Schluter SCHIENE Vs. JOLLY (Here Are Their Differences)

Stone and ceramic tiles have become a game-changer to the houses by increasing the beauty and elegance. But many tile lines do not provide suitable trim pieces for some of their designed tile options which have become a great problem.

Schluter System provides the solution to this problem. It offers various edge protection and finishing profiles for tile installation, such as Schluter Schiene and Jolly.

But choosing between Schluter Schiene and Jolly might be a little bit tough. That being the case, our Schluter SCHIENE vs. JOLLY analysis can help you out.
So, stick to us to the end!

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationSchluter SchieneSchluter Jolly
UseSpecifically made for decorative transitions and edge protection on the floor coveringIdeal for edge protection of tiles on the wall
MaterialSolid metalsSolid metals and PVC
ColorAvailable in more than 6 colorsAvailable in more than 13 colors
LengthAvailable up to 3.05 m and has 87° slope.Available up to 3.05m
Online PurchaseYesYes
ShapeT, L, P, CurveL, P, Curve

Differences Between Schluter Schiene Vs. Jolly

SCHIENE vs. JOLLY profiles

Though the main purpose of using Schluter Schiene and Schluter Jolly is almost the same, let’s find out some key differences –

  • Different Use

The major difference between Schluter Schiene and Jolly lies here. Schluter Schiene is made for edge protection on the floor. The edges of the tile are sometimes bordered by carpets.

Schluter Schiene protects the carpet from wearing out by covering up the edges. This brings extra decoration to the floor and, at the same time, protects the tiles from chipping.

Schluter Schiene is also used in the staircase. Exposed and sharp tile edges in the stairs can cause accidents. Schiene covers up the exposed edges and gives a smooth finish.

On the other hand, Schluter Jolly is specifically made for covering up the outside corner of the tiles on walls. In the walls, this works as a finishing and edge protection profile that keeps the tile edges smooth and prevents leakage.

Schluter Jolly can also be used as an alternative to caulking. Caulking is a technique to seal the joints/seams, but it is not permanent.

It also does not look good on walls. But Jolly enhances both beauty and protection to the wall.

Though Schluter Schiene is made for floor coverings and Jolly is made for walls, Schluter claims that you can use Jolly for floor and vice versa.

  • Material

Another difference between Schluter Schiene and Jolly can be seen in the materials they are made of. Schluter Schiene is mainly made of solid metals such as solid brass, satin aluminum, and stainless steel.

Schluter Jolly is also made of solid metals, but it is available in other materials also. PVC, anodized aluminum, chrome-plated solid brass, and color-coated aluminum are the most common profiles of Schluter Jolly.

  • Colors
Schluter SCHIENE
Schluter SCHIENE

Variation in colors makes Schluter Jolly superior to Schiene. Schluter Jolly is available in more than thirteen colors. So if you want to do something fun with colors, you can go with Jolly.

You can choose the color of your Schluter jolly according to the color of your tiles. This can give you an extra aesthetic look on your walls and floors.

Schluter Schiene won’t offer you such a variety of colors. It mostly comes in the shade of black and white. So you can’t really match the color of your tiles with Schiene edge protection profile all the time.

But there is a problem with color-coated Jolly profiles. When color-coated jolly profiles are used on the floor of a busy area, there is a high chance that the color will wear off after a few months.

In that case, you should definitely go with Schluter Schiene, and stainless steel Schiene would be a great choice.

  • Length and Size
Schluter JOLLY
Schluter JOLLY

The features of Schluter Schiene and Jolly are almost the same. They both come in the same lengths and sizes. Schluter Schiene and Jolly are now available in up to 3.05m lengths.

Curve, P, and L sizes are available for both Schluter Schiene and Jolly, but Schiene has a unique size of T.

Though Schluter Schiene has slightly more options in the matter of length, you can find the perfect measurements for Jolly also. But Jolly has its perk in the point of width. You can choose any width according to the size of your tiles.

Whether it is a Schluter Schiene or Jolly, you have to choose it after measuring the thickness of your tiles. As there will be a tile motor underneath the tile, you need to take a Schiene or Jolly profile slightly wider than the tile.

But in the case of bigger tiles, you have to choose your Schiene or Jolly profile much wider than the tile because a lot of tile motors will be used for a  bigger tile. So the tile will get thicker.

Watch this video to understand exactly when you should use which.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s read some frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

What is the difference between SCHIENE and jolly?

Schluter Schiene and Jolly are almost the same, but Schiene is mainly used on floor coverings, while Jolly is used on walls to protect the edges and give smooth finishing.

How do you use Schluter jolly?

Before using Schluter Jolly, you have to choose the perfect jolly profile according to the tile thickness. Then you have to set the Jolly profile on the wall and apply a thin coat of tile mortar.
Use the tile mortar underneath the tile also. Then set up the tile so that it fits the jolly profile.

What is jolly edge trim?

Schluter Jolly edge trim is a narrow, linear edge protector that is used to cover up the outside of the tiles and ceramic or stone tile from chipping.

What is a Schluter profile?

Schluter profile is an edge protector that comes in various shapes and sizes to give a smooth finish to your tile installation.

Final Words

There’s no fixed rule that you can follow in choosing between Schluter Schiene and Jolly. Want an easy solution?

Well, if you’re going to have a tile installation on your floor, then pick Schiene. On the other hand, choose Jolly if this is for your wall.

Schluter Schiene vs. Jollyis, not an easy debate, and the decision mostly depends on the types and colors of your tiles or where you are going to install them.

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