How To Keep Corner Shower Caddy From Falling?

Having the precise right fit for the shower caddy is very crucial. Without the right fit, it will keep slipping and falling. It’s really hard to prevent falling without the precise fit but there are some ways that you can try.

This article is all about such ways that you can apply right away!

How To Keep Shower Caddy From Slipping Down?

Can you imagine where you would keep your washcloths unless you had a shower caddy? Your bathroom would be cluttered with scattered shampoo or conditioner bottles, soap bars, and so on.

But the greatest design flaw of these caddies is that they keep falling; even during the time, you take your shower!

It’s true they come with suction grips or plastic parts but the problem is they become totally ineffective over time. But don’t worry; you are welcome to check those ways to prevent them from falling:

  • Using Zip Tie

This is probably the easiest solution to fix the problem. They are widely available in your nearby hardware stores and they are so cheap. First, hang the shower caddy on the showerhead. Between the caddies hook and shower head, use the zip tie.

Push the caddy to the point where it touches the wall to keep it still. Now, place the zip tie in front of it. From now on, your caddy won’t move forward. However, it can still move sideways 🙁

  • Hose Clamps

Instead of zip ties, you can use hose clamps the same way for your caddy. However, the inherent problem with those hose clamps is that they rust over time.

But don’t be disappointed yet, you can find rust-proof hose clamps as well in the market. They are a little bit expensive but a pretty good choice.

Many people prefer them for their bathroom because of their elegant looks. So, if you choose the hose clamps, choose the rust-free ones.

Since they come in different sizes, take the measurement of the circumference of your shower neck precisely first.

  • Rubber Bands

If you are too lazy to go to the market or just don’t want to spend money on zip tie or hose clamps, there is another affordable solution.

Yes, using a couple of rubber bands you can have almost the same result. Take 4/5 rubber bands and place them above the showerhead right before your caddy.

You will need to put a little bit more effort to put those bands on the shower pipe. You need to fold these rubber bands 2/3 times for a tighter grip but you have to remove the showerhead first.

Alternative Solution: Foam Tape

If you have a corner tension shower caddy and it keeps slipping off of your bathtub, I have an out-of-the-box solution for you to consider. Completely dry the end of the shower rods and tub self.

Then try some foam tape that is sticky on both sides. These foam tapes are not hard to find. They are available in any local stores where you can find mirrors and so on.

Another alternative solution could be using plastic tubing. Watch the video to see what I am talking about.

Which Option Is Preferable?

So far you have got 4 alternatives to keep your caddy in place. So which one is suitable for you? Well, that obviously depends on you. But let me say it again, not all the 4 are equally good.

If I were you, I would go for the zip tie option. They are affordable and very tiny in size. So, if you go for the zip tie option, they won’t be too obvious and hence your bathroom won’t be ugly looking.

If for any reason, you can’t go for the zip tie, go for the rubber bands option. Because of the rusting issue, I don’t recommend the hose clamps option. The foam tape option is not suitable for all as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does my suction cup shower caddy keep falling?

The soap scum, humidity, warmth, etc. kill the suction cup’s adhesive power. More so, tiny bumps or pores can cause the suction cup to fall.

How do you keep a suction cup from falling down?

You need to moisten the inner rim of the suction cup so that it can create a tighter seal. Several ways to do that like rubbing vaseline or cooking oil on the cup’s rim will work like a charm.

How do you get suction cups to stick to a textured tub?

The surface of your textured tub needs to be smooth and clean first. You can use any good-quality bathtub cleaner to clean the textured surface first. Then use sandpaper to sand down the area. Your suction cup should stick to the surface now.

How do you get suction cups to stick to the shower?

If it does not naturally stick to the shower, use a very little amount of petroleum jelly on the surface of the cups before sticking it to your shower. It will create an invisible layer for super stronger suction. Don’t apply too much jelly to avoid sliding.


Using the zip ties and rubber bands, you can permanently prevent the caddy from falling. I don’t think they are too difficult to implement as well, right? Your troublesome caddy won’t seem useless now.

Get the zip ties or rubber bands and fit them today! If none of the above options work for you, it’s high time to change the caddy and buy a new one.

Clyde Mitchell

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