RID-X Vs. Green Gobbler Septic Treatment: In-depth Differences

For homes with septic systems, proper maintenance is essential to prevent messy and expensive problems like backups and overflows. Using a quality septic treatment product regularly is one of the best ways to keep things running smoothly.

Two popular options are RID-X and Green Gobbler. But how do you decide which one is right for your home?

This comprehensive guide examines RID-X and Green Gobbler in detail so you can make an informed choice. We’ll explore the key ingredients in each formula, discuss their pros and cons when used as monthly maintenance treatments, and compare real customer experiences.

Read on to learn which one may work better to treat common septic issues and keep your system in tip-top shape!

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureRID-XGreen Gobbler
Best UsePreventative MaintenanceClearing Clogs/Backups
Key IngredientBalanced bacteria strainsPowerful enzymes
Speed of ImpactGradual over 2-4 weeksWorks instantly
Odor ControlExcellentModerate
Reduces SludgeYesSomewhat
Safe for SystemYesYes
Lasting ResultsExcellentDependency can develop
Ideal PairingGreen Gobbler for clogsRID-X for maintenance

How Do RID-X and Green Gobbler Work?

RID-X Septic Treatment
RID-X Septic Treatment

RID-X and Green Gobbler work in similar ways by using bacteria and enzymes to break down waste and organic materials naturally.

This prevents solids from building up, eliminates odors, clears clogs and grease, reduces sludge, and enhances overall performance.

They are safe for all septic systems, including alternative designs with aerators and filters.

Let’s take a closer look at the active ingredients in each formula:

RID-X Key Ingredients

  • Powerful bacteria strains: Contains a special blend of microbes that target all types of organic waste and debris. The bacteria work synergistically for broad-spectrum action.
  • Natural enzymes: Breaks down fats, oils, grease, proteins, and other substances that can clog pipes, cause odors, and damage systems over time.
  • Oxygen boosters: Helps maintain aerobic conditions so the good bacteria thrive and work even more effectively.

Green Gobbler Key Ingredients

  • Bacteria cultures: A proprietary bio-enzymatic formula with several strains that dissolve all kinds of household waste and organic matter.
  • Industrial-strength enzymes: Specialized blend that rapidly eliminates fats, oils, grease, soap scum that can inhibit plumbing and septic flow.
  • Dissolved oxygen infusers: Enriches water with oxygen to enhance the bacteria activity level for faster results.

So while these products take a similar approach, RID-X offers a broader diversity of bacteria while Green Gobbler focuses on powerful enzymes. This impacts their performance and ideal uses.

Main Pros and Cons of RID-X And Green Gobbler

RID-X Pros

  • Time-tested formula: Contains special bacteria scientifically proven to be effective and safe in septic systems for over 50 years.
  • All-purpose treatment: Can use monthly as regular maintenance and for resolving common clogs, backups, slow drains, foul odors, and excess sludge levels.
  • Reactivates dormant systems: Special oxygenators and bacteria can restore function if a septic tank has sat unused for a while. Only product guaranteed to work or your money back.

RID-X Cons

  • Takes longer to see results: While the balanced bacteria formula is powerful, it can take several weeks to start noticing significant improvements compared to aggressive enzyme products. Need to use consistently.
  • Not a quick-acting treatment: If experiencing an active overflow or major blockage, RID-X alone may not solve the problem right away. Best paired with a fast-acting septic declogger.

Green Gobbler Pros

  • Works quickly to clear clogs: The unique highly-concentrated enzyme formula begins dissolving thick masses of hair, grease, and solids within hours to restore flow.
  • Degrades waste instantly: Bacteria and enzymes rapidly liquefy all waste so it flows easily through the septic system and leach field. Helps prevent future backups.
  • Eco-friendly ingredients: Uses biodegradable enzymes made from plant materials instead of harsh chemicals. Septic safe.
Green Gobbler Septic Treatment

Green Gobbler Cons

  • Less effective for maintenance: While outstanding at clearing acute issues like backups and clogs, the formula lacks the balanced bacteria system needed to continually optimize system health and performance.
  • Repeated use causes dependency: If used as your regular monthly treatment, the waste may not properly break down when you stop adding product. This causes a reliance on Green Gobbler instead of restoring natural bacteria balance.

Comparing the Key Features and Benefits

When comparing RID-X and Green Gobbler head-to-head, here are some of the key similarities and differences:

Bacteria Strains

  • RID-X contains multiple strains of bacteria, while Green Gobbler has 6 specialized strains for septic systems. Both contain bacteria to break down waste.


  • Both RID-X and Green Gobbler use a proprietary blend of enzymes to help liquefy solids and prevent buildup.

Odor Control

  • Green Gobbler is superior at controlling odors from the septic tank and drain field. RID-X provides moderate odor control.


  • Both are easy to apply – simply pour into the toilet bowl or drains.

Treatment Schedule

  • The manufacturers of both RID-X and Green Gobbler recommend using the treatments monthly.


  • RID-X is more affordable, while Green Gobbler costs more per treatment.

When looking at the features side-by-side, Green Gobbler stands out for its odor control, specialized bacteria strains, and ability to treat the entire septic system. RID-X is a more affordable general-purpose septic treatment.

Septic System Maintenance Comparison

For Ongoing Septic Care and Optimization

Winner: RID-X

With its unique blend of microbes and oxygenators, RID-X is clearly the best choice for regular septic system maintenance and optimization. Using it monthly nourishes the good bacteria and enzymes your system needs to function properly long-term without supplements.

It keeps solids dissolved, pipes clear, odors away, and leach fields working efficiently even during peak usage times like parties or house guests. Over time, RID-X restores balance so the system relies less on the product.

For Emergency Septic Clogs and Backups

Green Gobbler

Winner: Green Gobbler

When facing an urgent septic failure, Green Gobbler is the strongest liquid septic treatment available thanks to its unbeatable clog-busting enzymes. While RID-X takes 2-3 weeks to fully impact the system, Green Gobbler starts working instantly to attack blockages and restore flow.

For quickest relief during overflows, sewage backups, or slow drains, Green Gobbler has outstanding power to degrade solids and organic matter faster than bacteria alone. Just be sure to follow up with bacteria replenishment.

Real Customer Reviews and Results

RID-X Reviews

The majority of RID-X reviews from verified customers are overwhelmingly positive. Homeowners report noticeably less solid buildup in tanks, no more smelly odors emanating from drains or yard once using monthly, and improved drainage and flow even with high water table issues.

Many customers found it worked reliably to prevent clogging from laundry, grease, hair, and soils when used continuously for system upkeep.

However, a few reviewers felt it didn’t resolve septic emergencies and backups as quickly as expected. This aligns with how the balanced bacteria formula takes 2-4 weeks to fully restore healthy populations and liquefy solids.

Yet for maintenance, reviewers state RID-X kept their systems in “perfect working order” for years as part of a septic management regimen.

“I put one packet of RID-X down the toilet once a month. Haven’t had the septic pumped in 3 years and its still crystal clear.”

“No more smelly sinks or drains since treating monthly with this.”

Green Gobbler Reviews

Green Gobbler Septic Treatment
Green Gobbler Septic Treatment

The majority of Green Gobbler reviews cite outstanding results for clearing sudden septic line issues like backups and overflows.

Customers report nearly instant improvement unclogging completely blocked drains, toilets backing up from tree roots or excess paper, and stuck effluent pumps.

Most state after one or two treatments their systems were flowing freely again like magic.

However, several reviewers did note that Green Gobbler didn’t seem as effective when used monthly to maintain system health compared to formulas with more live bacteria.

A few had lingering drainage issues start up again shortly after completing treatments. But for emergency septic repairs, customers agree Green Gobbler’s fast-acting enzymes dissolve nasty clogs better than anything else.

“My kitchen sink and laundry were completely clogged with years of gunk. This product cleared it out within 3 hours! Amazing.”

“We have a lot of trees and roots got into the leach lines. Green Gobbler saved us after we had sewage burbling up from the toilets.”

FAQ About Septic System Treatments

What is the best septic tank treatment overall?

For most homeowners, RID-X is the single best all-purpose septic treatment year after year. When used monthly, its powerful bacteria and enzymes reliably prevent clogs, reduce odors, enhance drainage, and allow systems to function optimally. RID-X also costs less than most alternatives over the long run. It’s both a superior maintenance product and helpful resolving backups when combined with a fast-acting drain opener.

Does Green Gobbler septic saver actually work?

The short answer is yes – Green Gobbler works extremely well for emergency septic issues. Unbeatable clog-busting enzymes start dissolving solid masses almost instantly to clear backups, overflows, and restore flow in blocked pipes and drains. Customers agree Green Gobbler outperforms nearly any drain cleaner or septic treatment for serious obstructions. However, it is less reliable for ongoing system maintenance and health compared to bacteria-enzyme blends.

Does RID-X really work in your septic tank?

Yes, RID-X absolutely keeps septic systems functioning in peak condition when used as a monthly treatment. Universally praised by customers, RID-X has decades of proven results optimizing tanks and field lines thanks to its synergistic blend of bacteria strains, enzymes, and oxygenators. It reliably liquefies solid waste, reduces odors and gases, maintains clear pipes and pumps, lowers pumping frequency, and improves overall performance. Septic professionals often recommend RID-X as a maintenance must-have.

What is the best declogger for septic systems?

For the fastest way to clear total septic line blockages and back-ups, Green Gobbler is the most powerful liquid septic declogger available. Containing industrial-strength enzymes and oxygen boosters, Green Gobbler liquefies years of built-up sludge, fats, oils, paper, and organic solids within hours to restore flow. It outperforms nearly any commercial drain opener or other septic treatments when faced with an overflow emergency. Green Gobbler paired with RID-X makes an unbeatable 1-2 punch.

Is Green Gobbler better than rid-X?

Overall, Green Gobbler is considered the superior septic treatment option compared to RID-X. The key advantages of Green Gobbler are its excellent odor control, specialized bacteria strains, and ability to treat the entire septic system. It provides a more complete treatment, but costs more than RID-X.

What is the best drain cleaner for a septic system?

When it comes to drain cleaners, Green Gobbler is the best choice for septic systems. It contains natural bacteria and enzymes designed specifically for septic systems, unlike many harsh chemical drain cleaners. Using a septic-safe formulation like Green Gobbler prevents damage to your system.

The Bottom Line

While RID-X and Green Gobbler take slightly different approaches to maintaining septic system health, both products have proven results treating common waste flow problems. RID-X is unmatched for preventative maintenance thanks to specialized bacteria strains selected over 50 years.

It optimizes tanks and field lines when used monthly. Green Gobbler offers immediate relief from more stubborn septic clogs and backups using industrial enzymes that dissolve blockages rapidly.

We recommend keeping both RID-X and Green Gobbler on hand for whole-home septic care. RID-X provides gentle but thorough ongoing treatment while Green Gobbler acts as “emergency insurance” against costly failures and overflows.

Used together, they restore proper balance and flow for carefree septic enjoyment.

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