Difference Between Maze Shower And Rain Shower

Wondering about getting a new shower head in place of your regular one? How about getting a maze shower head? Or maybe you are leaning more towards a rain shower head.

While they have their specific functionalities, both of them add a unique touch to your shower system.

Now, the real trouble begins; the difference between maze shower and rain shower may confuse you. Which one to pick?

Well, no need to worry anymore as I am here with the comparison. I will go through an in-detail comparison between the two shower heads, so your life becomes easier.

A Quick Comparison Table

Don’t have much time in hand? It’s okay; you can just check out this comparison table for a quick look at the two showerheads. Then, if you can make time, I recommend going through the whole thing for a much more informed decision.

SpecificationsMaze showerRain shower
CoverageDecentVery good
Showerhead patternSquareCircles

Here’s the thing, though, this is not enough for you to decide on which shower you should pick. That’s why I will be diving deep into this comparison to give you the solution to choose one shower based on your preferences.

Maze Shower Vs. Rain Shower: Features And Differences

There are several differences that you get to notice between the two types of showers. Even though the purpose of the shower is pretty much the same, the differences can have an impact on you.

  • Design
Maze Shower
Maze Shower

One of the major differences that you get to see between these two shower heads is the design.

The rain shower heads usually have circular openings for the water to come through.

You get to see small circular dots all around the showerhead.

As for the maze showers, you will see a square pattern that adds a different kind of look to the showerhead. Now, the question is, which one to pick?

Well, it’s simple. If you want to add a new and stylish appearance to your shower setup, the maze showers are perfect for that.

Because rain shower heads are almost like regular showerheads in terms of looks, at least. Still, a rain shower also has some classy looks to add to your shower.

  • Pressure

Water pressure has to be the one factor that you will notice a lot if you switch from a regular shower head to either of these. The water pressure for both the shower heads is pretty low, resulting in a relaxing shower experience.

Typically, the maze showers will have a slower pressure than the rain showerheads. So, if you want a very slow showering experience, maze showers will be the pick for you.

But if you want a balance of pressure, then I would say go with the rain showerheads.

  • Coverage

Depending on the model you are choosing, you will notice a difference in the coverage of showerheads. Some models of rain shower heads provide excellent coverage.

You don’t need to move around too much to make sure the showerhead covers your whole body.

Compared to that, maze shower heads don’t provide that much coverage. They are much more controlled and in place. They don’t have proper spread, so it doesn’t cover too much.

  • Availability
rain shower
rain shower

One thing you should be aware of is the availability factor. Maze showers are not that common to use. Also, there aren’t many renowned brands for maze showers.

On the other hand, rain shower heads are pretty common as people will go for them if not for the regular showerheads.

In short, if you are considering availability, then it’s much easier to find rain shower heads compared to maze showerheads.

So, if you don’t want to spend your time looking for the perfect showerhead, a rain shower head will be the choice for you.

  • Water usage

Even though both the showers use a lot more water than regular showerheads, there is a clear difference between them. You may end up using more water with the rain shower heads compared to the maze showers.

As there are fewer openings for the water to drop, you will use less water with a maze shower.

However, the difference isn’t that significant with them. The difference will be highly noticeable if you replace it with a regular shower head.

  • Cost

When it comes to the prices of both types of showers, you will surely see a difference. While both of them are expensive choices, the maze showers are more on the premium end.

Because of that, you will have to spend a lot more on the maze shower head than you would have done on a rain shower head.

So, if you want a less expensive choice, then you will have to pick rain showerheads. But if you don’t mind spending money and want more of a premium end look on your shower, then maze showers are the way to go.

As you can pretty much tell, they don’t have many differences in terms of performance factors. Both the shower heads are quite similar in usage. It all comes down to how you would prefer your showerheads to look.

Whether you like the square pattern or the circular openings, make sure to consider the coverage factor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Curious about the common inquiries about these shower heads? Well, here are some frequent questions that always pop up about showerheads in general.

Which shower head is best?

I will be very honest here; there is no single best shower head you will find out there. It depends on what you are looking for in a shower. The maze shower is the best choice in terms of design and looks. But if you want a comforting shower experience within budget, then rain shower heads are great.

Is the rain shower head worth it?

If you are thinking about value, I have to admit that rain shower heads aren’t that good. It will take much more time for you to have a shower, and you also use a lot of water compared to a regular shower head. They are only good for a comforting shower experience.

Do rain showerheads use more water compared to regular ones?

In reality, both kinds of showerheads use the same amount of water. But if you are thinking about actual water usage while you are in the shower, then I have to say, rain shower heads will lead you to use more water. Because you will spend longer on the shower with a rain shower head as the water flow is much slower.

Is the rain shower head good?

This entirely depends on the context. If you are thinking about the looks and comfortable experience, then yes rain shower head is very good. But if you think about the effectiveness and value, then I would say the rain shower head isn’t that great.


In essence, I can say, both the showers are only good in terms of appearance and comfort. However, when you think about the maze shower vs. rain shower debate, it will mostly come down to the aesthetics factor more than anything else.

The kind of look you want to have in your shower will dictate which one you choose. The maze shower is modern and much more refined.

But the rain shower heads can be a bit classy and have that elegant and simple vibe to them.

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