Scott Toilet Paper Complaints (What The Hell Has Happened?)

Oh…Kimberly-Clark has really lost lots of lifetime customers! Pissed off their customers with their razor-thin and intolerably abrasive papers. 

So, what the hell happened to Scott®’s toilet paper?

Well, they changed their toilet paper a few years back and it’s not good! Lots of complaints with Scott’s toilet paper. It’s no longer anything it used to be. It used to be their beloved toilet paper. But it’s not for many!

This is NOT a review of their toilet papers. I will just inform you what users are complaining about them. Here we go!

Complaints Against Scotts Toilet Paper By Kimberly-Clark

thin scott toilet paper

Here are some of those issues people are talking about:

  • Thinner Toilet Paper

They have made it so thin that you can see through it. There are lots of videos and images where customers prove that they can see through Scott thin toilet paper.

That’s what happened when you make one-ply toilet paper. People are really pissed-off about this ridiculous change!

There are some people who prefer ‘less-fluffy’ toilet paper. But even to them, Kimberly-Clark has really crossed a line making it intolerably thinner.

It takes 3 to 4 times more toilet paper compared to other brands. You won’t feel comfortable even with 3 folds!

I understand they have made this change to shoot up their profit but that’s also how brands lose loyal customers. And not everyone is amazed at their ‘fast-dissolving’ crappy feature!

  • Frequent Complaints of Quality Issues

One of the most common grievances from Scott customers centers around a noticeable drop in overall quality and durability in recent years compared to their experience with earlier Scott products. Specifically, consumers mention problems like:

  1. Insufficient strength resulting in easy tearing and shredding
  2. Lack of absorbency leading to damp, uncomfortable feel
  3. Excess lint leaving residue on hands or skin
  4. Poor ply adhesion causing layers to separate easily
  • It’s Abrasive!
scott 1 ply thin toilet paper

I understand sensitivity is different for people but according to lots of users, they have made it intolerably abrasive by putting large ‘texture’ on them!

It’s not perforated perfectly for sure.

That’s worse than what you see in the rest stops of the highway! It feels like sandpaper!

Many loyal customers have switched to other brands due to this stupid change.

According to many customers, it’s simply garbage now. I have no idea but people are calling it worse than toilet papers in prison!

  • Does Not Dissolve Quickly As Claimed

The original Scott’s toilet paper never used to float on the toilet bowl water. But due to their recent change, it keeps floating on water when I flush the toilet!

Meaning, you can’t flush your toilet until the paper is fully absorbed and it takes a while to fully absorb! People are begging to bring back the original one.

  • Lint Issue

Yes, the latest version of their toilet paper leaves lint as well. I can remember cleaning my glass with their TP because it did not use to leave any lint. 

But now, they have really messed it up! Nobody likes it when it leaves lint on their butts! Also, you can’t tear the paper at the perforation easily. It shreds instead!

  • Easily Tears Into Pieces

That’s what happens when some stupid come up with the idea to make their toilet papers drastically thinner. 
Females and some people carry toilet paper with them. Scott’s used to be their go-to choice. But since it’s thinner, it tears into pieces easily. 

So, it’s impossible to carry them. Besides, it makes your bathroom dirty quickly as well leaving all those tiny pieces on the floor. 

And yes, it crumbles up too!

  • Breaking Consumer Trust Through Potential Health Issues

One of the most troubling developments tarnishing Scott’s brand image links to pending legal cases around trace levels of asbestos contamination found in some product inventories spanning over a decade across several states.

Scott Toilet Paper

While asbestos exposure from toilet paper stays unlikely for normal use, the fact it evaded quality testing and reached retail distribution channels worries consumers relying in good faith on a household name carrying generations of their loyalty.

By seemingly prioritizing business continuity over consumer safety with the delayed product recall, Scott faces PR crisis in rebuilding buyer trust especially among parents cautious over health risks from carcinogens interacting with their children.

The series of missteps around managing quality, innovation, sustainability, labeling clarity, and consumer well-being cumulatively fuels the growing criticism Scott faces recently over its inability to align with the toilet paper needs of modern consumers compared to earlier eras.

  • You Will End Up Spending More!

Just a few years ago, a single roll of Scotts used to last for a week. Now, it will last for maximum 3 days. So, you will end up buying more of this crap!

They got really greedy… People are actually smart enough to figure out their strategy. 

But hey Kimberly-Clark…

It’s a stupid idea if you lose your loyal customers!

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Finding the Right Balance as a Brand

Evidently, Scott struggles with balancing affordability, quality, sustainability and consumer trust as effectively as in the past. However, as a brand entrenched in buyer loyalty over decades, they still have opportunities to re-engage customers by revisiting ways to deliver improved value from their toilet paper products.

The answer may lie in devising smart consumer-centric innovations, enhancing quality vigilance, investing in conservation goals incrementally, building supply chain resilience to prevent recalls and clearly earmarking product types to resolve purchasing confusion.

Small but compounding moves in re-building consumer confidence with Scott’s commitments to quality, health safety, and transparency could revive its waning brand equity across today’s cautious buyers.

In an evolving toilet paper landscape shaped by eco-options, specialty features and health consciousness, the brand needs returning to its customer-focused roots if they aim protected their market foothold for the next generation of shoppers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is going on with Scott toilet paper?

They kept changing the toilet papers over the years. But they have taken it so far recently where they made the toilet paper thinner, abrasive, the roll is too much narrower too.

Is Scott’s toilet paper made in China?

No. The vast majority of their production is in the U.S. Only a few portions is manufactured in Canada and Mexico.

Why do people like Scott Toilet paper?

Their 1,000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper is most popular among people who don’t like lint and is environmentally conscious. It’s soft and has a quick-to-dissolve design. 

Is Scott toilet tissue bleached?

The pulp they use is not bleached but to whiten the toilet paper, they follow a chlorine-free bleaching step. That’s a normal practice for any toilet brand.

Is Scott 1000 toilet paper soft?

It’s not soft like cotton but it’s not uncomfortable either. 

Is Scott a good toilet paper?

Scott had enjoyed strong brand reputation for quality and value for toilet paper consumers over past decades. However, recent problems around durability, feel, residue, ease of breakage, limited improvements, sustainability concerns, labeling confusion and traces of contaminant in some product inventories have challenged buyer trust and satisfaction remarkably. They now risk losing brand equity unless addressing core issues promptly.

Did they change Scott toilet paper?

Yes, many long term Scott customers widely report noticeable drops in key quality attributes like wet strength, absorbency, ply adhesion and lint residues in recent years suggesting behind-the-scenes changes by the manufacturer in materials, chemicals or production processes to cut costs. The outcome is toilet paper perceived generally weaker, thinner and less absorbent by loyal buyers used to different performance prior.

Closing Remarks

Scott has lost hundreds of thousands of its lifetime users already. And they are perfectly aware of those complaints against their toilet paper.

I just hope they address those concerns soon bring back the old good toilet papers. They are releasing several versions of their toilet papers. You can buy their 2-ply toilet paper too.

You have a bad experience with their toilet papers too, let me know in the comment box. I will include them in this article too! 

Clyde Mitchell

I run a hardware store nearby Court Anaheim, CA. Over the last 7 years, I have been blogging about home improvement and yes, I own From me and this website, you can expect some useful tips on great ideas for a modern bathroom.

15 thoughts on “Scott Toilet Paper Complaints (What The Hell Has Happened?)

  1. Noticed the change today and it is a HUGE difference. I am in couponing group and they all notice as well.

  2. We’ve used Scot’s TP for over 59 years. NOT ANYMORE! It’s cheap, thin, and abrasive. Nice going, KC. You’ve lost 4 families here.

  3. Why are there grey markings on the toilet paper …can you tell me what it is bc I’m having some kind of issue mayby I’m allergic would this be graphene by any chance

  4. I always would use Scott toilet paper, but when I had trouble finding it a few 6 months ago I got another brand. I bought a 36 back at Costco a week ago and it was thinner than tissue paper in a gift box. Unusable. I called Scott’s complaint department. She was a nice lady and said that this was the first time that she got this complaint (BS). Anyway she is sending me a refund. Even if the go back to the way it was many people will not go back.

  5. Adding to the ‘tearing into pieces’ there also isn’t any perforations to tear the square. Very wasteful as the roll keeps unrolling until you use two hands to rip it. Ugh. Please go back to our old Scott’s.

    1. I can’t understand why they glue the f____g first sheet and then they glue another piece a few sheets down !

  6. Thanks for the info. I bought four rolls last week and I thought I was going crazy. And to think it used to be the preferred brand for decades in my family.

  7. This toilet paper will not be bought any more . Thin cheap crap that is no good for wiping ones private parts .You end up with a crumbled piece of tissue and it doesn’t do any good to try to fold it and make it thicker or strongerWASTE OF MONEY

  8. Disgusting! This is a health hazard.

    I’m convinced it’s to charge extra for “more,” just because it’s a larger roll (of nothing).

    Why in the world would anyone decide it’s a good idea to put thin paper on a large wheel that can’t be turned at one tug and causes people to handle the entire surface area of the roll in a public restroom?

    Many people (and kids) don’t understand cleanliness and will in their minds use “the same amount” they always used, causing waste to pass through the paper to their hands and get on all other surfaces.

    There should be regulations for this cr@p!

  9. Your ‘unscented’ toilet paper isn’t unscented.
    Perhaps initially the paper itself isn’t, but the cardboard center roll reeks of cheap perfume, and it permeates everything. The last package I got stunk up not only the bathroom, but the adjoining bedroom and the living room as well. Ghastly.
    But that’s not the worst of it: I am allergic to most scents, and violently allergic to Scott’s. So, in addition to chucking out a large package of the paper, there was the visit to the doctor, the visit to the pharmacy, and a week at home.
    I am DONE with Scott anything.

  10. SOOOO glad to find your site. I am hating the new Scott versions and have tried them all. My grandparents used the single roll individually wrapped TP and that is how I came to the brand. I am hoarding my last individually wrapped rolls and am trying to find another brand. Have not liked any of the current options for anything Scott. And I own Kimberly Clark stock! Not a happy consumer/shareholder!

  11. I notice sometimes the sheets don’t have perforations between them. Even though the paper is thin it doesn’t tear across, often rolling a few more feet off the roll. Truly aggravating.

  12. i have used this brand for over 60 years…it was my favorite and trusted brand and never had a problem until i was sitting there in the bathroom when it hit me, wow, this is not the same quality any more…i am tired of people blaming me for the poo on their hands…this is just nasty! i changed brands the next time i went shopping. no more problem…no more complaints.

  13. This is the worst toilet paper ever. Brought the Scotts 36 rolls tried to return it could not get refund. Nothing but a ripoff.

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