Sonicare Toothbrush Light Blinking Rapidly: Reasons And Solutions

Have you recently purchased a Sonicare toothbrush to take care of your oral health? As a beginner, you might be thinking about “Why is my Sonicare toothbrush light blinking rapidly?” 

Don’t worry—anything to panic about.

Sometimes, it may not behave the way you expected it to do. But that doesn’t it has broken. After talking with several experts, we’ve come up with some practical solutions to handle the problems. 

Let’s get into them!

Why Sonicare Toothbrush Is Blinking Light Suddenly?

Sonicare fast blinking green light

There could be several reasons!

Sometimes, it may display blinking light rapidly because the system inside the electric toothbrush is suggesting you charge it.

Though it’s enough to use for the next brushing session, it may still show the blinking green light to better performance and cleaning ability.

Charge the toothbrush for 8-10 hours continuously. But if you’re still seeing the blinking problem, there might be serious issues with the battery.

Changing the battery seems the practical solution. Make sure you buy the official battery to ensure better and smooth operation.

However, there might be some function errors, which may go away automatically after a particular time. If it still doesn’t go away, you better get a new battery. 

If you can’t determine the actual problem, it’s better to take it to a nearby Philips Sonicare store. 

5 Effective Tips To Raise The Lifespan Of Your Sonicare Toothbrush

Like other electric toothbrushes, Sonicare toothbrushes also have a limited lifespan. But when you follow some practical tips, you can use the toothbrush for a reasonable amount of time.

  • Say No To Third-Party Chargers

Beginners often use different chargers to recharge their toothbrushes. But it harms the battery significantly.

Always use the original charge to recharge the battery. This’ll ensure a longer lifespan for the battery and smooth functions.

Electric toothbrushes have many sensitive parts, but the battery is the most sensitive.

That’s why the manufacturer makes the charger in a way so that it can provide a balanced power supply with a safety circuit.

  • Don’t Charge Frequently 

Some people think charging the Sonicare toothbrushes will ensure decent battery performance. But they’re wrong. Instead, it has the opposite effect. 

This practice will bring quality deterioration to the battery.

Instead of charging it frequently, charge the electric toothbrush for 24 and use it until the battery level reaches the low line.  

Additionally, you can recharge the battery when the motor isn’t working as fast as it should be. 

  • Clean the Motor Shaft and Insulation Area Regularly

The motor is the central part of an electric toothbrush that allows you to use the device properly to clean your teeth. But if the motor has any leakage issues, its performance will fall drastically. 

That’s why keeping the motor shaft and insulation area always clean and free from water is crucial. Rusting issues may occur for the motor chamber and chamber if any moisture enters inside it. 

  • Disconnect The Charger After Full Charge

Charging after full charge can cause significant damage to the battery life gradually. You may not realize it initially. But after a particular time, it’ll be easily noticeable.

A vast number of people prefer charging their Sonicare toothbrushes overnight. Apart from damaging the battery performance, it’s also risky too. 

Some people have already experienced batteries undergoing explosions while charging overnight.

  • Keep The Toothbrush Body Out Of Water

There’re many sensitive insulated parts in a Sonicare toothbrush. The power switch is one of them. Keeping the toothbrush free from water is necessary. 

Otherwise, you may notice leakage problems. 

When water gets inside the electric toothbrush, it may not function naturally. Also, some parts may get damaged if a large amount of water has entered inside it. 

Let’s talk about it’s other problems as well… 

Why Is Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Not Turning On?

There might be several reasons, which prevent your toothbrush from turning on.

  • If your toothbrush battery doesn’t have any charge, you can’t operate it. Recharge it properly for up to 24 hours until it gets full. 
  • Sometimes, toothpaste or debris may enter inside the power button, which will cause a stuck issue. Take a wet rag to clean the power button and its surrounding area. 
  • If you’ve used any third-party charger to recharge the battery, it may prevent the battery from fully getting charged. Use the original charger to recharge the battery.
  • Sometimes, the outlet you use to recharge the battery might have issues. In such a case, changing the outlet will be an appropriate option. 

Different Lights On Sonicare and Their Meanings

 Before learning about Sonicare fast blinking green light, let’s know the meaning of different lights of this toothbrush. It’ll help you to solve the problem more effortlessly.

Generally, there’re three different lights you’ll see on this toothbrush: amber or yellow, green, and solid green. 

  • Amber/Yellow Flashing Light
various lights on Sonicare toothbrush

If the toothbrush shows amber or yellow light, its battery level becomes low.

Charging it soonest is necessary. 

Also, you’ll hear three beeps from it, indicating it requires charging.

But the beeping times may vary based on how many indicators lights your Sonicare toothbrush has.

  • Green Flashing Light

If you notice green lights on your Sonicare toothbrush, it has a partial amount of charge.

It generally occurs when you’re recharging the battery. 

The flashing green light indicates your battery is still charging and doesn’t become fully charged.   

  • Solid Green Light

Once your toothbrush gets fully charged, it’ll have solid green lighting. You can stop charging the battery as it’s complete. 

How Long Will a Full Charge Last?

The lifespan of a full charge depends on the model of Sonicare toothbrush you’re using. Sonicare has already introduced more than 10 Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush models until now. 

But they’re mainly two types of electric toothbrushes among them: Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean and Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart.

  • Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean

Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean is a gentle yet powerful electric toothbrush that can last up to 3 weeks when you charge it for 24 hours continuously. 

It’s better to reduce the battery charge before recharging it fully. This’ll ensure long-lasting battery life. 

  • Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart

Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart can last up to two weeks with a full charge. You might have questioned why this unit has a lower battery life than the other version.

This smart toothbrush has some extra features, which are absent in the other model. That’s why it lasts one week less. But it’s still enough. 

What Chargers to Use for Sonicare Toothbrush?

It’s a good rule of thumb to use the official charger of the Sonicare that’s provided with the product. Otherwise, you may face some charging issues. 

Ensure you don’t keep the charger on a metal surface or other nearby charger. Further, the charge will be attracted to the metal surface, and it’ll take more time to charge the toothbrush fully. 


Are you still wondering about this question: “Why is my Sonicare toothbrush light blinking all of a sudden?” 

Surely not! We’ve already discussed all the possibilities behind the blinking issues. 

Ensure you’re aware of the meaning of different lightings for a Sonicare toothbrush. We’ve also outlined some practical tips to keep your electric brush in good condition. 

If you are still facing any issues, it’s better to take it to a nearby Philips Sonicare customer care. 

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  1. My sonic care has a picture of a toothbrush head and 2 blinking yellow arrow around them. This is above the battery indicator. What does that mean? I can’t find a picture or info on my type of Sonic care. Who knew there where so many kinds out there. thanks

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