Panasonic FV-08VRE1 Vs. FV-08VRE2 Exhaust Fan: Which One To Pick?

Surprisingly, Panasonic peruses to blaze the way applying ingenious ventilation technology introducing FV-08VRE1 & FV-08VRE2 Ventilation Fan. This write-up will discuss Panasonic FV-08VRE1 vs. FV-08VRE2 to offer you a better option.

Recent Panasonic Whisper Recessed LED Fan comes with superior ventilation power. These are essential to fast extracting contaminated air and moisture from your home to lead a healthy home happy life.

But which one to choose, let’s scrutinize both to get the best one.

A Brief Table of Comparison

Let’s have a prompt review of both FV-08VRE1 & FV-08VRE2 products applying a comparison table below.

Product SpecificationFV-08VRE1FV-08VRE2
CertificationEnergy StarEnergy Star, Certified frustration-free
Item weight11.9 pounds8.2 pounds
wattage14 watts18.5 watts
Size‎7.50 x 8.25 x 12.75 inchesLarge
Customer reviewLess favorableMore favorable

Differences Between Panasonic FV-08VRE1 And FV-08VRE2 Bath Fan

Let’s find out the basic difference between these bathroom exhaust fans to distinguish which one is better.

Considering the quality of the products, building materials, pricing, weight & other features we will understand the better suit.

  • Item Includes
Panasonic FV-08VRE1
Panasonic FV-08VRE1 WhisperRecessed

Whisper Recessed FV-08VRE1 WhisperRecessed is an architectural grade, ENERGY STAR rated fan/light with a 14Watt GU24 support LED dusky lamp.

This light is power efficient, super quiet, & simple to fix 80 CFM ventilation covered above the ceiling.

On the contrary, FV-08VRE2 is incorporated with an ENERGY STAR® 2.0 certified 11W GU24 support LED dusky lamp. This light includes a powerful 80 CFM fan beyond an elegant recessed LED light.

  • Weight Difference

Panasonic FV-08VRE1 Whisper Recessed LED Fan’s weight is 11.9 pounds & Panasonic FV-08VRE2 is 8.2 pounds. So FV-08VRE1 is much heavier than FV-08VRE2.

  • Power-efficient LED Lamp

As we know, the advanced LED technology of Panasonic exits more than four times higher than compact fluorescent lamps. There lies no chance of mercury wastage possibility.

Panasonic FV-08VRE1 comes with a change, dusky 14-watt, GU24-support LED lamp.

Another hand, Panasonic FV-08VRE2 is more efficient consumes only 11W with GU24 support LED dusky lamp.

  • Energy Star Rated

Any kinds of light/fan have to follow strict EPA standards to be certified with Energy Star rated. Panasonic FV-08VRE1 strictly follows all the standards, offering systemic operation minimizing noise.

With a top-quality motor, & a powerful blade design, this product ensures longer life & optimal performance.

Aside from Panasonic FV-08VRE2, Energy Star rated certified, and frustration-free Certified offering more optimal performance than the previous one.

  • Longer Life With Minimum Costs
Panasonic FV-08VRE2
Panasonic FV-08VRE2

Actually, Panasonic’s fan/light combination consumes less power to pass huge volumes of a vent than other brands. There is little scope of overheating even longer running of the fans; longer lasting also.

A safety thermal-cutoff fuse is used to save the motor.

Considering these features, Panasonic FV-08VRE2 ensures longer life with minimum costs than the Panasonic FV-08VRE1.

  • Operating Difference

There has a minimum criterion for using or installing any kind of technology. It provides safety while installing.

UL Listing allows FV-08VRE1 to apply in the shower & tub area while applied with a GFCI branch circuit wire.

UL list FV-08VRE2 for use over a shower section when used with a protected GFCI circuit.

  • Materials

Panasonic manufacturers use Alloy Steel materials for FV-08VRE1 Ventilation fans; on the contrary, HAWA materials for FV-08VRE2 Ventilation fans.

  • Size

You will find FV-08VRE1 model size is little enough; its dimension is 7.50 x 8.25 x 12.75 inches beside FV-08VRE2 model size is quite large.

  • Sound Level Differences

Whisper Recessed LED is a stylish solution for day-to-day lifestyle. These Architectural Designed 80-CFM Ceiling-Mount Fan/Lights by Panasonic offer pleasing illumination.

Panasonic FV-08VRE1 LED Fan/Light firstly pulls out excess air moisture with only 0.8 songs sound. While Panasonic FV-08VRE2 LED, Fan/Light sound level is a bit high almost one sone.

  • Accessibility

Thus FV-08VRE1 & FV-08VRE2 are from reliable & famous brand Panasonic, but FV-08VRE1 is more accessible than the FV-08VRE2.

Remind that you may see the different scenarios in the super shop physical store or aby online retailer. You may find better cluster any of them as their customer demand.

  • Consumer review

Considering the consumer review FV-08VRE1 is less popular than FV-08VRE2 model in several online stores.

  • Warranty

FV-08VRE1LED Fan/Light has a manufacturer warranty for parts and for DC motor, it has 10,000 hours for hours Compact Fluorescent Lamp.

On the other hand, FV-08VRE2 has limited backing from the manufacturer in comparison with model FV-08VRE1.

Which One Is The Better Choice, Panasonic FV-08VRE1 Or Panasonic FV-08VRE2?

Panasonic FV-08VRE1
Panasonic FV-08VRE1

Choosing between these two high-tech products is some little troublesome somethings as they introduced by same brand & almost same features.

The using purpose & area are also some of these products.

Both of these premium recessed light fixtures provide excellent lighting with super luminaires for your living room, bathroom, or laundry room area.

From my personal experience, I am suggesting you pick Panasonic FV-08VRE2. I’ve already placed both of them. If you pick FV-08VRE1, you may get a CFL or LED.

But the latest model, FV-08VRE2, comes with only a modest LED bulb.

Apart from that, they appear, function, sound, & install exactly alike, as I’ve noticed. Hence, I assume that the FV-08VRE2 model is the latest “Revision 2” renewal for now discontinued FV-08VRE1.

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Final Verdict

Finally, after talking about all the differences between Panasonic FV-08VRE1 and FV-08VRE2, which one do you consider the best suit?

Both architectural grade recessed fan/LED lights are the best pick for considering using area.

Whatever, we have figured out both of these energy-efficient and powerful products. Now consider your own choice & requirement to pick the perfect one. Enjoy a pleasing illumination using a style-savvy system.

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