Noritz Vs. Takagi Tankless Water Heaters: Which Is Better?

If you’re in the market for a new tankless water heater, two of the top brands to consider are Noritz and Takagi. But which one is better for your home?

In this guide, we’ll compare Noritz and Takagi tankless water heaters side-by-side, looking at pros, cons, key features, and differences to help you decide which is the right choice.

A Brief Comparison Table

EfficiencyUp to 0.95 EF (condensing)Up to 0.96 EF (condensing)
Warranty12 years on heat exchanger, 5 years on parts10 years on heat exchanger, 5 years on parts
Maximum Flow Rate12.3 GPM14 GPM
ConnectivityOptional WiFi kit on some modelsBuilt-in WiFi on select models
Noise LevelAs low as 45 dB (indoor models)As low as 46 dB (indoor models)
ReliabilityExcellent reliability recordExcellent reliability record
AvailabilityWide range of residential and commercial modelsWide range of residential and commercial models

Overview of Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

Noritz has been manufacturing gas-fired tankless water heaters for over 60 years. They were one of the first brands to introduce modern condensing and non-condensing tankless water heater technology to the US market.

Some of the key highlights of Noritz tankless water heaters include:

Noritz Tankless Water Heater
  • Durability: Noritz heaters are designed for longevity with commercial-grade components like copper heat exchangers. They have a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 5 years on parts.
  • Efficiency: Their condensing models offer up to 0.95 Energy Factor (EF) for gas savings. The non-condensing units have 0.81-0.83 EF.
  • Residential and Commercial Models: Noritz offers tankless water heaters in a range of sizes for residential and commercial applications. Their units range from 6.6 GPM for a 1 bathroom home to 12.3 GPM for a large house.
  • Customizable Temperature: You can adjust the temperature range from 100°F to 185°F as needed for hot water uses. This level of control helps prevent scalding.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Select Noritz units have built-in WiFi for monitoring and controlling your heater remotely. This allows for automatic maintenance alerts, runtime tracking, and temperature adjustments from your smartphone.

Overview of Takagi Tankless Water Heaters

Takagi is another leading brand of tankless water heaters founded in Japan in 1952. Some of their notable features include:

  • Compact Size: Takagi heaters have a space-saving design. Even their largest models take up less space than a washing machine. This makes them easy to install and replace.
  • Energy Efficient: Takagi water heaters have EF ratings between 0.82 to 0.96 for gas savings. Their condensing models are Energy Star certified.
  • Flow Control: To prevent temperature fluctuations, Takagi heaters have a flow control system that detects water demand and regulates the burners accordingly. This provides consistent hot water.
  • Commercial and Residential Use: Takagi offers tankless water heaters with flow rates between 6.6 GPM to 14 GPM for homes or businesses. Larger models can be multipled for higher demands.
  • LCD Remote Control: Higher-end Takagi units come with a remote control that allows you to monitor diagnostics and change the temperature from anywhere.

Direct Comparison of Noritz And Takagi Tankless Water Heaters

Now that we’ve highlighted the main features of both Noritz and Takagi tankless water heaters, let’s compare them across some key factors:


Takagi Tankless Water Heater
Takagi Tankless Water Heater
  • Noritz: Up to 0.95 EF on condensing models, minimum 0.81 EF for non-condensing.
  • Takagi: Up to 0.96 EF on condensing models, minimum 0.82 EF for non-condensing.

When it comes to efficiency, Takagi and Noritz are very evenly matched.

Both brands meet strict Energy Star requirements and offer high-efficiency condensing models with EF ratings in the 0.95+ range.

You really can’t go wrong with either brand if energy savings are your priority.

Durability & Warranties

  • Noritz: 12-year warranty on heat exchanger, 5 years on parts.
  • Takagi: 10-year warranty on heat exchanger, 5 years on parts.

Noritz offers a slightly longer 12-year warranty on its heat exchanger, compared to 10 years from Takagi. The heat exchanger is the heart of a tankless water heater, so those extra 2 years of coverage from Noritz could provide more peace of mind. Both brands include 5 years on parts.

Hot Water Capacity

  • Noritz: Up to 12.3 GPM flow rate.
  • Takagi: Up to 14 GPM flow rate.

For larger homes with higher hot water demands, Takagi has an edge regarding flow rate capacity. Their largest model offers up to 14 GPM, compared to 12.3 GPM for Noritz. Both brands offer units as small as 6.6 GPM for 1-2 bathroom homes.


  • Noritz: $$-$$$
  • Takagi: $-$$

When it comes to upfront purchase price, Takagi water heaters tend to be a little more budget-friendly overall. Noritz heaters are competitively priced but fall on the higher end for premium models. Installation costs will be similar between the two brands.

Ease of Installation

  • Noritz: Compact, lightweight, and easy to mount on a wall. Professional installation recommended.
  • Takagi: Compact, wall-mounted design. Professional installation recommended.

Noritz and Takagi tankless water heaters have a very comparable installation process. They are both designed for simple, space-saving wall mounting either indoors or outdoors. Expert installation is recommended to ensure proper gas, water, and venting connections. Overall ease of installation is very similar between the two brands.

Availability of Models

  • Noritz: Offers residential and commercial heaters, both condensing and non-condensing.
  • Takagi: Offers residential and commercial heaters, both condensing and non-condensing.

Both Noritz and Takagi provide extensive model ranges for all types of applications. They have options for condensing or non-condensing operation, small to large homes, indoor or outdoor, and light commercial uses. In terms of availability of different heater configurations, it’s a draw.

Reliability & Repair Record

  • Noritz: Excellent reliability record and average repair rate.
  • Takagi: Excellent reliability record and average repair rate.

Industry figures show that both Noritz and Takagi have outstanding reliability and a strong track record for dependability. Any repairs needed on models from either brand would be similar in frequency and cost. Both provide technical support as needed.

Smart Home Connectivity

  • Noritz: Some models offer optional WiFi kit for app monitoring and control.
  • Takagi: Select models include built-in WiFi connectivity and apps.

For controlling your tankless water heater from your smartphone, Takagi offers a slight edge. Some of their higher-end heaters have WiFi built right in, compared to Noritz which offers WiFi connectivity only through an add-on kit on certain models.

Noise Levels

  • Noritz: As low as 45 dB for indoor models.
  • Takagi: As low as 46 dB for indoor models.

Noritz and Takagi both produce minimal noise during operation. For indoor installation, look for units around 45 dB or less from either brand to keep sound levels discreet. Overall, noise production is very similar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Takagi a good brand of tankless water heater?

Yes, Takagi is regarded as one of the top tankless water heater brands. They offer highly efficient and reliable heaters backed by great warranties. Their units are compact, quiet, and easy to install. Overall, Takagi is an excellent option for a tankless water heater.

Is Noritz a good brand for tankless water heaters?

Noritz is also one of the leading tankless water heater companies. They pioneered condensing tankless technology and make durable, efficient heaters. Noritz offers comprehensive warranties, strong customer support, and a wide range of models for homes and businesses. It is certainly considered a good brand.

Is Navien better than Noritz?

Navien and Noritz both make high-quality condensing tankless water heaters. Navien offers slightly higher efficiency ratings of up to 0.97 EF. However, Noritz has a longer heat exchanger warranty at 12 years vs. 10 years from Navien. Ultimately, both are excellent brands and it depends on your priorities, such as maximum efficiency vs. warranty coverage.

Which tankless water heater is best?

The “best” tankless water heater depends on your specific needs. Top brands like Noritz, Takagi, Rinnai, Navien, and others all offer great options. Consider factors like efficiency, capacity, warranty, and connectivity features. Also, choose gas or electric based on your fuel supply. Work with a professional to pick the right size and type of heater for your home.

Final Thoughts

When comparing Noritz and Takagi tankless water heaters, it’s very close. Both are excellent brands that make efficient, durable, and reliable heaters.

Noritz offers slightly longer heat exchanger warranties, while Takagi has models with higher maximum flow rates. Takagi heaters tend to be a bit more budget-friendly in upfront cost.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either brand. Choose based on the flow rate and connectivity features that fit your household needs. Also consider the warranty length that provides you with the most peace of mind.

With proper installation, both Noritz and Takagi tankless water heaters will provide years of continuous, energy-saving hot water.

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