Smilekit Vs. HiSmile: Which Teeth Whitening Product Is Better?

Pearly white teeth are considered attractive and a sign of good health. As we age, our teeth can become stained and discolored from food, drinks, smoking, and other lifestyle factors.

This has fueled a growing market for at-home teeth whitening products that promise to help you achieve a brighter smile.

Two popular options are Smilekit and HiSmile, but how do you know which one will give you the best results?

Overview of Smilekit and HiSmile

Whitening MethodCustom fitted trays + 6-8 syringes whitening gelPre-filled disposable trays
Process TimeResults in 7-14 daysResults in 6-10 days
Whitening EffectsGradual multi-shade brightening, lasts 6+ monthsRapid yet short-term brightening, fades in weeks
Formula & IngredientsVegan, non-toxic, potassium nitrateUndisclosed, contains silica & peroxide
Cost$99-$189 for kits, $$44-55 for refills every 6 months$80-$180 per kit, reorders needed every 2 weeks
SensitivityVery low due to potassium nitrateHigh due to peroxide
SafetyHypoallergenic, avoids gum irritationHidden ingredients may cause reactions
ConvenienceCustom trays require more effortDisposable trays are instant & simpler
Customer ReviewsOver 85% satisfaction, proven resultsMixed reviews on actual whitening effects

Customization and Comfort

Smilekit Teeth Whitening

One of the biggest differences between Smilekit and HiSmile is that Smilekit provides custom-fitted whitening trays made specifically for your teeth.

You create dental impressions at home and mail them back, then receive custom trays tailored to your unique smile.

This allows the whitening gel to fit closely against your teeth and whiten more effectively.

The custom fit is also more comfortable for longer wear.

In contrast, HiSmile uses a one-size-fits-all approach with pre-filled disposable trays. You don’t have to make any impressions —just pop them in and whiten.

However, the generic fit means the trays can be loose or bulge in areas, allowing the gel to leak and cause gum irritation. They may also be uncomfortable with prolonged use.

For tailor-made trays and comfort, Smilekit is the winner. But HiSmile offers simplicity and convenience by skipping the fitting step.

Comparison of Whitening Process and Results

The actual bleaching process is very similar between both products. You apply the whitening gel to the trays and wear for 30-60 minutes a day until you reach your desired shade of white.

However, Smilekit uses a gentle whitening gel with potassium nitrate to help reduce sensitivity. HiSmile contains a higher percentage of carbamide peroxide for faster results but may cause more temporary tooth and gum pain.

Independent tests rate both products highly for dramatically improving tooth color. Most users see at least two shade levels of lightening within two weeks.

Yet Smilekit seems to yield longer-lasting brightening over time without regression or yellowing. Some HiSmile users complain their dazzling results fade after a few months as stains return quicker.

For those seeking a gentle but highly effective whitening treatment, Smilekit is likely the safer choice. But HiSmile gives you quicker yet temporary brightening if you have an event coming soon.

Cost Comparison

As premium teeth whitening brands, neither option comes cheap. Let’s break down the costs:


  • $99 for intro/express kit (3 syringes whitening gel, 1 pair fitting trays)
  • $148 for starter kit (5 syringes, 1 pair fitting trays, 1 pair maintaining trays)
  • $189 for complete kit (7 syringes, 1 pair fitting trays, 1 pair maintaining trays, whitening pen)
  • $44 per syringe gel refill
  • $55 per tray refill


  • $80 for HiSmile Go kit (3 disposed trays, 1 activated charcoal oral rinse)
  • $130 for HiSmile kit (10 disposable trays)
  • $180 for HiSmile Ultimate kit (20 disposable trays, 2 oral rinses)

Smilekit has higher startup costs due to the custom trays, while ongoing use of HiSmile trays and gel works out pricier. Factor each product’s average duration too. HiSmile disposable trays suggest replacing every 2 weeks for continued whitening.

Smilekit trays can sustain results up to 6 months before needing replacement gels or fittings.

Over the long run, Smilekit saves money with better value retention. But HiSmile makes sense if you only want a short-term fix.

Convenience and Lifestyle Factors

HiSmile Teeth Whitening Paste

While Smilekit produces better tailored results, the process requires more effort on your part.

You must take dental impressions properly, wait up to three weeks for custom trays, and keep using the product to maintain brightening.

However, Smilekit trays are reusable for over six months.

HiSmile skips the impressions for instant application. Just open and apply pre-filled whitening trays whenever you desire, without waits.

The disposable design means less hassle keeping trays clean too. But it’s less environmentally friendly generating more plastic waste. You also have to continually re-purchase trays and gel every couple weeks for touch-ups.

Ultimately, Smilekit provides enduring results yet demands more diligence. HiSmile gives instant gratification yet ongoing expense for temporary whitening. Casual users who want a quick smile refresh before a wedding or event are better suited to HiSmile.

Smilekit rewards the patient who want dramatic, long-term whitening.

Ingredients and Safety

Safety should be your top priority when placing any chemical product in your mouth. All teeth whitening solutions carry some risk of temporary tooth sensitivity or gum inflammation. So checking what goes into these products is important.

Smilekit uses non-toxic, vegan-friendly ingredients like glycerin, potassium nitrate, aloe vera, and vitamin E. It avoids harsh peroxides that irritate gums. Third-party labs test Smilekit gel to ensure purity and gentleness.

Those with sensitive mouths still sometimes experience mild tingling but adjusting application times usually resolves it.

Meanwhile, HiSmile has faced scrutiny around transparency and ingredients. Some users break out in rashes assumedly from undisclosed additives. HiSmile gel contains silica compounds which are considered safe and effective bleaching agents. Yet the brand reveals little about quality testing or exact formulas.

For health-conscious consumers who value ethical, sustainable choices, Smilekit is the safer bet. People with many allergies or sensitivities should also opt for Smilekit’s hypoallergenic formula.

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Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Hismile's VIO405 Teeth Whitening Kit

With two great alternatives available, customer experiences can provide helpful insight.

HiSmile became an overnight success endorsed by celebrities and influencers.

Yet shopper reviews present a mixed view of actual results.

Positive reviews praise HiSmile’s dramatic whitening power.

But many complain of causing tooth sensitivity without lasting brightening once stopping usage.

Smilekit earns overwhelmingly high customer satisfaction for matching marketing claims.

Users consistently see multi-shade improvements in tooth color within two weeks. Most experience only minor sensitivity that fades shortly after finishing treatment.

And Smilekit’s results have better longevity than HiSmile over months not weeks. Happy repeat customers feel the higher investment pays returns through custom fit and reliably dazzling smiles.

FAQs about Smilekit and HiSmile

What is the HiSmile controversy?

HiSmile received lawsuits over failing to disclose high levels of hydrogen peroxide found in early gel formulations. While now rectified and safe, the scandal damaged trust despite no proven injuries. Today HiSmile faces growing backlash around influencer marketing rather than tangible whitening results. Many claim the Instagram-fueled brand cares more about sales than safety or transparency.

What are the negative effects of HiSmile?

The most common HiSmile side effects are tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and mouth ulcers. These usually stem from ill-fitting trays causing gel leakage or abrasion. HiSmile gel also contains more peroxide than Smilekit for faster yet harsher bleaching. Some experience stained gums, receding gums, or decaying enamel after overusing HiSmile. Those with fillings or other dental work must take caution.

Is Smilekit safe to use?

Yes, Smilekit uses non-toxic ingredients and follows EU cosmetics regulations for safety. The custom trays prevent leakage or abrasion risks during whitening treatment. Smilekit gel uniquely contains desensitizing potassium nitrate to deter pain. While some temporary sensitivity or tingling is expected with any bleaching agent, Smilekit’s gentle formula minimizes discomfort. Those with dental implants, crowns, or other work should still consult a dentist first.

What is the most effective teeth whitening product?

Dentist-administered in-office power bleaching is widely considered the gold standard for fastest, most dramatic teeth whitening results. However, in-office procedures cost hundreds per session with short-lived outcomes. For safe, significant at-home brightening on a budget, Smilekit ranks as today’s top teeth whitening kit. Custom trays, quality ingredients, and transparent business practices enable Smilekit to outperform most mail-order rivals. While no solution works miracles, Smilekit makes professional whitening affordable and accessible minus risks.

The Verdict: Smilekit Gleams Brighter For Customization And Safety

At the end of the day, Smilekit outpaces HiSmile as the superior teeth whitening choice. What Smilekit loses in sheer convenience, it makes up through customization, comfort, and transparency around product quality.

Over two weeks, Smilekit rivals HiSmile for dramatically lifting stains 6 shades or more. Except Smilekit’s dazzling results have greater longevity without quickly regressing. HiSmile seems ideal for instant yet temporary brightening pre-wedding. But Smilekit transforms smiles long-term without recurring costs.

For those devoted to safe, ethical skincare backed by science, Smilekit also evokes trust. The vegan formula avoids harsh peroxides and inflammatory ingredients that can erode enamel or heal slower.

Instead, Smilekit focuses on gentle, non-toxic bleaching agents proven to brighten without hurting teeth or gums. And third-party labs repeatedly verify Smilekit’s purity and safety claims. Meanwhile, HiSmile faces growing backlash around shady marketing tactics and lack of transparency.

Yes, you’ll invest more upfront and effort with Smilekit. But in exchange, your smile transforms gradually then permanently. Over months of slight lifestyle adjustments, Smilekit customers feel empowered by their own dental care.

The results feel more authentic by earning them through smarter oral health habits. Smilekit tray refills cost only pennies per use over years. Ultimately, Smilekit creates confident, more radiant smiles built to last.

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