Lochinvar Vs. Viessmann Boilers: In-depth Differences

Installing new boilers can be a tough decision for your home. It’s important to choose a well-functioning boiler suitable for your area and home. While searching for boilers, there is clear confusion in choosing between the Lochinvar and Viessmann boilers.

How do you make that decision?

To help you with that, I have the perfect comparison article between these two. I will take you through a detailed comparison so you can end up with the ideal option for your needs.

A Quick Comparison Table

In a hurry? Then, you might want to check out this quick comparison table to see how the two boilers stand up against each other.

Advanced featuresNoYes
NoiseA bit noisyQuiet
AvailabilityGoodNot great
Ease of useVery easyA bit tricky
Heat exchangersAluminumStainless steel
PricingA bit highReasonable

Key Differences Between Lochinvar And Viessmann Boilers

Didn’t find what you were looking for on the table? Well, don’t you worry at all? Because now, I will be diving deep into the key differences between the two boilers. This will clear out all the confusion for you.

  • Performance
Lochinvar Boiler

Let’s start things with the performance factor for both boilers. With all honesty, I have to say there isn’t much difference in the performance of both boilers.

You should have good performance depending on the model you choose from either brand.

For the most part, Viessman will provide you with more powerful and rough use capabilities.

They are quieter in operation, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with the extra bit of noise.

The efficiency you get out of the boiler is also quite impressive from the two choices.

As for the Lochinvar boilers, I would say they are also quite good in performance. Efficiency is undoubtedly a pivotal point in talking about boilers.

They won’t disappoint you with the power and output you get out of it. It lacks that finesse in its usage in terms of performance compared to Viessman.

  • Quality Of The Boiler

Both brands are competitive regarding the quality of components or the overall quality of the boilers. You can hardly decide on one in terms of quality only.

The Lochinvar boilers provide quality that you can easily get value out of for your home. Especially in smaller households with less than two people, I would consider going with a Lochinvar boiler.

As for the quality of Viessmann, you can never have any complaints with it whatsoever. Viessmann is regarded as one of the top boilers brands, whether in Europe or

the UK.

I think it’s hard to choose one of these two when it’s about the quality. Both are equally good and don’t lack the basic quality you require in a boiler. You will get satisfaction from either of them.

  • Features
Viessmann Boiler
Viessmann Boiler

Now, this is where the game changes for one of the boilers. Here, you will notice a significant difference between the boilers.

With Viessmann, you have many more features compared to Lochinvar.

You can get the same features on Lochinvar, but you must add them separately. Whereas on Viessman, the same features come built-in.

Also, Viessman offers you some amazing smart features that make it much more convenient to use. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get smart features on Lochinvar. The whole thing mostly depends on the model you choose from either brand.

  • Pricing

You don’t get to see too much difference in the pricing for the boilers. They are pretty much equally priced.

However, the best models of Viessmann boilers will cost you a lot. So, it can feel a bit expensive for some people. Although they are well worth the money, I can assure you that much.

On the other hand, Lochinvar is something that provides you with reasonable pricing throughout all the models. So, if you are thinking of saving money, then Lochinvar might be your choice.

Which One Is The Perfect Option For You?

It doesn’t matter how many differences or factors you go through; the perfect pick always comes down to availability. Your locality plays a huge role in choosing which boiler is the best option for you.

The reason is that you have to consider the parts’ availability for both brands. For example, Viessman isn’t the thing for you if you are living in Montreal.

The parts for Viessman boilers aren’t available around Montreal. The same is true for Lochinvar boilers, which might not have parts available in certain places.

So, whenever you are getting a boiler, you have to research based on the locality. Check whether the boiler is renowned and used in your locality.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are Lochinvar boilers any good?

Yes, Lochinvar boilers are pretty good in terms of efficiency and quality. The pricing on the boilers is also quite reasonable. So, altogether, I would say Lochinvar boilers are pretty great in terms of all aspects.

Is Viessmann a good company?

Viessmann is a top-rated company for boilers. They provide excellent quality and are reliable for different kinds of boilers and other home equipment.

Is Viessmann a German company?

Yes, Viessmann is a German company. They have a headquarter in Germany and manufacture all their heating equipment there.

Is Viessmann better than Vaillant?

While many people may think both boilers are equal in quality and performance. Viessman comes out on top in a variety of aspects. So, I would say Viessman is a better pick than Vaillant in many scenarios.


To summarize this competition of Lochinvar vs. Viessmann boilers, I would pick Viessman as the more potential pick. However, the Lochinvar boilers don’t fall behind too much either.

When choosing a boiler for your home, you must consider the availability factor. Your locality and research based on that are very crucial to deciding on the best choice for your home.

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