for their boilers. The cast iron layer they use only has one layer and it is pretty uniform.

Weil-McLain on the other hand has a stronger structure going on for their boilers. The cast iron layer in their boilers is double-layered in the “sensitive” places.

So the twists and turns (and everything in between) have a stronger layer protecting them from outside factors.

Plus the Weil-McLain cast iron quality seems overall better than the Williamson. Not by a large margin, of course, the difference is a slim one.

  • Cost

This is probably the most significant difference between Williamson and Weil-McLain. Williamson is officially cheaper than Weil-McLain and that seems to be the major reason why people choose them.

Installing a boiler is a pretty big hit for your bank account, and that’s understandable. This is why Williamson wins this race.

With installation and all, the boiler costs about $200 less than the Weil-McLain ones. It may not look much but well, it adds up.

Weil-McLain boilers are the opposite. Their boilers are some of the top three most expensive ones in the market and sometimes they’re the most expensive ones.

Sure, good things are usually pricier. But that kind of slips away when you’re trying to penny-pinch your way through.

  • Configuration

Not much of a difference here but still noteworthy. With all the good qualities and better pricing, Williamson boilers mostly have a basic build. Weil-McLain ones have a pretty extensive build.

The difference becomes clearer when you put the boilers side-by-side. You’ll see Williamson boilers have fewer knobs and whistles.

The missing knobs and whistles are all important. So if you want to be on the safe side, Weil-McLain is the safest bet.

Which Boiler Should You Choose?

Weil-McLain Boiler
Weil-McLain Boiler

Unfortunately, this is a question you won’t get any simple or straight answers for.

As you can see from the comparison, both boilers are very similar and have excellent reps going to back them up.

The head-to-head comparison is so close you’ll pretty much have to do a trade-off when you’re picking one of them.

The first thing you should do is figure out what is more important to you.

If you clearly know what you want, picking one will be a lot easier.

If you don’t have a problem paying a little more and want to be on the safe side, go with the Weil-McLain boilers. They’re made of sturdier material and have a better warning and extensive configuration.

Most mechanics will also recommend Weil-McLain boilers. And frankly speaking, spending a little more is much better than worrying about replacements two years down the line.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option but want something pretty sturdy, Williamson is your buddy. Williamson boilers come with pretty much everything Weil-McLain boilers do.

Williamson boilers are also the no. 1 alternative for Weil-McLain ones. The only problem is, their warranty is slightly less than Weil-McLain and the cast iron isn’t double-layer. If you’re okay with that, feel free to give Williamson a shot.

Overall, the Weil-McLain boiler is the better choice here. You’ll be spending a little more but you’ll have a better-built boiler in your home. Plus the warranty coverage is better than Williamson.

So unless you’re specifically looking to save a few hundred bucks, go with Weil-McLain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions people usually ask about both manufacturers and boilers in general.

Is Williamson the same as Weil-McLain?

No, they’re both different but there’s a twist. The Thermoflo Company bought the Williamson name, but later Weil-McLain bought the joint venture. So Williamson is different but it works under the Weil-McLain parent branch.

Are Williamson boilers reliable?

Yes, they’re one of the most reliable manufacturers of boilers. Williamson might be comparatively new, but their product quality makes up for the lost years.

Who manufactures Williamson boilers?

Williamson-Thermoflo is an independent operating unit. So they manufacture and assemble their products under their own operation unit. The whole unit is tied to the parent branch Marley-Wylain Company.

Are Weil-McLain good boilers?

Yes, Weil-McLain is probably the best option when it comes to boilers. They have a solid build, are efficient and the warranty coverage is amazing. They have a good reputation for manufacturing reliable and long-lasting boilers.

Final Verdict

The comparison between Williamson and Weil-McLain boilers is almost never-ending, but the winner will always depend on the user. Your personal preference is what matters so go with the one you feel good with.

But if you have to pick one, the Weil-McLain boilers are the better (and the more well-rounded) choice.

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