Lava Soap Green Vs. Red: Are There Any Major Differences?

Soap is a must-have for bathing. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast Lava soap green vs. red one to see which one is the best.

Soaps help us stay clean by removing dirt from our bodies. Lava soap is one of the most popular brands on the market right now.

Since 1893, Lava® has been cleaning hands with the power of pumice and is still the toughest-working hand cleanser on the market.

A Quick Comparison Table

FeatureLava Green SoapLava Red Soap
Size4 oz.5.75 oz.
Moisturizer QualityMediumHigh
Price$0.51 (Ounce)$1.06 (Ounce)

Primary Difference Between Lava Green Soap And Red

Lava Green Vs. Red Soap
  • Size

Any product’s size is usually a significant consideration. A larger product might sometimes provide greater benefits than a smaller one. However, the components are important.

The size of the lava green soap is 4 oz., whereas the size of the red soap is 5.75 oz. So, the green one is smaller than the red one and will endure for a shorter amount of time.

Some folks, however, prefer a smaller size. People who aren’t frequent users of this soap, in particular.

In terms of size, if you want to test this brand’s quality, you might want to try the green one. If that’s the case, we’re delighted to tell you that Lava is a fantastic brand.

Lava was created to thoroughly clean extra-dirty hands. Dirt, filth, grease, oil, paint, ink, and adhesives are all removed. You can use Lava as you would any other hand soap. 

  • Moisturizer Quality

Moisturizing Reduces Skin Issues – Moisturizing on a daily basis might help to prevent excessive dryness or oiliness.

Both extremes are damaging to the skin and can lead to acne and other skin problems.  Using a regular moisturizer helps to conceal blemishes on the skin.

Both the green and red lava soaps are moisturizers. However, the moisturizer’s quality is a factor to consider.

We discovered that the green one isn’t quite as hydrating as the others. If you have dry skin, this is something to think about.

lava soap

A multi-pronged strategy is required to effectively fight dry skin. There are key product regimens to follow as well as lifestyle and behavioral modifications to undertake (think drinking more water or taking shorter showers).

There are two types of dry skin: normal and very dry. External causes such as pollution and UV radiation can harm the moisture barrier of exceptionally dry skin, causing it to become quickly dehydrated and feel tight and painful.

In that case, Lava Red Soap can be a great help. If you don’t have dry skin, though, you can use both.

Keep a bar of Lava Soap in the shower and wash your hand or feet with it every day. Especially you have to be more aware of your feet.

Your feet carry your entire body all day, every day, and this may be quite hard on them. Skin dryness, cracking, and calluses are common side effects of walking about in tight shoes, sandals that expose your skin.

  • Smell

You can be attractive because of your scent. One of the most crucial of the five senses is the sense of smell.

Your scent will be the first thing people notice when they walk into a room and the last thing they notice when they leave.

Lava green soap does not have any smell. There are people who don’t prefer any smell. For them, Lava green soap can be a great one. It doesn’t have any smell and it works well in your body.

But if you prefer something that will have a bit lasting effect on your memory after you use it then Lava Red one is the way to go. The smell is pleasant so it also helps to create a lasting memory of this product on your brain.

As we said earlier, Lava as a brand is great and in the market for a long time so you are not going to regret choosing any of this one. It is just the variations that make the difference as everyone’s preference is different.

  • Price

Pricing decisions can have a big impact on how you make decisions.

In that regard, the price, Lava green soap is $0.51 per ounce whereas the red one costs $1.06 per ounce. One of the reasons for the lesser price of the green is its features as it offers less benefit in a level than the red one.

As we have mentioned above, the green one’s moisturizing quality, size, and smell are lesser than the red one.

In a way, Lava green soap can be great for people who don’t prefer soap smell and who want to try this brand to check the overall quality as the price is also less.

On the other hand, the Lava red one can be a great choice for the regular user of this brand. Or people who want something that costs a bit more but is great in terms of quality and experience.

Which One Is Right For You?

We must choose the winning product before we can end this article.

Both Lava green and red soap are excellent, as previously stated. People’s preferences, however, are constantly varied.

As a result, they differ slightly. Just because they differ somewhat in quality does not imply that they are inferior to each other.

However, if we had to select between the two, we discovered that Lava Red Soap is preferable to the green soap in terms of the benefits it offers. However, as the adage goes, the decision is always yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Lava Soap discontinued?

Lava Soap is available on the market. But the original Lava soap (without moisturizers), which was a pale gray bar, is no longer marketed and is thus unavailable.

What is Lava Soap good for?

Lava soap was created to thoroughly clean extra-dirty hands. Any kind of dirt can be cleaned with this soap.
However, delicate skin may be irritated by the natural pumice in Lava.

Can you take a shower with Lava soap?

You can take shower with Lava Soap. Because lava soap has moisturizer with it. But it’s best to use it to clean the dirt away from hands and feet.
You have to remember whether you have sensitive skin or not as Lava Soap can be problematic for people with sensitive skin.

Is Lava soap good for your face?

Lava Soap is based on the idea of physical exfoliation, although it isn’t recommended for acne scar reduction.
It’s ideal for cleaning heavy filth since it requires powerful cleaning agents, and Lava employed pumice as one of the main ingredients for that.

Does lava soap help poison ivy?

Yes, Lava Soap can help protect you from poison ivy. Lava’s bars are tough and grittier than others.
You scrape the area with a dry Lava, use water to make the soap work, and then scrape, scratch, scrape some more.
Roughen up the region and make it red. Because the soap is so dry, it pulls the blisters apart and dries the oils beneath the surface.


Now that you know the difference between Lava soap green vs. red so we are done for now! As long as it goes about preferring which one is good for you the decisions are really up to you.

What we can add is that if you prefer the smell and want a large soap then go for Lava Red and if you want something that doesn’t smell and is small in size you can try out Lava green soap.

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