8 Styles Of Bathroom Vanity That Will Make You Say WOW!

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The roles that vanity cabinets play in the typical household toilets are great indeed. From holding your hygiene products to medications to toiletries and letting you groom seamlessly, the list of the benefits of this household furniture is endless. It is only fair to know more about them.

Our discussions below endeavor to do just that. We have sampled some of the top and most common styles of bathroom vanities. We are going to discuss them with the aim of aiding you in making the most appropriate purchasing decisions possible.

Styles Of Bathroom Vanity

best bathroom vanities

Listed and explained below are some of the top styles of vanity cabinets:

  • Floating Vanity

Also called wall-mounted vanity, a floating vanity is that which is designed to hang on the bathroom wall rather than sitting on the floor. It is a type of vanity cabinet that is mainly handy in those rooms or those circumstances where space constraint is an issue.

If you reside in a condominium, this indeed is the vanity to settle on.

The most notable benefit of this vanity is that it takes up limited space. On the flipside, it is quite delicate and hence requires more attention and care on your part. Take care not to endanger or harm yourself while in the bathroom.

  • Vessel Sink and Vanity Cabinet

Vessel sinks and vanity cabinets are small and compact bathroom sinks. They are mainly useful in areas that are too cramped up and are devoid of any space.

Most modern furniture of these kinds is also optimized for beauty, luxury, and elegance. As such, they discharge the dual roles of enhancing your bathroom’s interior décor.

Apart from being small and compact, they are able to fit just about every other kind of room. They are too small to exert any meaningful stress on your bathroom. Their main serious drawback is the fact that they have smaller capacities. Whole families may find them inconvenient.

  • Under-Mounted Sink Vanity Cabinet

As the name suggests, the under-mounted sink vanity cabinet comprises a basin which is immersed into the cabinet. This kind of arrangement optimizes the available spaces and also negates the need for setting too much storage space. The benefits of this arrangement do not just end there.

Further to the above, this kind of vanity is also intended to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. That is because most are designed to be beautiful to behold. When the bathroom lights are turned on, the reflection generates some awesome appearances which are great to the eyes.

  • Vanity Cabinet

This is more than just a bathroom vanity. It is basically a bathroom vanity with sink and countertop. Apart from containing the sink in which you can or may wash your face, it also has a storage compartment.

That is because the typical vanity cabinet has some pull-out doors which are pretty similar to those that exist in the kitchens.

In these storage spaces, it is possible for you to safeguard all your gears, vital documents, and other valuables out of the reach of many people.

Moreover, they too are beautifully designed to enhance the appearances of your interior décor. That they optimize the limited spaces makes them all the more desirable!

  • Free Standing Vanities

Freestanding vanities are much like the floating vanities discussed above. Rather than being mounted on the wall, they are mounted on the floors.

At their tops is some sink that channels the waste waters to the effluent pipes. They also save on space and incorporate many features into one compact framework.

Other than that, the freestanding vanities are also designed to add some extra beauty to your bathroom and sink. That is because they are beautifully designed and are hence breathtaking to behold.

What’s more? They are also cheaper than most other kinds of vanities. You have them for your consideration if you are short on cash.

  • Makeup Vanity with Mirror

Unlike most ordinary vanities, this one is installable both in the bedroom and the bathroom. It is wholly intended to enable you to groom well. That is why it also comes along with a mirror. You must have plenty of room in your bedroom to be able to install it if you prefer doing so there.

Given its lack of storage spaces, it is severely limited in scope and applicability. You will still have to set aside some portions of your bedroom to care for your wardrobe and footwear. This shortcoming, the makeup vanity is still great even if you have a separate bathroom vanity.

  • Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink is so-called because it is primarily a sink; not a storage device or compartment. It comes in the form of a free-standing sink and resembles both the floating vanity and the free-standing vanities above.

Apart from channeling wastewater away, the pedestal sink also adds some beauty to your bathroom’s interior.

Moreover, it also makes room for the attachment of numerous add-ons. These have the attendant impacts of extending the functionality of the vanity. In so doing, it enables you to achieve numerous other purposes and benefits. You hence get to enjoy more benefits by purchasing it.

  • Contemporary Vanity

A contemporary vanity is not really a type of vanity but a manner in which the cabinets are manufactured and finished. It is mainly a style that is intended to enhance the beauty, looks, and appearance of your bathroom vanity.

That is because it is stylishly elegant, and breathtaking indeed.

Most contemporary vanities are embellished with gold or have some sparkling appearances altogether. For this reason, they appear great whenever the bathroom lights are turned on. This is a style you desperately want to leverage if you are a lover of style and elegance.

Conclusion on Styles of Bathroom Vanity

Having received the right guidance as regards the various styles of bathroom vanities, all that is left of you is to now make appropriate purchases. Simply ascertain your space dimensions and orientations. Thereafter, proceed to find a style that is more likely to fit that space.

When do you plan to install your vanity cabinet? Have you found our information above truly insightful? Who else do you intend to share this information with? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.

We place some high value on the kinds of responses we receive from persons like you…

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