Different Toilet Height Options That You Need to Know

A bathroom is a place where you get the most relief after the day’s hectic life. The bathroom tool that as a user, we use mostly in the toilet for sure.

So, before taking a decision regarding the purchase of one model of bathroom toilet, you need to gather thorough knowledge regarding the toilet height options available in the market.

You need to go for purchasing the toilet height that goes the most with you to ensure comfort during using it.

If you are worried about this, then I have got you covered with this article. So, let’s dive in.

Different Toilet Heights Available To Purchase

different toilet heights

By now, you know that there are different options available in the market regarding the size of the toilet. What are those different heights?

How can you differentiate those from each other? What are the pros and cons they would in? Which one is best suited for you?

Well, relax!

You are going to get answers to all of these questions really soon. 

There are five major toilet heights available in the market and all these toilets vary from each other regarding design and height. Those major toilet heights are mentioned below.

  1. Chair height toilet 
  2. Standard height toilet 
  3. Comfort height toilet 
  4. Custom height toilet
  5. ADA toilet height

Just like having these different names their features are also different from one another to some extent. Having some idea about all these you can get a wise decision while purchasing the toilet for your home. 

So, let’s get to know about all these different toilet heights.

Chair Height Toilet

chair height toilet

Just as the name says, chair height is usually the height of a chair. But precisely a chair height is mostly named for the toilets that have a general height of 17 inches. 

This height can vary from 17 inches to 19 inches. The height starts from the upper part of the seat to the floor of the bathroom.

If the toilet is chair height can be also determined with the sum of the bowl height and the toilet seat height.

This type of chair height toilet is also called the ADA toilet heightAs the measurement of the height number is set by the ADA or Americans with Disability Act for compliance.

This toilet is very comfortable for most of its users.

Pros Of Chair Height Toilet:

  • Standing and sitting is easier while using this toilet 
  • Comfortable for most of the users.
  • There is more acceptability of this toilet as it is named after a different brand.
  • Perfect height as ADA-compliant toilets.
  • Suitable for elderly people.


  • Standard size for all, little or no possibility of customization.

Standard Height Toilet

There is not much of a difference between the comfort toilet and the standard toilet. But the basic difference comes in the measurement of the height.

There will be exactly two inches of difference when it comes to the height of the standard height toilet.

The standard height toilet is two inches shorter than the comfort toilet to be exact. So, the measurement is 15 inches to 17 inches.

This is a comparatively low-profile toilet, as the adults find it difficult to use due to the height. Still, the price is comparatively more than the other alternatives including the installation cost.

You can pick this toilet for the children’s toilet for your home. Keeping it as the main toilet for the elders may make the elder feel uncomfortable.

But it is a better natural position to avoid constipation.

Pros Of Standard Height Toilet:

  1. This toilet is perfect for short people.
  2. Natural position for avoiding constipation.
  3. Children finds it comfortable;


  • Not suitable for elder and average height people.
  • The cost is more than the other toilet.
  • People may fall asleep in the bathroom due to its height of it.
  • User may find it difficult to stand and sit. 

Comfort Height Toilet

Comfort height is actually chair height toilet having the same height. Comfort height is just the Kohler term for the chair height toilets. So, it is basically the brand name of Kohler.

comfort height toilet

The height of the toilet is not a negligible thing to consider. The comfort toilet is the most comfortable one as the height is like the chair height toilet.

Just like the chair height toilet, the height of the comfort toilet can be measured from the floor to the toilet seat.

Kohler is an American toilet manufacturer very well known for its outstanding plumbing products. So, the quality of the toilet is top-notched.

Moreover, comfort toilet is also sometimes known as the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA toilet as the height matches with their compliance.

It is absolutely like the height of the chair. But due to its height of it, people may face constipation issues off and on. But this particular height is suitable for a home having average aged family members.

It is perfect for people who face difficulty in seating in a low position. So, a higher height of it will be much better for themselves.

Just like most of the other toilets, the common color for this toilet is white. There are one or two pieces, both toilets are available.

Benefits Of Comfort Height Toilet:

  • It has the same height as the ADA toilet.
  • Perfect for elderly people.
  • Can cost a little less than the other alternatives.
  • Standing and sitting are easier while using this toilet.


  • Feet can get dangled as a result of it, there might be less circulation of blood.
  • It can increase the chance of constipation.
  • It is not comfortable for children and short people.

Custom Height Toilet

custom height toilet

These are flexible toilets mostly used by men and these toilets are adjusted at the perfect height for the users.

These are basically wall-hung toilets, so they can be positioned at any height that you can pick.

The custom height range could be 15-3/8″ to 28-1/2 so it can be used by people of all sizes. 

It comes with raised bowls to allow the cleaning process underneath.


  • It is wall hung, so the height is easily adjustable.
  • The installation process can be a bit tricky.


  • Elderly people may not feel comfortable using the toilet.
  • This toilet is not widely available around the paces.
  • Young children may also face hardship while using the toilet.

ADA Toilet Height

ADA toilet height

As in the earlier part of the write-up, it is being already mentioned about the chair height toilet and the comfortable height toilet having the same height as ADA toilet height of 17 to 19 inches.

The standard ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) height toilet needs to have a 17”-19” of floor to the seat height.

This measurement is the standard and of a chair size.

It is perfect for most people looking to use a comfortable toilet in their bathroom.

So, there is no basic different amount the chair height toilet, the comfort toilet, and the ADA toilet height. All the pros and cons of the ADA standard toilet also go with other mentioned toilets.

Let’s get to know the pros and cons that this toilet also brings in once you decide to take it inside your house

Pros of ADA Toilet Height:

  • Standing and sitting is easier while using this toilet.
  • This one is suitable for elderly people.
  • Comfortable for most of the users.
  • There is more acceptability of this toilet as it is named after a different brand.
  • It costs lesser than the other toilets.


  • Just like the chair height and comfortable height toilet, it can increase the chance of constipation.
  • It is not comfortable for the children and the shorter people.
  •  Like the other same height toilets feet can get dangled as a result of it, there might be less circulation of blood.

So, here now you know pretty much all the significant aspects of the different height toilets. I have pointed out most of the pros and cons of the different height toilets.

You must have noticed, some features of the toilets are the same, it is just that it just got a different name to be brand specific. The manufacturer wanted to differentiate its product from the rest.

Why Toilet Seat Height Matters?

standard height toilet

When it comes to the height of the toilet, then it counted from the floor to the seat of the toilet

It is a very crucial measurement to consider when it comes to purchasing a toilet for your bathroom.

If you end up buying the wrong toilet for you and your family member, then it would create significant discomfort for all of you.

However, there are different toilet seat heights available in the market. They vary significantly and it is really noticeable.

If you do not have much idea about these toilets then chances are that you may buy the wrong one which will cause enough discomfort later.

From the experts, it is advisable to buy a toilet having a height where you can sit down and stand up very easily. The main point here is, while seating in it, both of the feet must be well rested on the floor. This is the ideal toilet height for you.

So, now the question is will it be suitable for other members of the house as well if there are multiple users for it? 

Well, you have already seen the different toilet heights options that you can pick, and that may serve your purpose well, right?

My Recommendation Regarding Which Toilet Height Should You Pick

The toilet you would pick for yourself would depend a lot on your situation and the age and height of your family member.

Take me for example, I am an average height adult person and the other member of my family also have an average height. So, it was an easy choice for me.

For the main toilets, I kept the comfortable height toilet from the Kohler. I thought a toilet of this height will serve the best for my family.

It was an excellent decision, I think. I never got any complaints of discomfort from my family members.

However, then I noticed whenever children or people of shorter height comes to our home they talked about the unusual height of the toilets. Hence, I remodeled one of the toilets in the standard height.

So, I would recommend you to think about what is essential for your family, if you need a standard or comfortable toilet or you should keep both of these.

I think considering the convenience of all the people you can follow the way I did it if you have multiple bathrooms in your house.

By doing so, you can make sure anyone who would visit your house will not face any difficulties while using the toilets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between comfort height and chair height toilets?

Though it is being considered that the comfort height and the chair height toilets are different toilets, in reality, both of these toilets have the same height. Comfort height toilet is actually is a brand-specific name given by the renowned company Kohler.
On the other hand chair height is the most used name for the toilets having a height of 17 to 19 inches. Basically, there is no significant difference regarding the structure and the design as well.

What height of the toilet is best for seniors?

For average adults or seniors, chair height toilets or comfort height toilets are more suitable. The height is between 17 to 19 inches.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also recommends the toilet have this height from the bottom to the seat. But the feet must be well rested for easy seating and standing.

What is a rimless toilet?

It is another type of toilet. A toilet can be identified as a rimless toilet when it has a design without featuring a rim around the inside of the toilet bowl. It prevents the building up possibility of bacteria and viruses.

Wrapping Things Up

This write-up was for guiding you through knowing the toilet height options that are available. You have already got the idea; I am sure by now you must have made up your mind about which way to go.

While you decide to purchase do not fall for the traps of the salesmen and what they say. Rather use your own judgment and take your decision. 


Clyde Mitchell

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