How To Replace Single Handle Shower Faucet?

Whether you want to renovate your existing bathroom, building a new one or merely replacing shower fixtures, take the time to explore the many options available today.

There are various types of shower faucets available now. You can buy a new shower faucet and replace it by yourself. It’s a very easy process. It won’t take too much time.

Single-handle shower faucets can leak just like double-handled ones, and the resulting dripping can be irritating. Especially if the bathroom is close to where you sleep.

Replacing a single handle a shower faucet can be divided into two phases. Those are removing the old shower faucet and installing the new one.

replace single handle shower faucet

There are many reasons to replace a shower faucet. But a common one is to install a new pressure-balanced valve that will detect fluctuations in the system and keep the water temperature constant.

Many people don’t know how to replace single handle shower faucet. So I’m gonna share with you how to replace your single handle shower faucet.

Things You Need

  • Allen wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Cartridge puller
  • Teflon tape
  • Utility knife

How to Replace Single Handle Shower Faucet?

  1. Turn off the Water Source

To replace the shower faucet, first of all, you need to turn off the water source. Find the turn off valve for the appropriate bathroom and turn the water off.

Most homes have turn offs in place for individual bathrooms as well as one for the kitchen so you should not need to shut off the water supply for the entire house.

  1. Prepare Your Work Area

If you’re going to be cutting through the tiles or wall, it’s important to drop some cloth to protect your bathtub. Ensure the shower area is clean and dry, at that point use a painter’s drop cloth or other protective covering on the shower floor and tub surface to protect it from scratches and chips.

  1. Prepare to Remove Shower Faucet

Layout all the tools and materials required for easy access. Cover the drain with an old towel to protect screws from slipping down into it and to protect the tub from falling tools.

  1. Remove the Faucet Handle

By using a small flathead screwdriver, push its tip into the side of the plastic cover located at the top part of the faucet handle. Pop off that plastic cover and set aside from the faucet handle.

Inside the hole, find the screw with a screwdriver, turn the screw to the left to loosen and take it out along with the handle. With a channel lock, hold onto the cover plate, if there is one, and pull it out. Line up the faucet handle parts for easier reinstall later.

  1. Remove the Spout

To remove the old spout, turn counterclockwise gently and pull towards you at the same time. There may be a small shower faucetscrew that will need removal before you can take it off. You may find that pliers or a pipe wrench are useful while removing old fixtures.

  1. Remove the Flange

On most single handle and two-handle faucets, there are chrome flanges about three inches long. Strongly grasp the flange and remove it by turning it counterclockwise.

There is a white nylon threaded sleeve that may not come off as you expel the flange. If this happens, just grasp the sleeve with your hand or a pair of pliers and twist it counterclockwise to remove it.

  1. Remove the Valve Assemblies

These should have a hex-shaped base close to the wall and you can use an adjustable wrench or adjustable pliers to remove them.

Twist them counterclockwise until they come loose. Once removed, use a damp cloth or an old toothbrush to remove dirt from the threads of the water inlet pipes.

  1. Install the New Shower Faucet

Put the new shower faucet into the open valve. Slip back in the retaining ring or retainer clip or nut, whichever applies, and fix to secure using an adjustable wrench.

  1. Replace the Faucet Handle

First of all, remove the protective part connected to the valve. At that point put on the decorative disc and screw it to the wall with a screwdriver. After inserting and screwing the handle adapter on the cartridge, you will require the Allen key to install the handle. Take care to guide the handle to the floor when the water is off.

  1. Connect Fillets

Start by using Teflon tape to wrap out parts of the fillets the upper outlet for the drop-ear elbow. After that, you should join them in the supply tube of the drop-ear elbow. Turn it slowly if you need to fixate the connection a little bit more.

Sometimes, it is necessary to wrap the Teflon tape around the opposite side of fillets where the showerhead will go. At that point gently screw the head shower and tight it a bit more with adjustable screw wrench if necessary. A quarter of a turn will probably be fine.

  1. Turn on Water Source

Turn on the water supply, open the faucet and test the temperature. Pull off the handle, and alter the limiter until the hot water is hot enough and the cold water cold enough. Fix the handle screw when you’re satisfied with the temperature.


  • You need to follow specific procedures to clean some cartridges.
  • Your cartridge may be held in place by a nut rather than a pin. If so, unscrew the nut with adjustable pliers.


  • The water must be off before you release the cartridge, or you’ll need to deal with an uncontrollable spout of hot water, and you could be brunt.
  • Make sure when removing the old spout as not to bend or damage the pipe or nipple.

Final Words

The handle and shower head includes only a part of a shower faucet; the actual valve mechanism is behind the wall. Thus, the best time to install a shower faucet is before you cover the walls because you have to install blocking in the wall framing to hold the valve.

By following the above procedure you came to know how to replace single handle shower faucet. If you have any questions about your shower faucet please let us know below the comment section.

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