RMR-86 Vs. RMR-86 Pro: A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to mold and mildew removal, the battle between RMR-86 and RMR-86 Pro is a hot topic. Both products have their strengths, making them go-to choices for homeowners and professionals alike.

But which one holds the title for the ultimate mold remover? Let’s dive in and analyze these formidable contenders.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesRMR-86RMR-86 Pro
EffectivenessGood for light to moderate stainsExcellent for severe and ingrained stains
Prevention of RegrowthNoYes
PriceMore affordableHigher priced
UseReady out of the boxReady out of the box

Understanding RMR-86

RMR-86 is a rapid mold remover that has made its name for the ability to remove mold and mildew stains quickly, often within seconds.

This product takes a no-nonsense approach towards battling stubborn stains, making it a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Pros of RMR-86
RMR-86 Rapid Mold Remover

The most apparent advantage of RMR-86 is its speed.

It attacks mold and mildew on contact, eliminating stains in seconds.

It’s also quite versatile; it works on multiple surfaces, including wood, concrete, vinyl, and more, making it an all-around mold remover.

Moreover, RMR-86 is easy to use. It comes ready to use right out of the box, and there’s no need for scrubbing or sanding.

This feature helps save time and energy while maintaining a high level of effectiveness.

  • Cons of RMR-86

Despite its strengths, RMR-86 has a few drawbacks. One of the major concerns is its strong smell, which some users may find off-putting. Plus, despite its speed, it might not be as effective on very old or deeply ingrained stains.

Also, this product is not designed to prevent future growth of mold, which means you might need to apply it regularly in problematic areas.

Getting to Know RMR-86 Pro

As an upgraded version, RMR-86 Pro takes everything good about the original RMR-86 and enhances it. It’s marketed as a professional-grade formula, designed to tackle tougher mold and mildew challenges.

  • Pros of RMR-86 Pro
RMR-86 Pro

RMR-86 Pro delivers an even more powerful punch against mold and mildew.

This professional-grade formula has a stronger concentration, making it more effective on severe and older stains.

What sets RMR-86 Pro apart is its longer-lasting effect.

Unlike its predecessor, it contains a preventive formula that slows down the re-growth of mold and mildew, adding a protective layer to your surfaces.

Furthermore, the Pro version has improved its formula to reduce the strong odor issue associated with the original RMR-86, offering a more user-friendly experience.

  • Cons of RMR-86 Pro

The downside of RMR-86 Pro lies mainly in its price. Given its advanced features, it’s more expensive than the original version. This factor might deter some budget-conscious consumers.

Also, due to its stronger concentration, it requires more careful handling and usage to ensure safety.

Key Differences Between RMR-86 and RMR-86 Pro

While both RMR-86 and RMR-86 Pro are effective solutions for battling mold and mildew stains, there are some key distinctions that set them apart. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of these differences to help you make an informed choice.

  • Strength and Effectiveness

The first major difference is the level of strength. RMR-86 Pro is an enhanced version with a more potent formula designed to tackle severe and ingrained mold stains.

While RMR-86 can remove stains in a matter of seconds, RMR-86 Pro has the edge when it comes to more stubborn stains, due to its increased concentration.

  • Mold and Mildew Regrowth Prevention

Another critical difference lies in their approach to preventing the regrowth of mold and mildew. RMR-86 works phenomenally at removing existing mold and mildew stains, but it doesn’t have any preventive measures.

On the other hand, RMR-86 Pro comes with an improved formula that not only removes stains but also provides a protective layer that helps slow down the regrowth of mold and mildew.

This feature is crucial for areas prone to repeated mold formation, giving RMR-86 Pro a leg up over its predecessor. See more about it yourself.

  • Odor Issue

The original RMR-86 is known for its strong, potent smell, which some users might find unpleasant. With RMR-86 Pro, the manufacturers have tackled this issue by tweaking the formula to reduce the odor.

It’s still there, but less pronounced than in the original, making for a more user-friendly experience.

  • Price

RMR-86 Pro, being the upgraded version, comes with a higher price tag than RMR-86. The cost difference is attributed to the enhanced features and the advanced formula of RMR-86 Pro.

For budget-conscious consumers, this could be a decisive factor when choosing between the two products.

Both products excel in their purpose of removing mold and mildew stains. However, if you need a more potent formula, preventive measures, and less odor, RMR-86 Pro could be your best bet.

On the flip side, if you are dealing with lighter stains and are looking for a budget-friendly solution, RMR-86 could suffice. The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

The Showdown

While both products are effective, the choice between RMR-86 and RMR-86 Pro largely depends on your specific needs. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient solution for light to moderate mold problems, RMR-86 could be your best bet.

But, if you’re dealing with severe stains and want to prevent re-growth, RMR-86 Pro’s powerful and lasting formula might be worth the investment.

FAQ Section

What’s the difference between RMR-86 and RMR-86 Pro?

The primary difference lies in their strength and performance. RMR-86 Pro is a more potent version designed for severe mold problems and comes with a preventive formula to combat future growth. It also addresses the strong odor issue often associated with the original RMR-86.

What is RMR-86 Pro?

RMR-86 Pro is a professional-grade mold and mildew stain remover. It offers an enhanced version of the original RMR-86, offering better performance on severe stains and includes a preventive formula to slow down the re-growth of mold and mildew.

Is RMR-86 the same as bleach?

No, RMR-86 is not the same as bleach. While they both remove stains, RMR-86 is specifically designed to combat mold and mildew, delivering faster and more efficient results on these specific types of stains.

Does RMR-86 kill mold?

RMR-86 is designed to remove mold stains rather than killing mold at the root. It’s highly effective at eliminating visible signs of mold, but it doesn’t guarantee total mold eradication. For complete mold elimination, you may need to consider other specialized mold-killing products or professional services.

Wrapping UP

In conclusion, both RMR-86 and RMR-86 Pro offer compelling solutions to tackle mold and mildew.

By weighing their pros and cons, you can choose the right product that suits your specific requirements, ensuring a mold-free, healthier living space.

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