L’ange Vs. Dyson Hair Dryers: An In-Depth Comparison

Luxurious hair starts with the right high-end hair dryer. When you’re ready to invest in a salon-quality tool with the power to transform your daily blowout routine, two heavy hitters rise to the top — the timeless L’ange Le Dryer Professional and innovative Dyson Supersonic.

But between the technical jargon and over-the-top marketing claims, the similarities and differences between these premium hair drying machines can easily blurred. How can the average Jane determine if the new-age Dyson or classic L’ange better suits her budget and locks?

I took a deep dive into the specs, features and reviews of both models to uncover everything you need to confidently decide: L’ange or Dyson — which one deserves the coveted space on your bathroom vanity?

How Do They Compare Overall?

Now that you know what sets the L’ange Le Dryer Professional and Dyson Supersonic apart, let’s directly compare their key features side-by-side:

FeaturesL’ange Le DryerDyson Supersonic
Power1875 watts1600 watts
Weight16 oz (1 lb)1.8 lbs
Settings3 heat, 3 speed4 heat, 4 speed
Cool Shot ButtonYesYes
Length9 ft cord9 ft cord
AirflowIonic airflowAir Multiplier technology

Breaking Down the Specs: Watts, Settings & More

You can’t truly grasp what sets these high-tech dryers apart without getting down to the nitty gritty details. Let’s unpack the hardware behind the L’ange and Dyson to see how they compare:

Power & Motor

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
  • Wattage – What determines drying speed and heat range available. The L’ange wins here with 1875W vs Dyson’s 1600W motor.
  • Weight – Important for ergonomic comfort over long use. At 1 lb even, L’ange rates as featherlight. Dyson tips scales heavier at 1.8 lbs.
  • Sound Level – Listen to annoying shrieks daily? These both promise much quieter, more pleasant operation.
  • Volts – Standard 120V in both the US for powerful performance.

Settings & Functions

  • Heat/Speed – Choose your level of intensity. L’ange offers 3 of each; Dyson includes 4 apiece.
  • Cold Shot Button – Lock in finished styles. Both dryers provide this essential feature.
  • Cord Length – At 9 foot cords, freedom and flexibility to move about come standard.
  • Ions vs. Air Multiplier – Where the airflow technology diverges. Ions reduce frizz; Air Multiplier promises precision drying.

Clearly on paper, L’ange wins for pure power with its 1875 watt motor. But Dyson aims to prove supremacy comes from intelligence as much as brute strength.

1875 watt AC motor bringing high velocity airflow.

Both L’ange and Dyson include this essential button for setting your look.

Noise Level

Listen to shrill drying for too long and you’ll get a headache.


  • 73 dB


  • 81 dB

L’ange wins the noise contest by a significant margin. Its 73 dB operating volume helps prevent annoying dryer drone.

Temperature and Speed

Variable settings let you customize drying for your hair type and style.


  • 3 heat settings up to 200°F
  • 3 speed settings


  • 4 precise heat settings up to 206°F
  • 4 speed settings

Both offer flexible settings with precision heat control. Dyson edges out L’ange with its widest range of temperatures and speeds to fine tune drying.

Ionic Technology

Ions reduce frizz and help hair retain moisture.


  • Anti-static ion generator


  • Dual ionizers

Each dryer uses ionization to leave hair smooth and shiny. L’ange doesn’t provide specifics on its ionic system, while Dyson employs dual ionizers.


Interchangeable nozzle attachments expand styling capabilities.


  • 2 attachments
  • Diffuser
  • Styling concentrator


  • 4 attachments
  • Diffuser
  • Styling concentrator
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Gentle air attachment

Dyson includes a fuller set of attachments like a wide tooth comb and volume-boosting diffuser. L’ange covers the basics with a concentrator and diffuser.


The buttons and interface should be simple to operate mid-styling.


  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Ergonomic buttons
Dyson Hair Dryer
Dyson Hair Dryer


  • OLED display screen
  • Ring dial control

L’ange uses an intuitive LCD interface and buttons. Dyson boasts a high-tech ring dial and OLED screen combo housed in the handle.

Cool Shot Button

A cool shot button locks in styles by blowing cool air.


  • Easy access cool shot button


  • Precise cold shot button


A warranty provides peace of mind with a big investment.


  • 2 year limited warranty


  • 2 year parts and labor warranty

You get the same standard 2 year warranty from both brands. Defects and repairs are covered in this initial period.


Expect to pay a premium for these high-end hair drying experiences.


  • $400


  • $399

Surprisingly, the prices are virtually identical. L’ange and Dyson both retail just under $400. So value depends more on performance and features.

Only by putting these figures into practice can you determine what stands up to real world use. So let’s explore some of the human factors that spec sheets alone fail to capture when investing in a prestige dryer.

L’ange Le Dryer Professional: A Salon Heavyweight

L’ange Hair Dryer

The brand L’ange carries serious weight among hair stylists as the luxury dryer setting the standard for power and performance.

Since 1996 their Le Dryer Professional has earned an almost cult-like following thanks to delivering gorgeous, frizz-free, salon-caliber results clients crave and professionals require.

But what exactly catapulted this icon to legend status for so long?

  • A Legacy of Superior Materials & Design

Peer inside the L’ange’s sleek white casing and you’ll discover where that timeless quality stems from. It packs a serious punch courtesy of an industrial strength AC motor built precisely to a stylist’s demanding specifications.

Paired with 1875 watts of drying power, this qualifies as one of the fastest-drying machines available outside the salon.

Yet for all its speed and muscle, intelligent design elements prevent things from overheating. Advanced airflow evenly diffuses heat using an ion generator while temperature sensors consistently monitor outlet temps.

The ergonomically balanced body fits perfectly in hand across long styling sessions too.

Simply put, the Le Dryer Professional benefits from nearly 30 years of ongoing refinement to create the ultimate marriage of form and function in a hair dryer.

  • Strengths Hairstylists & Clients Agree On

While on paper specs tell part of the high-performance hair dryer story, user experience fills in the rest. And stylists plus clients alike confirm why they continue reaching for the L’ange time and again:

  • Provides the fastest drying times for less exposure to heat damage thanks to its 1875 watt AC motor
  • Generates a high volume of ion-infused airflow for smoother, shinier styles free of frizz
  • Stays cooler than cheaper dryers due to balanced heat diffusion and sensors
  • Features an ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design that prevents arm strain during marathon blowouts
  • Operates at a whisper-quiet level for a pleasant experience — no ear-piercing noise!
  • Offers easy handling with the 9-foot cord’s generous length and flexibility
  • Quickly pays for itself by delivering salon-quality results and drastically reducing appointments
  • Qualifies as a worthwhile investment thanks to exceptional durability from quality craftsmanship

Any cons of going with this styling icon instead of newer competitors? The number one complaint detractors raise involves aesthetics. With its matte white finish and rounded shape, some label the Le Dryer as bland and outdated-looking.

Yet focusing solely on the classic style overlooks the tremendous power and performance contained within. Those minor design quibbles pale in comparison to the gorgeous, healthy hair achieved session after session by both novices and experts alike.

And starting at $199, while no budget buy, the L’ange costs far less than visiting the salon every month. When weighed against the years of quality use clients enjoy, most agree this professional workhorse earns back its higher price in spades.

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Dyson Supersonic: Blending Next-Gen Tech With Beauty

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

In 2016, the brand famed for reinventing clunky appliances like vacuums unveiled its next ambitious project: a high-tech hair dryer engineered to be its own life-changing category disruptor.

Rather than just optimizing or modernizing existing technology, Dyson started from scratch creating their own patented digital motor.

This move allowed their engineers to rethink and reconfigure every component down to the tiniest details.

The fruits of over 100 million research dollars culminated in the game-changing Dyson Supersonic.

Powered by a Dyson digital motor and enhanced by Air Multiplier technology, this sleek machines vows faster, gentler styling for smooth, shiny hair with way less work.

But did they manage to deliver salon-quality results faster as promised? Let’s break down what sets their intelligent system apart.

  • A Complete Rethinking of Hair Drying Tech

Dyson Supersonic’s data-driven design operates via these core proprietary technologies:

  • Custom Dyson digital motor – Compact yet capable of 110,000 RPM for ultra-fast drying
  • Air multiplier – Creates a high-pressure, uniform airflow by amplifying surrounding air over 3x
  • Intelligent heat control system – Uses a thermometer to prevent heat damage by monitoring outlet temps over 40x a second
  • Acoustically engineered noise-dampening case – Significantly reduces annoying mechanical sounds for a more pleasant experience

Relying on their expertise optimizing airflow across home appliances, Dyson’s engineers carefully controlled the Supersonic’s size, shape and layout. This allowed them to create a gentle vortex around each strand, exposing more water to the airflow without extreme heat or aggravated friction.

The handsome result? Beautifully smooth, shiny locks with enhanced natural shine while avoiding damage or discomfort.

  • Why Users Make the Splurge?

Yes, with a $399 price tag, the Dyson Supersonic costs considerably more than even luxury competitors. Yet after experiencing the ingenious technology in action firsthand, passionate owners feel the splurge was worth it for:

  • Its ultra-fast drying ability even on thick or textured hair thanks to Dyson’s signature motor
  • Intelligent heat control via constant thermometer checks, preventing any scorching of strands
  • Its significantly quieter operation than regular dryers from the noise-reduction casing
  • Added convenience from magnetic attachments like nozzles which click directly into place
  • A choice of vibrant fuschia or nickel hues and sleek shape for high-style statements
  • Customized results across multiple hair types between the heat, speed, and cooling settings
  • Next-generation technology that makes achieving a perfect blowout easy and foolproof

As with the L’ange, most critique gets aimed at the Supersonic’s design too — albeit for the exact opposite reasons. Divisive responses range from calling the rounded shape odd or alien-looking to applauding its ultra-modern style.

Ergonomics take a slight hit as well with a heavier body plus rounder handle. But owners happily overlook these small gripes. For them, no other dryer achieves the same pristine, just-walked-out-of-the-salon results with so little effort.

And those hurried mornings or nights out become far less stressful when gorgeous hair gets slashed to just minutes!

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The Common Ground

As you can see, both these industry-leading hair dryers share a few core similarities that provide excellent flexibility:

  • Light yet powerful motors under 2 pounds
  • Lengthy 9-foot cords that won’t restrict movement
  • Cool shot button to finish styles
  • Multiple heat/speed combinations to customize drying for all hair types

So no clear winner emerges based on the universal must-have features alone. Where these luxury hair drying experiences diverge is on the proprietary technology powering airflow and results.

Where They Differ

L’ange Hair Dryer
  • The L’ange packs a stronger 1875 motor for the fastest drying capabilities
  • Dyson offers more granular control via 4 heat and 4 fan speed options to toggle between
  • L’ange infuses airflow with negative ions for less frizz and heat damage
  • Dyson amplifies and multiplies airflow volume to spread evenly across every strand
  • The Le Dryer has a higher wattage for 77% faster drying than average
  • The Supersonic leverages high-tech automation for more customized results

And there’s the pesky matter of price too. L’ange retains accessibility for high-end hair care with a $199 tag. Meanwhile, Dyson positions itself as an undisputed luxury brand at $399.

Your Hair Drying Values & Needs

Ultimately, choosing comes down to the performance factors you care about most paired with a splurge you feel comfortable with:

  • Pure power & iconic status → L’ange Le Dryer
  • Automated smart tech → Dyson Supersonic
  • Lightning fast drying → L’ange
  • Frizz free with less heat → L’ange
  • Precision customization → Dyson
  • Next gen design → Dyson
  • Budget under $200 → L’ange
  • Cost no concern → Dyson

See which model aligns better with your top priorities for investing in luxe hair care. Map out those must-have features before simply going with name recognition alone.

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Most Common Questions About Luxury Hair Dryers

Even after getting the full breakdown, a few big questions likely still linger when comparing high-end options. Here’s my take on some FAQs regarding the L’ange, Dyson and other popular prestige models:

Is there a hairdryer as good as the Dyson?

For super fast drying and next-gen design, nothing matches Dyson’s combination of automation, engineering and intelligent heat control. A few competitors like Amika and Bio Ionic come close regarding advanced tech.
Yet for pure power, iconic status and salon-quality results, consider the L’ange Le Dryer equal or potentially superior. It certainly holds its own regarding airflow volume for quicker blowouts, ions for less heat damage, and ergonomics.

Is the L’ange professional hair dryer worth it?

If performance ranks above all else, absolutely. Few hair tools earn such universal praise from professionals and amateurs for quickly and gently achieving that smooth, voluminous finish. Value lies in more than affordability too. With proper care this workhorse easily lasts 5+ years, paying dividends on the higher investment.

Which high-end brand makes the best hair dryers?

No consensus “best brand” exists as personal tastes and budgets vary so widely. But these names show up often on “best of” lists:
Iconic Salons Favorites: L’ange, Elchim, T3, RUSK, Harry Josh, GHD
Innovative Technologies: Dyson, Bio Ionic, Amika, Drybar
Within those brands, models range from around $150 to over $500. So identify must-have features first before simply buying a name.

What’s the top hair dryer among professional stylists?

Hairstylists favor certain brands repeatedly for their salon-quality power, durable designs and versatility across clients and styles. Top names include:
L’ange – Speed, gentle ionic airflow and reliability stylists rave about
Elchim – Powerful, versatile 3900 model used across Europe
Harry Josh – Luxe feel with pro results across hair types
T3 – Lightweight body, volume focus and smart safety tech
Dyson – For automated, customizable drying and smoothing
RUSK and GHD also come recommended for their sturdy engineering meeting optimal airflow balance.

Is The Dyson Hairdryer really better for your hair?

Dyson’s intelligent heat control, ionization and attachments do minimize damage for healthier hair. The powerful airflow also reduces drying time compared to conventional dryers. But plenty of comparable options exist for a fraction of the Dyson price.

Take Your Hair To New Heights

My deep dive into L’ange versus Dyson just skims the surface of what high-end hair dryers can accomplish. But by focusing on what matters—drying time, gentleness, customization and ease—you’re already better equipped to elevate your at-home blowouts.

And whether you crave…

  • Iconic performance perfected over decades → L’ange Le Dryer
  • Cutting-edge smart tech for effortless beauty → Dyson Supersonic

Either of these top-tier dryers stands ready to transform hair care routines and styles for good. So take your pick and let gorgeous locks be your daily status quo from here on out!

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