Panasonic Shaver Cleaning Solution Alternative: Are They Any Good?

As the original cleaning cartridge is highly expensive, many people are looking for a cleaning solution alternative for their Panasonic shavers.

Luckily, there are some! Many people have come up with some interesting alternatives.

And they work great! So, let’s see how you can keep your shaver cleaning without spending much. I will share how you can do it without spending anything as well.

Alternative To Panasonic Shaver Cleaning Solution

Panasonic shaver detergent alternative

I will give you both third-party cheap cleaning solutions as well as homemade alternatives. Here is a list of such alternatives to those overpriced cartridges:

  • Water & Alcohol solution. 
  • Shaver Shebang
  • Clark Shaving Co. Refill
  • Cleanerist/ PROline Cleaner

So, there are a good number of alternatives to the automatic cleaning stations, right? The first 3 are 3rd party cheap alternatives and the last one is a homemade solution.

But, how effective are those alternatives? Let’s talk about them one by one:

  • Alcohol & Water Mix

Lots of people make their own cleaning solution and you can too! It’s not rocket science and if you just make a solution consisting of water and isopropyl alcohol, it will turn out to be a great cleaning agent.

Some people add a few drops of clipper oil to make the solution more effective too. For a fair price, you can buy a bulk amount of isopropyl alcohol.

The percentage for water and alcohol does not have to be any delicate. You can go for 50:50 or 70:30.  I have seen people directly apply the alcohol undiluted. 

No matter how you prepare your solution, it will work great for your Panasonic shaver. Some people even use just plain water and soap to clean their shavers. 

This is by far the most cheaper yet effective alternative that people have come up with. And you don’t need to buy any ready-made concentrate if you make the solution yourself.

But if you need a ready-made alternative, I have 3 of them for you!

  • Shaver Shebang
shaver shebang

So far I know, not many people are aware of this alcohol-based shaver cleaner.

It’s way cheaper than the original Panasonic cleaning station but works perfectly!

It does everything you want from such a cleaning solution: cleaning the shaver and blades, lubricating your shaver, and ultimately prolonging the life of your shaver.

It’s a great money-saving option you own a Panasonic or Braun shaver.

When mixed with 50% water, 1 bottle of Shaver Shebang will result in 14 bottles of Panasonic shaver cleaning concentrate!

Along with alcohol, it contains other surfactants as well.

You can find plenty of reviews saying that it does an amazing job cleaning any electric shaver including Panasonic that uses any cleaner concentrate.

I have tested it on my Arc5 shaver. And I know it will work for other models as well.

  • CCRRefill

Another ready-made cleaning solution mix that works like a charm as an alternative to the original cartridge of Panasonic shavers. Apart from the fragrance, you can’t differentiate the two.

These concentrated packets are available in various small packets like 2, 5, 10, or even 25. So, you can just buy the pack of 2 and test it yourself. All those refills come in varieties of flavors.

One single packet can refill the Panasonic shaver cartridge 3 times. You need to mix it with Isopropyl alcohol. Many people have already tried this and the result is great.

  • Cleanerist

Another great Panasonic shaver detergent alternative and it’s even easier to use than the CCRRefill mentioned above. You don’t need to mix it with alcohol! Just pour it into the empty cartridge and that’s it! 

In Europe, it’s highly popular! It has hundreds of reviews online and is highly recommended by plenty of Panasonic shaver users. 

In case you don’t find it, you can try the PROline Cleaner liquid as well. Both of them are pretty much the same and work the same way. No need to mix with alcohol! 

  • Clark Shaving Co. Refill

Well, this is mainly for Braun shavers but you can use it for your Panasonic shaver too. The price seems very decent on Amazon!

I could give you more ready-made alternatives but all of them are nothing but alcohol and water. So, you can go to any online store like Amazon and search for a replacement.

I am pretty sure you will come up with more alternatives. But above all, I like to buy the isopropyl alcohol in bulk and make my own cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean my electric razor?

Yes, you can. But you need to clean and dry it first. Then get a clean cloth or cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol and apply it to the razor and blades. The rubbing alcohol will kill the germs and other lingering bacterial.

What do you clean razors with?

Running hot water is good enough to clean your razor but you can use rubbing alcohol and other cleaning solutions to keep it germ-free.

How do you clean an electric razor with vinegar?

All you need is tap water and household vinegar to clean your electric razor. You need 10 parts of tap water with 1 part of vinegar to create the solution.

Closing Remarks

So, there are lots of Panasonic shaver cleaning solution alternatives, right? All of them will save a lot than the original one from Panasonic. In fact, these alternatives work great for other brands like Braun shavers as well.

I am not against using the original cleaning cartridge. These cleaning stations are great. If you have the money, use the original one. 

But if you are like me who want to save even a little, those alternatives are more than enough. Even the homemade one I mentioned first.

Happy shaving!

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  1. I was warned NOT to use an alcohol based cleaner in my Panasonic shaver cleaning station. That is why Shaver Shebang have different formulations for Braun and for Panasonic. Have I been given the wrong information?

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