TOTO Legato Vs. Nexus Toilet: Which One Is Better?

When you are thinking about building a new toilet or remodeling the existing one, then it is a very crucial decision to make. It would impact the overall valuation of your home significantly.

If you are thinking about TOTO Legato vs. Nexus, then you have stumbled upon the right place, I must say.

I have got you covered by mentioning all the differentiating factors between TOTO Legato and TOTO Nexus. By getting to know about those aspects you will be able to make a decision based on that.

So, let’s not delay anymore and get started.

A Quick Comparison Table

The information is presented to you in a tabular format so that you can make a decision to buy a toilet just by having a glimpse of it.

So, here you go.

SpecificationsTOTO LegatoTOTO Nexus
Outside lookThe look of the TOTO legato is not as acclaimed as the TOTO Nexus.To most of the users, the overall look of the TOTO Nexus is better than the other counterpart.
The smoothness of the surfaceThe surface of the TOTO legato is not as good as the TOTO Nexus.TOTO Nexus comes with a solid surface, making it really lucrative to its users.  
Bigger water surfaceThe water surface inside the toilet tank is bigger. The surface is about 7-3/4″ x 9-3/8″.The water surface inside the tank is a bit smaller for TOTO Nexus. For TOTO Nexus the surface is about 6-5/8″ x 9-1/8″.  
The bowl designThe design of the toilet bowl is not the same as the TOTO Nexus. Here, the surface is smooth. The toilet bowl design is different from that of TOTO Legato. TOTO nexus bowl surface comes with some small lines.  
Mounting issueThere is not any issue regarding the installation faced by the majority of the users. There might be some mounting issues during the installation process.  
DesignIt is computer-designed with a fully glazed trap way.  It comes with a Fully Skirted design.  

These are some major differences that you are going to find out between TOTO Legato and TOTO Nexus. Still, having a hard time making the final decision?

Then, to make the ultimate well-informed decision, the next section is for you. You will be able to make to know all the differentiating factors in a detailed manner there.

Key Differences Between TOTO Legato and TOTO Nexus

After knowing all the differentiating aspects of TOTO Legato and TOTO Nexus, in brief, let’s get to know about those in detail in this part of the write-up. I am sure you will find it helpful to pick one between these.

  • Outside Look Of The Toilets
TOTO Legato Toilet

Who doesn’t want an elegant look for their toilet? I am sure you are no different as well. That is why so many people fall for the look when it comes to picking a toilet for their bathroom.

TOTO Nexus comes with a beautifully designed toilet that gets the attention of the potential users and just by the look from the outside some users pick it over the TOTO Legato.

There might be another reason for considering it more, as the price and the functionality between these two toilets are almost the same.

  • The Smoothness Of The Surface

Some users say that the external surface of the TOTO Nexus is smoother compared to the TOTO Legato. It worked as a positive factor for them while picking the TOTO Nexus over the TOTO Legato.

The surface of the TOTO Nexus is really solid and that makes it more lucrative to the users for bringing it home.

  • Comfort Height

Comfort height toilets are taller, similar to a chair height, making them more accessible and comfortable for use. Both Legato and Nexus come in a universal height of 16.5 inches from floor to seat. This chair-like height makes it easier to sit down or stand up, great for those with mobility issues.

Some Nexus models like the Nexus Bevier one-piece even offer an ADA compliant comfort height of 17 to 19 inches for additional accessibility. So in terms of bowl height, the Nexus line provides even more options to suit your needs.

  • Bowl Coatings and Cleaning

Keeping your toilet clean is easier with Legato and Nexus’ specialized bowl coatings:

SanaGloss – Legato toilets feature TOTO’s SanaGloss glazing. The super smooth, ion-barrier surface prevents debris, mold and bacteria from sticking to the bowl. This makes day-to-day cleaning much simpler.

CeFiONtect – Nexus toilets are equipped with CeFiONtect, TOTO’s patented “cefi-on” ceramic glaze. The extra smooth, nano-tech surface also resists build up, keeping the bowl cleaner for longer.

So both Legato and Nexus toilets have an ultra-smooth bowl coating that deters waste particles from sticking and simplifies upkeep. Nexus also offers additional cleaning options like their Cyclone siphon jet and rimless bowl design for hard to reach areas.

  • Water surface

The water surface size determines how much water can a toilet tank hold. It may have a direct impact on the cleaning after flushing the toilet.

TOTO Legato’s water surface in the toilet tank is bigger than the TOTO Legato. It has a water surface of 7-3/4″ x 9-3/8″ to be precise. On the other hand, TOTO Nexus has a water surface size of 6-5/8″ x 9-1/8″.

  • The Bowl Design

The toilet bowl design significantly differs between the two toilets. Especially, the surface of the toilet is clearly different from each other. 

For TOTO Legato the toilet bowl surface is absolutely smooth but for TOTO Nexus the surface is not smooth rather it has some small lines in it.

  • Mounting Issue

The installation process is a very important aspect that needs enough consideration while making the purchase decision. Some complications may arise when it comes to doing the installation job for the TOTO Nexus.

Some users have complaints regarding the mounting issues during the installation of the TOTO Nexus in their bathroom. There are no major complaints against TOTO Legato on the other hand.

  • Design Of The Toilet

TOTO Legato is a computer-designed toilet having a fully glazed trap way. On the contrary, TOTO Nexus comes with a Fully Skirted design. 

So, these are some basic differences between the TOTO Legato and TOTO Nexus toilet brands. I hope after getting the detailed insights between the two toilets you can now make a better decision that suits your taste ultimately.

  • Maintenance and Warranty

Both the Legato and Nexus provide excellent reliability and protect your investment with generous warranties:

TOTO Nexus

Legato – 1 year limited warranty

Nexus – 3 year limited warranty

Nexus offers triple the coverage spanning 36 months over Legato’s 12 month warranty.

For maintenance, all TOTO toilets are WaterSense certified, meeting strict criteria for water efficiency and performance. Many Legato and Nexus parts are also interchangeable with other TOTO toilets for easy replacement and repairs.

  • Other Standout Features

Adjustable Water Temperature – Some high end Nexus toilets like the Neorest 700H offer adjustable water temperature settings via a remote control. You can customize the temperature of the heated seat, warm water bidet and air dryer for utmost comfort.

Automatic Flush – Motion activated flushing detects when you walk away from some Nexus models and flushes automatically for added convenience.

Night Light – An illuminated bowl allows you to find the Nexus toilet at night for safety and convenience.

Quiet Close Lid – Slow closing toilet seats and lids are standard on Nexus and Legato toilets, preventing loud slams.

Warm Air Dryer and Heated Seat – Features like an integrated dryer and heated seat on Nexus’ most advanced Neorest collection takes the bathroom experience to new luxurious heights.

So when it comes to extra fancy bells and whistles, the Nexus line offers the widest selection from automated functions,mood lighting and temperature control features for total comfort and customization.

Pros and Cons Comparison

To recap, here’s a quick rundown of the main pros and cons of each model:

TOTO Legato Pros:

TOTO Legato
  • Elegant, one-piece elongated bowl
  • Tornado flushing system provides 360 degree cleaning using only 1.28 GPF
  • SanaGloss glaze for easier cleaning
  • Universal comfort height improves accessibility
  • Good mid range price point for a high end toilet

TOTO Legato Cons:

  • Only available in elongated bowl (no round option)
  • Fewer specialized features compared to Nexus models
  • Shorter 1 year warranty

TOTO Nexus Pros:

  • Stylish one or two-piece design, with elongated and round bowl options
  • Water efficient double cyclone flush uses just 1.0 or 1.28 GPF
  • CeFiONtect glaze also prevents sticking
  • ADA compliant comfort height improves accessibility
  • Additional features like bidet, heated seat, mood lighting, etc.
  • Long 3 year warranty

TOTO Nexus Cons:

  • Very expensive for top of the line Neorest collection
  • Requires electricity for heated seat, dryer, automatic open/close, etc.
  • More complicated installation and setup

Which One Stands Out for Your Toilet?

TOTO Nexus Toilet

So, here we come to answer the question that you must be waiting for. Which one should you consider for your toilet between TOTO Legato and TOTO Nexus?

Well, as you can see, both of these toilets come from a single brand and the brand is very renowned to the people. There is not much of a difference that you can consider as a significant one. 

Even the pricing of both of the toilets is kind of the same. So, if you are not so much into the external look of the toilet that you are going to pick for yourself, then you can pick any of these.

But as most people prefer the look, there will be a general bias for the TOTO Nexus. As far as I am concerned, I would suggest you pick any of the two.

At the end of the day, which one you are going to pick for yourself is entirely your own call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is TOTO Legato a good toilet?

TOTO Legato is from the very famous TOTO brand with double flush technology. It has a very powerful flushing power. You can pick it with the expectation of getting the best outcome for the years to come.

What is special about TOTO toilets?

It comes with a very expected combination that is mostly absent in other toilets available in the market. These toilets come with a one-piece design and have an elongated bowl shape. This combination makes it a perfect fit for any bathroom.

What is the TOTO Legato Toilet?

The high-profile TOTO Legato elongated one-piece toilet with a CeFiONtect finish only uses 1.28 GPF.

What are the benefits of using TOTO Legato Toilet?

TOTO Legato Toilet is WaterSense certified. So, using this toilet allows you to save more than 20% water as it only consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush and clears the waste in the toilet at once.

Which TOTO toilet has the best flush?

Many experts consider the TOTO Neorest NX2 toilet to have the best flushing system among TOTO toilets. It features TOTO’s newest tornado flush technology called Cyclone siphon jet flush, which generates a powerful centrifugal rinsing action to clear the bowl efficiently with just 1.0 or 1.28 GPF.

Are TOTO toilets worth the extra money?

TOTO toilets tend to cost more than your average toilet, but they are often worth the investment. Their innovative designs, durable construction, powerful flushing systems, and advanced features like a heated seat, warm air dryer, automatic open/close lid, etc. provide an unparalleled bathroom experience. The quality and performance of TOTO toilets make them a worthwhile purchase if you want a luxury toilet that will last.

Wrapping Things Up

Now that you know about all the key differentiating factors when you think about TOTO Legato vs. Nexus, I think now making the decision is pretty easy for you now.

If you think that TOTO Nexus comes with a good look, and will increase the overall look of your bathroom, then you can certainly go with it. But remember, there will not be any significant difference when it comes to the functionality between both of the toilets.

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