Brizo Vs. Delta Faucets For Bathroom (2024): In-depth Differences

Do you have damaged faucets in your bathroom? Or maybe you are looking to get some replacements. In that case, I have two perfect choices of faucets that you can get for your bathroom: Brizo or Delta faucets

I will take you through a complete comparison of both these choices. So, when this article ends, you will know which one is the perfect choice for your bathroom.

Let’s get going with the article to find the best bathroom option.

A Quick Comparison Of The Two Faucets

Design StylesContemporary, traditional, transitionalTraditional, contemporary, transitional
Finishes Offered25 including matte black, rose gold, vibrant brushed nickels25 including champagne bronze, brilliant stainless, chrome
Faucet TypesWidespread, centerset, wall mount, waterfallWidespread, centerset, mini-widespread, wall mount
Smart TechnologyVoice activation, hands-free, memory presets, touch20Touch20, TempSense, VoiceIQ, H2Okinetic
Water Saving FeaturesAerator flow rates as low as 1.2 gpmAerator flow rates as low as 1.2 gpm
WarrantyLifetime limitedLifetime limited

Now let’s dive deeper into how Brizo and Delta bathroom faucets compare across the factors most important to homeowners.

Key Differences Between Brizo And Delta Faucets

  • Available Finishes
Brizo Faucets
Brizo Faucet

An excellent way to decide between the two faucet options is to look at the finishes available for both brands.

You can easily choose one or the other based on the finish you want for your faucet setup.

With Brizo, you don’t get too many finishing options. They have a pretty limited set of finishes available for their faucet collection.

Still, I would say the choices are pretty high-end and standard.

However, if you want something unique or more options, Delta is the way to go. They have a wide range of collections for their finishing on the faucets.

So, you can find some cool options that are pretty unique and appealing to look at.

  • Collection

The following important consideration you must make while choosing these two faucets is their collection. By collection, I mean different models and designs.

Various designs have unique features that make them worth checking out.

Regarding collection, I think both brands can go head to head. Both of them offer some quality choices in their wide array of collections.

Especially when going through the bathroom faucets collection, you get plenty of choices for both.

But if I had to pick one or the other, I would say Brizo comes with some classy and premium choices in its collection. So, if you are looking to get something like that, Brizo can be your choice.

As for the more standard picks, the Delta faucet is a perfect thing for you.

  • Quality Of The Faucets
Brizo H2Okinetic Soothing Spray

Here’s the thing, both the brands have the same manufacturer.

This means you don’t get to see too much difference in the quality of these faucets.

I think Brizo has a bit better quality than Delta. Brizo tends to have a more premium vibe on its faucets.

Whereas with Delta, you don’t get to see that too often.

Also, several Brizo faucets have advanced features, which you don’t get in Delta faucets.

But the base quality for the faucets is pretty much the same. None of them will disappoint you at all. It’s just about going with a standard choice or a premium choice.

  • Styles Offered

Both Brizo and Delta offer a diverse range of styles spanning contemporary, traditional, and transitional. This allows you to match virtually any bathroom decor.

Some key style differences:

  • Contemporary: Brizo edged ahead with ultra-modern minimalist styles like Artesso and Litze. Delta has contemporary options but not as avant-garde.
  • Traditional: Brizo excels at vintage traditional like Bellara. Delta offers very classic traditional styles.
  • Transitional: Both have excellent transitional looks blending modern and traditional.

While Brizo wins on cutting-edge contemporary, Delta matches them in sheer breadth of traditional and transitional styles. No clear winner style-wise.

  • Smart Technology

This is where Delta pulls ahead – they are the clear leader in smart faucet technology:

  • Touch2O: Turns water on/off with just a tap anywhere on the spout or handle. Great for sanitation and convenience.
  • TempSense: LED light indicates hot/cold water temp. Prevents scalding.
  • VoiceIQ: Control your faucet hands-free with voice commands. The peak of convenience.
  • H2Okinetic Showers: Delta’s signature showerheads use wave-like technology to create full drenching sprays using less water. Excellent for water conservation.

Brizo’s hands-free and touch-activated tech still keeps them competitive, but Delta wins on the innovation front with practical smart features like TempSense.

  • Cost
Delta Faucet

The major factor that will surely help you decide between the two-bathroom faucets is their pricing. One is a bit pricier than the other, so, whenever you have to save up on some money, you can choose that one.

Brizo is a bit expensive compared to Delta faucets. They have a higher price tag when comparing similar-level models for these faucet choices.

  • Water Saving Features

Both brands offer aerators with low flow rates as low as 1.2 gpm for water conservation. Many models swivel for optional spray/stream modes to control water usage.

Delta’s H2Okinetic showers set them apart for saving water without compromising performance. But both brands allow you to conserve water without sacrificing functionality.

  • Longevity

Even though both faucets come from the same manufacturer, their durability is slightly different. With Brizo faucets, you may start facing issues sooner or later.

But it’s not something that will happen for sure, and it’s just that the possibility of facing issues is much higher on Brizo.

On the other hand, Delta has held up very well for a long time. This means you don’t have to worry about the durability of Delta faucets.

Which One Is A Better Pick For Your Home?

Delta Touch2O Faucet

Well, after going through the comparison, choosing one faucet out of Brizo and Delta shouldn’t be a big deal at all.

When you are looking to set up a premium-looking high-end bathroom, Brizo is the way to go. They come with some amazing choices with advanced features.

And they have a much more premium look compared to Delta.

However, if you want to have more options on the finish and also want to save some money, then Delta is the way to go. They are quite affordable and have plenty of finishing available for you.

As for the quality factor, both of them are pretty similar. So, if you think about quality, you can go with either of them and still be satisfied with what you get.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Brizo higher quality than Delta?

Yes, Brizo is more premium in quality compared to Delta faucets. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s higher in quality, but they are much more premium.

Does Delta make Brizo?

Yes, Delta is the manufacturer of Brizo. Brizo is their premium faucet line that Delta manufactures themselves. 

Are Delta and Brizo finishes the same?

Since both faucets come from the same manufacturers, you can guess that the finishes are the same for the most part. Still, you can see variety in the finishes available for both the faucet choices.

Is Brizo a luxury brand?

Brizo is a premium line of faucets that are a bit more expensive than standard ones. So, you can consider Brizo as a luxury brand.

Is Brizo high end?

Yes, Brizo is positioned as Delta’s high-end luxury brand, commanding around a 20-30% price premium over comparable Delta faucets. Brizo stresses premium materials, avant-garde styling, and bold designs to set themselves apart as a luxury/designer faucet brand.

What faucets do plumbers recommend?

Most plumbers recommend mid-range to premium faucet brands like Delta, Kohler, Moen, Grohe, and American Standard. These brands offer a good balance of quality components, durability, and sensible features without breaking the bank. High-end brands like Brizo and Hansgrohe are also well-regarded but come at a luxury price.


To conclude, choosing between Brizo and Delta is a debate that will always have a clear winner when considering the right factor. For example, anyone who wants to set up their bathroom with premium faucets will always go with Brizo.

 Even though they have a higher price tag, they are worth that price because of the premium quality.

But for anyone wanting to save money, Delta faucets are a better option. So, if you are thinking about premium quality, then Brizo is the winner. And if you are thinking of money, then Delta is the winner.

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