ProFlo Toilet Vs. Kohler Toilet: In-depth Differences

Selecting the best toilet products isn’t a joke anymore. Even though ProFlo and Kohler toilets have many similarities, Kohler’s royal design and advanced technology make them outstanding.

You shouldn’t be considerate when it comes to purchasing toilet products. The best models will enhance the elegance of your washrooms and provide hassle-free service throughout the seasons.

Some key elements and factors separate the products of Proflo toilets and Kohler. Here is a brief comparison chart to give you some ideas.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsProFlo ToiletsKohler Toilets
Bowl ShapeOvalElongated
Gallons Per Flush1.281.1 and 1.6 
Flush MechanismDualSingle
Special FeaturesSlow-close lidFine Ergonomics

Key Differences Between ProFlo And Kohler Toilet

You have gained a brief idea about some critical differences between the Proflo toilet and Kohler. Now it’s time for a broad discussion on the features of both products. 

  • Dimensions
Proflo Toilet
Proflo Toilet

The commode’s dimensions should fit into your bathroom’s interior.

Therefore, you must know the area of your washroom before purchasing the best toilet. 

Kohler’s commodes consist of various models.

Each model has its dimension, style, and materials. The average height of Kohler’s toilet is around 16.5 inches. 

However, the sizes of Proflo’s toilet commodes don’t differ much.

The average height of Proflo’s commode is about 16 inches. As a result, the toilet models fit into washrooms of different sizes.

Moreover, the bowl shape of the commodes is an essential factor in deciding the adjustments. Kohler’s commode has an elongated bowl shape, whereas Proflo toilets are oval. 

Therefore, to place the Kohler’s commode, you need ample space so your washroom doesn’t look congested. 

  • Comfort

Comfortable sitting and relaxation is the most crucial aspect of a toilet. You don’t want your back to ache after spending a few minutes in the washroom.

When it comes to comfort, Kohler tops the chart. Manufacturers have constructed the toilet seats with solid frameworks, and the height of the commodes provides a strong balance. 

As a result, the Kohler toilet commodes offer excellent ergonomics for the older members of the family. The size and body of the commode also ensure a straight posture to avoid back pains. 

Proflo’s toilet, however, provides maximum comfort and flexibility. The round bowl can be a slight disadvantage for the commodes. Older members might face difficulties in sitting on such type of toilets. 

Therefore, Kohler’s commode and toiletries are the best options for enjoying a comfortable and relaxing time in the washroom. 

  • Easy Cleaning

You must clean your bathroom at least twice a month. Make sure to rub those stains at the corner as well. However, the best commodes will ensure a hassle-free and easy-cleaning process. 

Kohler Memoirs Classic Toilet
Kohler Memoirs Classic Toilet

Kohler toilets offer the best easy cleaning function than other brands.

The skirted trap way helps to lock the waste materials and dust particles.

In addition, the surface treatment feature absorbs mineral stains and restricts the growth of water flow. 

Proflo toilets are slowly progressing and reinventing their easy cleaning system.

The one-piece design will help you to clean the edges quickly. 

Kohler commodes are the perfect fit in the easy cleaning category. The various models feature advanced installations that keep the commode stain free for a long time. 

  • Water Efficient

The water-efficient feature will help you to save enough water with every flush. Experts measure water efficiency by the gallons of water produced in a single flush. 

The amount of water efficiency differs based on the models of commodes. Kohler offers 1.6 gallons of water per flush. However, some models produce more than 2 gallons of water. 

Proflo toilets lead the race for water efficiency. A single commode of Proflo produces 1.1 to 1.2 gallons of water per flush. Other models have shown similar results as well. 

  • Pricing 

The price of each model varies based on the brand. Kohler toilet commodes are relatively more expensive than Proflo toilets. 

Kohler’s toilets will cost around $450 to $600. However, the price may increase due to the installment costs and delivery charges. 

The price of Proflo’s toilets ranges from $200 to $250. The above conditions apply to Proflo as well. You might need to bear some extra expenses. 

Due to luxurious designs and exclusive features, the price of Kohler’s toilets is higher than Proflo’s. If you can manage your balance, you should opt for Kohler commodes for a better experience. 

Which Toilet Brand Is The Best Option?

Kohler is the perfect option due to its stability and wide range of features. The lucrative designs and color gradings will add a royal touch to your bathrooms. 

The brand reliability of Kohler will ensure your trust in their products. Besides, the commodes’ easy cleaning system and excellent ergonomics provide a perfect washroom fitting. 

Some things could be improved in the product, such as the elongated bowl shape and water efficiency. The price of Kohler’s toilet models is relatively high as well. 

However, if you can adjust your budget to afford luxury and comfort, place your bet on Kohler toilets. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best-rated toilet on the market?

Kohler Corbelle Toilets are the best-rated toilets on the market. The comfortable height is the key feature of this model. 

What is the difference between Kohler and American Standard Toilets?

Kohler and American Standard toilets have a unique coating on the bowl’s interior. However, American Standard toilets feature a more powerful flush than Kohler toilets. 

Is there any difference in toilet quality?

Water efficiency, cost, easy cleaning, and comfort are some key elements that denote the quality of a toilet. 

What is a good flush rating for a toilet?

A flush with a rating of 350 to 500 gm with a water efficiency of 1.6 gallons is a good rating. 


You can acknowledge Kohler as the winner in this “Proflo and Kohler toilet comparison. The brand offers commodes of various models and designs. 

Comfort, relaxation, easy cleaning, and luxurious design are the topmost features of Kohler toilets. After installing the best Kohler toilets, you don’t have to stress about maintenance and stains.

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