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Standing Water Inside Shower Drain: Reasons And How To Fix?

Standing Water Inside Shower Drain: Reasons And How To Fix?

How would you feel when you find that the poured shower water is getting stuck standing inside the shower drain? I know you will feel disgusted whenever such situations break out.

However, standing water inside the shower drain can happen when the shower drain gets clogged and the water cannot go through the drain.

If you are dealing with this problem, then know that you are not alone. It is a very common issue faced by most households.

So, what are the possible reasons and solutions to this particular problem? Let’s get to know this.

Reasons Why Water Remains Inside The Shower Drain

clogged shower drain

There could be only one reason, mostly when the water remains inside the shower drain.

The reason is when the shower drain gets clogged then the water doesn’t get the path to flow from that line.

Just you when start discovering it, after using the shower for a few times, then the shower is developing a water clog or it has already developed a water clog.

When there is the presence of debris inside the shower drain due to the clog then it would create a disturbing smell inside the bathroom as well. You will not find it pleasant at all.

The Signs Of The Clogged Drain

So, how to know that there is a clogged drain inside your bathroom?

Well, the sign is pretty straightforward if you ask me. After having a shower inside your shower system, you will start noticing that the water is standing inside the shower which implies that the water is not getting the way to flow.

flooded shower due to clogged drain

That happens when there is a blockage inside the pipe of the shower.

This is the sign that should be counted as a clear indication of a clogged drain inside your shower.

Some clog is pretty simple to get rid of.

But when you notice this a regular scenario inside your shower, then it clearly signifies there are multiple clogs in the shower drain.

Some clogs can be so deep that it would be very hard for you to reach them without the help of a plumber. So, when you think it is necessary then without any further delay you can always call a professional plumber to do the job on your behalf.

Ways To Get Rid Of A Clogged Drain

overflown shower drain

The shower drain clog that we are talking about does not happen overnight. It develops gradually inside the shower drain. Once it is developed, then there are a few ways of getting rid of those clogged drains.

In this section, we will try to know about those ways.

  • Pouring Boiling Water

This is one of the most effective methods. Doing it at least once a week can ensure that the ingredients that cause the shower drain to clog can be melted away.

It will not work on the things like the hair or other stuff. But when there is stuff like the soap and grease then it will definitely work.

When you pour the hot water to go through the shower drain, then you are making sure that all the materials that get removed with temperature can be removed.

You can keep this in your bathroom cleaning routine at least once a week. But make sure the temperature is not too hot as it will hurt the drain adversely.

  • Using Vinegar Or Baking Soda

These are some helpful kitchen ingredients that can serve a lot when it comes to getting rid of the clog in the bathroom.

For a deeper, bigger blockage, a mix of baking soda and vinegar can work as a natural solution for getting rid of the hair and other harsh chemicals.

You need to pour a cup of vinegar into the drain, then a cup of baking soda in the same place. Let it rest for some time, after that pour some hot water through the drain. Some people also do it by mixing the ingredients.

  • Using A Plunger

In every home, you will find a plunger. It is an effective solution for getting rid of hair blockage. But this method may not be successful for all the blockages that you may find in the drain of the shower.

It is most effective for the clog that is caused by the hair to get the clog out or any other external thing that can accidentally get stuck inside the shower drain.

There are some other ways of getting the work done like adding petroleum jelly to the edge of the suction pad, this way you will be able to achieve better sealing.

  • Trying Out Commercial Drain Cleaning Products

There are several cleaning products available in the market that you can try out to clear your bathroom drain. Some products have got some good reviews from the users, and you can for sure give it a try.

  • Using A Bare Hand To Clean

You can clean the blockage in the shower drain, sometimes just with your bare hand, when the block is not deeply rooted. 

For hygiene purposes, you can put on a glove before putting your hand on the shower drain. This will be all that you will need to clean the clogged drain.

So, these are the most common ways of getting rid of the clogged drain inside your shower, you can try out any of those.

Watch this video to learn how you can do this just with standing water!

How Can You Prevent Future Clogged Drain Issues?

As you know, the shower drain clogs are developed gradually, there are some ways you can prevent them from being clogged in the first place.

  • Regular cleaning of the shower and drain

You can maintain a routine to clean the shower and the drain of your bathroom. In this way, all the stuff like the hair, soaps, grease will not be able to accumulate in the shower drain over time.

The routine of cleaning the bathroom at least once a week can save you from the shower drain-clogging hassle for sure.

  • Having A Drain Protector Inside Your Shower

You can keep a drain protector in your shower. It will keep all the stuff on the surface of it as those will not find a way to go to the path of the shower drain and eventually creating a stubborn clog.

This tool can work like magic when it comes to hair. All the hair gets stuck on it without falling to the shower drain to create a clog.

  • Using loose soap rather than the hard one

We all know when we use a hard soap then not all parts of the soap get dissolved. Some of those parts may get stuck on the drain, and eventually, it may cause that blockage issue.

To avoid it, you can go for using the loose soap instead. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my stand-up shower smell?

Most of the time the reason behind the smell is the debris that is stuck in the shower.

Can plunging make a clog worse?

Yes, when you put too much pressure on the plunger, then the shower drain may be harmed. Sometimes, it may not be able to get rid of the clog as well.

Where is the P-trap in a shower?

A P-trap is located under the shower drain hole.

Wrapping Things Up

You have must have got some idea regarding the reasons and the solutions for standing water inside shower drain problem of your bathroom.

The next time you see this issue happening inside your home, I am sure you will be confident enough to get rid of that problem right away.

If you see that the problem keeps happening off and on, then you can call a professional plumber to get it fixed without further delay.

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