Sterling Vs. Kohler Toilets: Which One Should You Pick for Your Bathroom?

If you think about the most used tool in a bathroom, then we all have the same answer, it is the toilet. To ensure the comfort and elegant look of the bathroom it is important to pick the best toilet. 

There are some renowned brands out there, among them if you are thinking about Sterling vs. Kohler toilets then this write-up is for you.

So, without any further delay, let’s get to know how these two brands differ from each other.

A Quick Comparison Table

There is not much of a difference when it comes to talking about the brand. Sterling is just another brand of Kohler since 1984. 

Everyone knows the company has a reputation of its own, and it is a well-recognized leader when it comes to bath and kitchen design.

Now, let’s get to know about some minor differences between the two toilets.

SpecificationsSterling ToiletsKohler Toilets
No of the piecesMost of this has a Two-piece design.One-piece toilets.  
OriginIt is another brand of Kohler since 1984.It is providing the best quality product before it acquired Sterling.  
DesignMost of the toilet model comes with a transitional design.These toilets come with organic striking designs.  
PriceThese toilets have a middle-ranged price.The overall pricing is more compared to Sterling.  
Flushing technologySterling Toilets come with Pro-Force Flushing Technology.Single-flush gravity technology is used for Kohler toilets.
Water-savingIt takes twenty percent less water during the toilet flush than the other counterparts.It requires more water than the sterling toilet while flushing the toilet.  

I am sure by now you have got a brief idea about the key differences between Sterling and Kohler toilet brands. If you still want to know more about it, then the following sections will be helpful to you.

Key Differences Between Sterling And Kohler Toilets

After having a brief idea about the difference, let’s get to know about those a bit more. Though the Sterling brand is being acquired by the Kohler brand, you can differentiate the differences by looking into these points.

  • No of Pieces
sterling toilet
Sterling Toilet

It is a very important specification to notice when you need to purchase a toilet for your bathroom.

Which one you would choose will generally depend on the type of toilet that you would like to keep in your bathroom.

Here the key difference for most of the toilets for these two manufacturers is that for the Sterling toilets most of the toilet models have two-piece design.

It is the most preferred and comfortable toilet for some users.

On the other hand, when it comes to the Kohler toilets most of the toilet models are one-piece. There is some demand for such toilets as well to some users.

According to your comfort level and personal preference, you will eventually pick which one is going to be the best toilet for you.

  • Origin of The Brands

Initially, Sterling toilets and Kohler toilets were different brands. They had their distinct identity. Sterling originated in the year 1907 and served with its amazing product lines until in the year 1984 Kohler acquired it. 

So Sterling is now another brand of Kohler. Though Kohler is the parent company now, there is still some basic difference in the product lines that may impact the buying decision for the users. 

  • Design Variation
KOHLER ModernLife Rimless Toilet
KOHLER ModernLife Rimless Toilet

Not all toilet designs are well-suited for your bathroom, especially when there is not plenty of space in the bathroom.

You may have to consider the light, look and a certainly designed toilet would change the overall look of your toilet.

However, for the Sterling toilets, most of the toilet designs are to some extent transitional whereas, Kohler toilets have organic striking designs mostly. 

You may have a certain preference for one design over the other one, and you pick the one for you accordingly.

  • Price Differences

It is another important aspect that most people take into consideration while purchasing a toilet for their home, especially when they are doing it on a tight budget.

The price of the Sterling toilets is usually in the medium range. So, people with a little budget can consider that. On the contrary, the price of the Kohler toilets is higher than the Sterling toilets.

  • Different Flushing Technology

The flushing technology for the Sterling and Kohler toilet is different. Sterling toilets mostly have pro-force flushing technology, on the other hand, Single-flush gravity technology is used for most of the Kohler toilets.

  • Water Saving

If you consider the water-saving of both of these toilets, then Sterling toilets will undeniably stay ahead. Sterling toilet saves almost twenty percent more than the other toilets. 

So, the Kohler toilets can’t save as much water as Sterling toilets. 

Which One Will Be the Best Fit For Your House?

By now, you know the key differences between the Sterling and Kohler toilets. Since right now you can not differentiate both of these brands much, then it is normal to be confused about which one to pick!

Then, it is better to pick the one that best matches your preferences. And not to fall for the advertisement and persuasion of the sellers. Ultimately, only you know what is a better pick for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What toilets do Consumer Reports recommend?

The single flush toilet is normally recommended by Consumer Reports. Dual flush does not necessarily always provide the best outcome of cleaning the waste.

How much does a good toilet cost?

The average cost of purchasing a toilet is around $500. The price can range from as high as $1500. The pricing of the toilet depends on the overall feature that a toilet would offer.

How often should you replace your toilets?

According to the plumbers, a toilet can last for up to 50 years on average. But due to improper installation and usage, this life span will not apply to all the toilets. So, it will require replacement earlier than that average timing.

Wrapping Things Up

There is no point in remaining in a fix regarding Sterling vs. Kohler toilets while making the purchase decision. 

Your financial situation, bathroom size, lighting in the bathroom, and other aspects are different, and you know which toilet fits your bathroom the most.

So, you can use your judgment to get the best toilet for your bathroom. Regarding the brand, you will not have to worry as both of these brands have years of reputation among the users.

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