TOTO Aimes Vs. Aquia Toilet: Key Features And Differences

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TOTO got acceptance among the people within years. So, while deciding betweenTOTO Aimes and Aquia toilet, there is relieving factor that both of the toilets come from this renowned brand.

For taking the ultimate purchase decision this particular write-up will let you know about different differentiating factors between these two. Depending on those factors you will be able to make the ultimate decision regarding which one to pick for your bathroom.

So, let’s not delay anymore and jump into knowing about all those differentiating factors.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here are the significant differences between TOTO Aimes and Aquia toilet in a tabular format to grab the information at a glance. By having a look at it, you will be able to pick a TOTO toilet in a quicker way. So, here you go.

SpecificationsTOTO AimesTOTO Aquia
PriceTOTO Aimes will cost you more.TOTO Aquia is cheaper than TOTO Aimes.  
ColorsThere will be options available to pick the color of the toilet.There is only one single color available for most of the toilets.  
Height It mostly comes with a universal height.This is the dimension of this toilet 27-3/8″ L x 15-9/16″ W x 29-5/16″ H.  
Flush systemIt comes with the ultimate selling point of the brand as a flushing system, that is the Tornado flushing system. TOTO Aquia comes with a DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH system, incorporated with extra efficiency.  
DesignIt is computer-designed with a fully glazed trap way.  It features CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, for preventing debris and mold stuck on the surface.  
Toilet seatIt comes with a toilet seat.The toilet seat is not included here.  
ADA compliantTOTO Aimes is ADA compliant.TOTO Aquia is not ADA compliant.  
Universal height featureIt has a universal height feature. TOTO Aquia lacks a universal height feature.  

Now that you know all the basic specification differences between TOTO Aimes and Aquia, then you might be wondering about the details of those specifications.

Well, if you still haven’t made up your mind then knowing everything in detail can be a great way of getting into the final decision.

So, the later section of the write-up will help you to know about these specifications in detail.

Key Differences Between TOTO Aimes and Aquia

Coming from a renowned brand, both models of the toilets surely come with some good quality features that make it difficult to pick one over another.

To take a calculated and better purchase decision, it is always encouraged to know any information in detail. You will know all the main differences between TOTO Aimes and Aquia in this section in a detailed manner.

So, let’s jump in.

  • Price
TOTO Aimes Toilet
TOTO Aimes Toilet

The price of the toilet plays a notable role when you are trying to pick a toilet for your bathroom.

This would be especially true when it comes to your tight budget.

However, TOTO Aimes will cost you twice as much as TOTO Aquia. So, if you have some budget constraints you may need to think twice before purchasing it.

TOTO Aquia is way cheaper compared to the TOTO Aimes. So, you pick the toilet based on your affordability in here.

  • Color Options

While purchasing the toilet for your bathroom, having the option to pick among different colors gives you an option to match the toilet with the painting color of your bathroom.

TOTO Aimes comes with different color combinations that you can pick according to your choice. On the other hand, TOTO Aquia comes with only one color, and you do not have any other options to pick other than that. 

So, you will have the freedom to pick the color for TOTO Aimes.

  • Heigh Of The Toilet

It is a crucial aspect to consider while picking a toilet for your bathroom. The height of TOTO Aimes and Aquia differs noticeably.

For TOTO Aimes, the height is universal, which means the height is considering the people of all height and competence. But for the TOTO Aquia, the overall dimension of the toilet is 27-3/8″ L x 15-9/16″ W x 29-5/16″ H.

  • Flush System

Both of the toilet models have incorporated the unique flushing system of the TOTO brand the only difference is that TOTO Aquia has got the slightly advanced version of it.

To be precise, the flush system of TOTO Aimes has incorporated a Tornado flushing system, which is the ultimate selling point of the TOTO toilets. It is a technology that combines gravity with centrifugal power for a highly efficient flush for the toilet.

On the contrary, TOTO Aquia uses DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH system that ensures some extra efficiency.

  • Design Of The Toilet

TOTO Aimes is a computer-designed toilet having a fully glazed trap way. But, TOTO Aquia has CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, and it helps in getting rid of all the debris and mold stuck on the surface of it.

So, maintaining hygiene is not much difficult for the users.

  • Toilet Seal Availability

It will not be convenient for anyone to look for the toilet seat for a particular toilet model separately.

However, there comes a difference between the TOTO Aimes and Aquia in this regard.

As TOTO Aimes come with a toilet seat with it so you will not have to look for a toilet seat separately once you decide to purchase a toilet for your bathroom.

It is quite opposite for the TOTO Aquia though, you need to purchase the toilet seat separately as it is not included with the toilet.

  • ADA compliance

ADA compliance stands for Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design. When a product is ADA compliant then it implies that the product is suitable for the disabled as well.

In this case, TOTO Aimes is ADA compliant having a universal height but TOTO Aquia is not ADA compliant. So, TOTO Aquia does not seem to be suitable for the disabled.

  • Universal Height Feature

Universal height means the height is suitable for people of all heights and abilities. TOTO Aimes comes with a universal height feature. But TOTO Aquia lacks this feature.

Which One Stands Out for Your Toilet?

Coming from the same brand of TOTO both the products are undoubtedly a great pick. But having some budget constraint you can consider picking TOTO Aquia, but for that, you need to consider purchasing the toilet seat separately.

If you are not bothered about the budget at all, then you should consider picking TOTO Aimes to avoid that toilet seat separate purchase hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long will TOTO Aimes toilet last?

With the TOTO Aimes toilet, there is no need to worry about how long it will last.

What is the TOTO Aimes Toilet?

The TOTO Aimes is a comfortable toilet as it features an elongated bowl design.

What are the benefits of this TOTO Aimes toilet?

It is better suited for the disabled and even people of all ages as it comes with a universal height feature also it is ADA compliant.

Are TOTO toilets worth the money?

It is one of the best toilets in the market, so without having much confusion you can invest in it for sure.

Wrapping Things Up

By now, I am sure you know which one you should pick when the question is about TOTO Aimes vs. Aquia. You know all the important aspects that need to be considered before making the final purchase decision.

I am sure you are going to pick the best one according to your taste and circumstances. 

Cheers on that!

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