Why Is Kohler Purist So Expensive And Is It Worth It?

Kohler is a very well-known brand in the world of luxurious bath and kitchen collections. From the beginning of this brand, it has been making waves in the home furnishing industry due to some features like quality materials, craftsmanship, and modern designs.

But along with better features, it comes with a higher price tag as well. Kohler Purist is no different. In this blog post, you will get to know why it is so expensive in the first place.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into knowing the reasons behind the higher price tag.

Why Is the Price Tag of Kohler Purist So High?

When a company offers a product at a higher price in the market, there must be some logical reasons behind that price. So, what makes the price of Kohler Purist so high? Is it just for the brand name?

Knowing about the reasons behind this higher price tag will help you to decide if investing in this product will be a good idea. Let’s get to know about the reasons.

  • Meant To Serve For Years
Kohler Purist Wall Mount Faucet

Kohler Purist is significantly durable that lasts for a considerable amount of time.

In that sense, investing in it seems to be a good idea as it would serve for so many years.

This faucet brings in ceramic disc valves that are often seen to exceed industry standards in terms of longevity.

The performance of the faucet always tends to remain the same for its entire lifetime.

  • Lasting finish

How long the appearance of a faucet would remain intact depends on the finish of that faucet significantly. Kohler Purist faucet has a finish that is corrosion and tarnish-resistant.

This is why the impeccable look of the finish lasts for years to come.

  • Elegant design

Kohler is already a very renowned brand in the market. This Kohler Purist faucet has already made its mark in the market by providing better designs of faucets to customers.

This product line of Kohler; Purist would bring the impression of modern elegance to your bathroom. It would increase the overall look of your bathroom to a great extent.

  • Better functionality of the faucet

The simplistic yet elegant design of the Kohler Purist faucet brings out one of the best functional faucets in the market that is available. Kohler Purist is a widespread faucet that is both highly functional and structural.

The design is done in a way that the faucet remains convenient for the users. So, most of the users have provided positive reviews about this faucet.

  • Premium quality materials

The price of a product is often determined by the quality of the materials. The more exclusive the materials are, the higher the price of the product would be. The same goes for the Kohler Purist faucet as well.

It is made of high-quality materials like washerless ceramic disc valves and brass valve bodies, etc. All these materials make the faucet more capable of withstanding the stress of daily use. It also helps to make sure it offers enduring and reliable performance to the users.

  • Easy installation of the faucet
Kohler Purist Faucet

All the users would look for a faucet that is easy to install.

Kohler Purist also falls in that category which keeps it ahead of so many other faucets in the market.

It is due to some reasons.

For instance, the connections of the faucets are significantly flexible while doing the installation job.

Again, the lever handles of the faucet are already pre-assembled on their valves.

All these features ensure the installation job is done with minimal tools and in the easiest way.

  • Minimal design

The design is done mainly focusing on the visual interest of the faucet, which is why the faucet remains clutter-free. The design clearly looks minimal which gives the ultimate modern look to this Kohler Purist faucet.

  • Considering a status symbol

The Kohler Purist collection has been used in various settings like high-end hotels, luxury spas, and upscale homes, which has resulted in its reputation as a high-quality product. It creates a long-lasting impression in the minds of people due to its elegant and modern design.

Some customers choose to purchase Kohler Purist products as a means to showcase their personal taste and style.

  • Brand reputation

If you have ever explored bathroom tools in the market, it would be almost impossible that you have not heard of the name Kohler. It has made its impression in the minds of users over the years. Kohler has been in the market since the year 1873.

This brand value has been added to the overall pricing of the product, as it has already got the trust of the customers just by the brand name. Hence, the Kohler Purist faucet is more expensive than similar products in the market or products from lesser-known brands.

  • Limited lifetime warranty

While investing in the faucet, especially the high-end ones, it is important to consider the warranty the manufacturer would provide with it. Just like any other faucet from Kohler, the Kohler purist faucet is also backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

So, the customers can expect after-purchase services from the manufacturer once the purchase process is done. It provides a sense of assurance to the customers while purchasing any product from the Kohler brand.

  • Minimal maintenance of the faucet

Once the purchase of a faucet is complete, it does not end in there. It would require regular maintenance work for keeping it operating at full capacity.

Fortunately, Kohler Purist does not require regular maintenance due to having high-quality materials and modern technology in the making of it. It means that investing in the Kohler Purist would mean that the user would require to spend more money on repairs and replacements of the faucets in the future.

So, a one-time considerable investment in the faucet would lessen a lot more costs in the future due to the maintenance job.

  • Holding value over time

Kohler Purist can hold its value over time, which is another advantage of it that justifies the higher price of Kohler Purist. It is due to the high quality of materials and use of modern technology, and most importantly the brand value of Kohler, that contributes to retaining the value of Kohler Purist.

It primarily means when a customer invests in Kohler Purist faucets, if he decides to sell it, then he might get a significant portion of his initial investment back.

These are some reasons that ultimately influence the higher price of the Kohler Purist faucet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Kohler faucets made in China?

Kohler faucets are made in Kohler, Wisconsin; not in China.

What is similar to Kohler purist?

Pfister Contempra, American Standard Serin, Grohe Essence, etc. to some extents have some similarities to Kohler Purist.

Are Kohler faucets high end?

Kohler brings the faucet from a mid-price to a higher price.

Who is better Kohler or Delta?

Considering multiple aspects and reviews from the users, Delta is better than Kohler.

Wrapping Things Up

I am sure by now you have got the answer to the question of why is Kohler Purist so expensive. The Kohler Purist collection can be seen in many places, like high-end hotels, upscale homes, or luxury spas.

Mostly due to its elegant and modern design and the long-lasting impression it leaves on customers who appreciate its quality. On top of that, the brand recognition that Kohler has built over the years makes their products particularly desirable.

Considering all the mentioned aspects, I think investing in Kohler Purist will be a wiser call from your side. Cheers!

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