Vortens Toilet Reviews 2022: Is It Worth It?

People think Vortens produces pretty good toilets because it has a new industry-leading 1.1 GPF technology under its hood. But are they really good?

The answer is no! They have many quality and performance issues. In this Vortens toilet review, I’m going to reveal them all.

Although there are some good sides to Vortens toilets, they are mostly substandard toilets with below-average performance. But you should know them before you make up your mind.

I’ll show you some of the major complaints against this toilet in this article. So, let’s get started.

Vortens Toilet Problems

A lot of verified users have come forward with many complaints. Here I will include some of them that are concerning. After knowing them, you can decide whether they are worthy of your time and effort. So, let’s get right in.

  • Poor Build Quality
Vortens Toilet

One of the most concerning issues that have come to our attention is that Vortens toilets have inferior built quality.

According to some users, their Vortens toilets have cracked after using some days.

It might have happened because of poor built quality and materials.

Cracking is really concerning because you have to put money and effort into installing a toilet, but it’s infuriating if it cracks after a few days. But unfortunately, it happens to many Vortens toilets.

  • Not So Great Flush

Even though Vortens has all the industry-leading flushing technologies, including 1.6 GPF, 1.28 GFP, and even 1.1 GFP, its flushing performance is unsatisfactory.

Its pressure-assisted 1.1 GPF flushing moves too little water to clean the bowls effectively.

Because of the less water, your bowl won’t get enough to clean the waste, and as a result, there will be stains on the bowl. It might sound disgusting, but it’s so much worse than this in reality.

You will end up flushing multiple times. So much for saving water with a 1.1 GPF technology.

  • They Often Leak     

You heard me right. Vortens toilets are infamous for leakage. The 1.1 GPF pressure-assisted toilets have the latest flushing technology, which does not save them from leaking.

Because of negligence in designing and making, Vortens toiles are prone to leak.

Imagine, after flushing instead of cleaning the bowl, your toilet starts leaking! Horrible, right? But it might happen with a Vortens toilet.

Because of the leaking, you won’t be able to clean your toilet bowl efficiently; you’ll use more water and not get a good result even after that.

  • Substandard Glazing

Another major complaint against Vortens toilets is about their glazing. The glazing of most Vortens toilets is below substandard.

As a result, the solid wastes stick to the bowl. You will have to scrub them off; otherwise, they remain on the bowl, like glue above and below the water line.

Because of this, your toilet becomes stained. It will require more frequent cleaning, and you will use more water to maintain your toilet. Apart from that, these toilets have 2 inches trapway with very poor glazing.

So, waste won’t go away quickly, eventually making your toilet clog.

  • Not So Impressive Warranty

Warranty is an essential part of a product. It indirectly shows the quality of a product. Vortens toilets come with a 5-Year overall warranty and a 3-Year warranty for parts. That is actually not a good warranty at all, especially considering its price.

Only a 3 years warranty for parts shows that even the manufacturer is not confident about the parts. Other brands offer better warranty terms at a similar price point. This video will make more sense to you.


Should You Purchase A Vortens Toilet?

These are only some of the issues with Vortens toilets. There are a handful of others.

So, I don’t think it’s good to purchase Vortens toilets even after knowing their drawbacks. They offer a substandard performance. Most importantly, these toilets are not good in terms of quality.

So, it would be right to avoid this brand while looking for toilets. As much as they claim, you will have to spend more water flushing multiple times to clean the waste from your toilet bowl.

So, you’ll be spending more on water instead of saving it with 1.1 GPF and other flushing technologies.

How to Unclog Vortens Toilets?

We already know that Vortens toilets have poor quality glazing and a below-standard trapway. As a result, they are very prone to clogging. Here’s how you can easily unclog a Vortens toilet when you face a minor clogging:

  • Firstly, use a plunger to push down any elements that clog your Vortens toilet.
  • Now flush your toilet and see whether it’s still clogged. If it isn’t clear yet, you have to use a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water.
  • You have to mix two cups of vinegar with one cup of baking soda and pour it into your toilet. Then add half a gallon of hot water to your toilet. It should be unclogged by now.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Where are Vortens toilets made?

Vortens toilets are made at Benito Juarez plant. They manufacture toilets with industry-leading flushing technology, but there are many complaints against their quality and performance.

How much is a Vortens toilet?

Vortens toilets are not exactly cheaper. You’ll need a considerable amount of money for these toilets. The price ranges from $450 to $4,000.

Are Vorten toilets good?

Vortens claims to make high-quality toilets with the latest technologies. But according to many users, it has severe issues with quality and performance. In a word, these are not so good.

Why does my toilet never stop running?

One of the reasons your toilet does not stop running is because it has a dirty flapper. A short chain between the flapper and flush lever can be another reason.


After reading all these Vortens toilet reviews, it’s clear that you shouldn’t be purchasing these toilets. Unless, of course, you want to waste more water, money, and effort on it. If I were you, I would go nowhere near this toilet brand.

Although it has some good sides, overall, Vortens make crappy toilets. Purchasing them will be a complete waste of money. So, better stay away from them.

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