How To Use Toilet Seat Cover? [You Are Doing It Wrong!]

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Let me give you a surprising fact. The average cell phones contain almost 10 times more bacteria than the average toilet seats. So, you are more likely to get infected from someone else’s cell phone than using a public toilet seat. I will talk about how to use toilet seat cover properly, but it’s a little bit hard to follow the text-based step by step guide.

So, I will add a YouTube instructional video on it as well. Sound interesting? If you don’t know how to use the toilet seat cover properly on your toilet seat, you will create a mess instead of preventing the mess.

How to Use Toilet Seat Cover?

how to use the toilet seat cover

Don’t worry if it sounds a little bit confusing to follow the guide, the video will explain it easily. Most people have been using the toilet seat cover the wrong way for their whole life. I believe from now on, you will be using it the right way following the guides:

  1. First, notice whether the toilet seat is wet or dry. If it is a public toilet, most likely it will be wet. So, try to dry the toilet seat using to the toilet paper. Don’t directly use the toilet seat cover on the wet seat. These covers are made of disposable papers. If you place it directly on the wet seat, it will defeat the main purpose of using it.
  2. Usually, there is a dispenser in a public toilet. Pull the toilet seat cover from the dispenser gently.
  3. Now you should separate the flap gently as well and leave the front part as it is. The flap is located in the middle of the toilet seat cover.
  4. Properly set the toilet seat cover on the toilet seat. Make sure the flap is positioned in the front part of the toilet.
  5. When you are done doing your business, flush the toilet seat. If you placed the cover properly, the flap should pull the cover with it into the toilet.

Unfortunately, most users remove the flap and throw it into the trash bin. Remember, the flap should not be detached completely from the seat cover. Now watch the YouTube instructional video on how to use the seat cover.

General Instructions/Avoid Common Mistakes

The inside piece of the toilet seat cover has a very important purpose. Don’t rip it out. Normally, there is a side on the toilet cover having a small tear already opened. You should poke out the piece of the paper on the very end. Tearing off the middle flap of the toilet paper is the biggest mistake you can do.

The reason there is a flap is that when you flush the toilet, it can hit the water and be pulled down. This is very important to notice that from the front of the toilet, the flap should hang down, not from the back.

If you use the toilet seat cover the wrong way, it will create a hammock of your own pee/solid waste. You don’t want that to happen to yourself!

Also, no need to use multiple toilet seat covers. Just one is enough. Use toilet paper to dry the wet toilet set.

Should You Use The Toilet Seat Cover?

A professor of preventive medicine, namely Dr. William Schaffner said that there is no scientific evidence that using the toilet seat cover on your flushing toilet can prevent the infectious diseases and germs.

Besides, several other researchers have shown that using the toilet seat cover to prevent infection is meaningless. The very first reason is that the toilet seat can’t get you affected. Several studies have already shown that. So, why people are still using the toilet seat cover?

It’s all about mental satisfaction. Yes, I know public toilet can be nasty but they can’t get you affected by any germs unless there is a wound on your rear or you don’t wash your hands completely.

If you want to be safe from the toilet, just wash your hand with bar soap or liquid hand wash taking some time. This is the most important thing to do to prevent infectious diseases. For your mental peace, you can still use the toilet seat cover following the guides mentioned above.

Some people go crazy using the toilet seat cover. They pull multiple covers from the dispenser. Please keep in mind that doing so has an environmental impact. Use the right way, and only one piece is enough.

Wrapping It Up

I know some people squat on the public toilet to avoid the touch. But that can lead to accidents as well.

No matter whether the toilet seat covers to protect you from the germs or not, if you are using the public toilet, then it will still give you the sense of cleanliness. It gives you the added assurance, right? But at least you should use it the right way. That’s the whole point.

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